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Richard Bach

You will see in my Recommended Reading page that I am great fan of the author Richard Bach. His books, Illusions and Jonathan Livingston Seagull, initiated my spiritual journey years ago.

In the last few months, twice now on Vortex Experiences, I have guided clients thru experiences that remind me of Richard’s book, The Bridge Across Forever. That story chronicles the meeting and relationship with his wife, Leslie Parrish (sadly they divorced after twenty years of marriage-that’s another story). In the book, during a mediation of sorts, Richard and Leslie, meet themselves in the future! And the future “them” had a lot of advice for the present them, especially the future Richard!

This is very close to what happened on two vortex experiences with clients. The first one was with three couples. As we were walking thru what I call the “field of energy”, I looked up and saw three couples standing watching us! I peered closer and saw that it was the three couples I was guiding! But them in the future! I steered my couples over in front of them and told my clients what I was clairvoyantly seeing. What surprised me was they all seem to absorb it and had no resistance or disbelief to what I was seeing. My guides instructed me to have them face the three couples of the future. Each couple holding hands. I suggested they should greet the couples of the future and thank them for coming. And then ask if they had a message or guidance for them.

Again, I was surprised that all my clients were seeing them and hearing these messages (which was indicated by asking them to nods their heads if they were seeing and hearing the couples of the future). I guided my clients thru a few more instructions and had them complete the communication. They thanked the couples of the future, said goodbye and we moved forward.

As we walked away, I could see that two couples had an emotional experience. I asked if they could share what they heard. I don’t recollect what they told me but I do remember that the messages really penetrated them. I thought, how truly amazing!

This happened again yesterday with another couple near the Healing Tree Vortex. As we traversed over a dry creek bed, I clairvoyantly saw twenty yards in front of us a Native American couple in their late teens. Then I received a message that this native couple were my two clients in a past life they shared together. And again, my clients sensed them! I guided them thru a few things, like holding hands with the native couple and walking in a circle with them. All this guidance comes from my guides and Spirit or what I get with own clairvoyance. I saw the native couple reach out and touch my couple’s hearts with the intent to heal and infuse my couple’s spirit with power. And the native couple also had verbal messages, which my clients received. It was incredible! I just stood back in awe at this experience, feeling so grateful to be part of it.

My simple philosophy on vortex experiences is if you honor them, they will honor you. I believe this is confirmed with these magnificent moments. I approach these scared places in a sacred manner and Spirit responds. A Ho. I am deeply honored. Thank you, Grandfather, thank you Grandmother.

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