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Gregory Drambour- Spiritual Teacher

Gregory Drambour

Spiritual Teacher & Shamanic Healer on your Sedona Retreat


Groups: Many folks call and ask if two or three or more friends can do the same retreat or family members even though they might be focusing on different things or be in different places spiritually. This is natural scenario on retreats at Sedona Sacred Journeys -- I do it all the time! We can customize it so that in the office I am working with you individually and in the vortex together because in the vortex I can work with you one-on-one even though we are out there together. But it's important to note that because I am really a spiritual teacher and not a counselor usually friends or family all work with me together in the office. Sedona Sacred Journeys puts high-priority on customizing retreats for clients--every group is different!

Sedona Retreats can be scheduled for Half-Day or Multiple Days. They are customized to your mission, budget and schedule.

You can choose a theme from below or after we explore on the phone or through email. Then I can customize a powerful Sedona retreat for the group making sure everyone get what they need.

We are dedicated to helping clients create breakthroughs and moving forward on their spiritual path!

Suggested Sedona Group Retreat Themes:

  • I Want To Forgive Myself and Others.
  • Please Help Me Stop Thinking So Much!
  • I Want My True Self To Come Out!
  • I Want To Know When My Wisdom Is Talking To Me.
  • I'm Stuck & I Can't Figure Out How To Get Unstuck!
  • I Am So Tired Of My Need To Control Everything! How Do I Let Go?
  • I Know There Is Something I Am Suppose To Do, I Just Don't How To Figure It Out!
  • I Get The Laws Of Attraction But It Isn't Working!
  • I Have Gone to Workshops, Counseling But I Still Can't Find The Peace Inside!
  • Identifying and Clearing The Emotional Contributor to Illness!
  • Couples & Relationship Renewal!

Those are all missions we have had great success on retreat helping clients with — whether it’s a half-day retreat or five days.

Please see The Individual Retreat Page for specific description of One Day and Multiple Day Retreats. When it’s Group Retreat with friends and family, the basic format is the same.

Please Email For Retreat Questionnaire or Call For More Information: (928) 274-2427 MT


48-72 Hour Cancellation Policy. We also ask for a non-refundable deposit to book your time which is separate from the Cancellation Policy.


Nicholas Heke-Worral, New Zealand – Posted March 2020

My experience with Greg has been quite exceptional. As I live in New Zealand I completed both the basic and advanced shamanic online training programs with Greg and I have to say the information I’ve received as part of this has been life changing. The initial basic training really opened up my intuitive abilities, allowing me to express myself and learn key techniques in a structured way.
It also allowed an ancient connection with nature, totem animals and the shamanic worlds to arise and flourish in an unfathomable way for me. My studies in the Peruvian shamanic traditions as well my sound healing were complemented by these courses really well. The advanced shamanic training has further enhanced my skills and given me the confidence to trust in my abilities and work myself as a shamanic healer. Gregory is wonderful role model. As a man myself, to work with another man who is highly in touch with his emotions as I am and stands powerfully in his divine masculine wisdom, it is a great honor and privilege to work with Greg and to have him as a mentor and friend. Much appreciated I really look forward to working with you in the future. A Ho
Nicholas Heke-Worrall

John P. FL
Posted January 26, 2012

I would highly recommend Greg to guide you on a life changing vortex journey. He is a gifted spiritual teacher with integrity and commitment to his work. After my vortex journey and working with Greg, I have become “unstuck” and am learning to move beyond the limitations I have put on myself. He has helped me become a better listener and as a result all my relationships have improved. I will always be grateful of the work I have done with him and look forward to another Sedona Sacred Journey in the future.

Carmen Dawson
Posted November 15, 2020

“I just completed a 3 day retreat with Gregory and it was life changing. I learned to connect and listen to the wise voices of nature and The Ancient Ones on my hikes guided by Gregory’s app. I have now started building my relationships with the creation of sacred places in my own backyard and listening to the wise advice of the spirits I connect to there. I also learned a very simple but powerful lesson – that I cannot change the minds of people around me no matter how badly I want to. So, instead of becoming completely angry and frustrated by this I have learned to change my own thoughts / opinion of these situations. By doing this I free my mind of the detrimental clutter and allow space for my divinity to speak to me. So beautiful and peaceful. Gregory was extremely humble and bent over backwards to help me find solutions to the things that were important to me. He is a very gifted teacher and Shaman and I’m so grateful for the time I got to work with him. Thank you Gregory Drambour!!”

Cindy L. – Topanga, CA
Posted January 24, 2010

Upon arriving in Sedona, I was seeking something. My restlessness had become nearly unbearable. I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for but I knew I would have to journey to find it. Within Gregory’s magical office, then out in the desert vortices, I found all that I sought and more with his ever capable and compassionate guidance. An energy healer myself, already well acquainted with the forces of the universe, I was propelled to a depth of experience with nature and and myself in a way that shifted my being. I spent 4 days with Gregory nearly 3 years ago. I went from hopelessly restless to completely clear. In the desert, Greg helped me find my true power as a warrior princess, I connected with my ancestry as well as my guiding forces, I reconciled with my child self and explored the landscape with her and my animal talisman. I was relieved of my oppressive guilt and introduced to new joy. What I learned that week is now integrated into my being and i am so much better for it. I’ve done a lot of cool stuff in my life, this is on the top of my list. I have nothing but gratitude to Gregory and the things he helped me see and experience that were always possible within me.

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