Sedona Vortex Stories

Gregory Drambour

Sedona Vortex Stories

A column about Sedona Vortex Experiences that stood out and touched me deeply. The vortexes I guide clients too are not known to the public or other vortex guides. These are powerful and sacred places that I have developed an intimate relationship with in the shamanic and medicine tradition. 

Traditional Vortex Definition: a spot where a concentrated source of energy is flowing from.  Some folks feel it has to do with ley lines or specific areas on the earth where the feminine energy or masculine energy are in balance. Or the iron in the red rock formations. For me, the core is what was handed down to me: If you honor them, they will honor you.  

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Sedona Vortex Stories Archive
Established Men – Father Healing
A day when two men, business partners leapt forward in their spirit.
Sedona Hikes – Commitment to The Rock-People
My brothers and sisters of Rock People have been so instrumental in my work here in The Magic Kingdom. I am honored to be adopted by them.
Showing My Heart
An essential ingredient to how I nurture these powerful sacred places. Always trying to stay open, vulnerable, and giving.
Omens are so important to life and my work in the Vortexes. This was a day I really paid attention and was led to a powerful new Vortex!
“I’m Very Green!”
I love this story! Always the same question to my brave clients: "What are you, very!"
This was a very special Sedona Vortex day when my inner child and the client's inner child became friends. Events such as these continue to amaze me at the brightness of Spirit and Its ability to see the big picture.
New Discovery!
The Vortex Circles! A very special place that adopted me very quickly. Also home to the Mother Earth Vortex and Cactus Vortex.
All Faiths
On Sedona Vortex Journeys, the difference in faiths and religions seems to never be important.
The Elephant
That's right, an elephant! Came right out of a slit in the air. Even I was blown away!
If I had to pick one element that comes up alot on Sedona Vortex Experiences, it would be forgiveness. This was a day when a client really embraced it's power.
A day in the vortexes that I hung out with two angels disguised as humans!
The Fairy People
A special and talented singer's dance with the Fairy People. Wow!
A Special Family
A Sedona Vortex Story about three amazing teenagers and their openness and willingness
The Race Cars
I always shake my head in awe when I remember "seeing" the race cars and what it meant to my client.
The Day of The Cougar
A day in the Vortex that I was once again moved to tears. As always--"thank you, thank you!"

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