Advanced Laws of Attraction

Advanced Laws of Attraction Course

You Can Have What You Want!

Each year on spiritual retreats at Sedona Sacred Journeys, hundreds of clients discover their unimaginable power to attract their dreams. Like those clients, with this advanced online course, you will learn principles around the laws of attraction that no one else in the country is teaching.

The program is like coming on 5 Day Spiritual Retreat here in Sedona that would cost $1500! Let me say up front, this course has nothing to do with the movie, The Secret–it’s way beyond that! This is the Advanced Course !

You will receive multiples videos, audio and a powerful 75 page treasure map to guide you on your journey to make your dreams and goals happen!


Greg ~ THANK YOU for following your inspiration to create the AMAZING bonus videos!!! The program hadn’t even been out 24 hours, and you were already adding to it! You have, by far with what you’ve shared already, gone beyond anything I’d hoped this program would be. These types of programs are usually too dry, and the market is flooded with words on paper that anyone can read.The personal touch of the videos is an awesome tool for motivation and inspiration! Once again, THANK YOU for all you do!!!
Much success and many, many blessings to YOU!!! Jeannie


Thank You, Jeannie! I am so happy you liked them!

The Advanced Laws of Attraction Course was sent out to a cross-section of 6 people for their review. It was very exciting to hear their wonderful feedback. And you can see their smiling faces too! Sage Lewis, a very successful business person, was kind enough to send me a video review–how cool!

At this link you will find an outline of the 75 page program (don’t forget to include the 11 special video and audio bonuses below!). Please click this link:

I first worked with Greg almost 3 yrs. ago, and I can honestly say that not a week goes by that I do not utilize some aspect of his teachings, deep insights & wisdom, which profoundly shifted my life back then & still consistently guides me today. And my life only gets better & better!!

After previewing this course, I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that this can, without a doubt, greatly impact someone’s life for the positive, on all levels. The program gets to the core of what the Law of Attraction is truly about & his personal stories and insights get you motivated & inspired. Greg is a brilliant, caring & extremely intuitive healer, who is doing what he loves & what he is destined for.

If you are truly ready to live the life that you desire, Don’t hesitate, and get this Advanced Laws of Attraction course!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

With infinite Thanks & Gratitude,

Dawn Cohen,
Delray Beach, Florida

Special Bonus #1: 7 Pendulum Training Videos, teaching you subtler advanced aspects of pendulum work and how to get the most from it’s power to identify what’s blocking you. Also, you will learn secret energizing work I have only taught to maybe 3 people!

Special Bonus #2: 4 Coaching Videos with added tips and guidance about your law of attraction work and especially about the power of just “doing” it!

Special Bonus #3: 3 Bonus audios giving you personal coaching sessions guiding you specifically through how to do this powerful magnetizing work.

Regular Price: $65

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For as long as I have known Greg, he has been a man of innate wisdom and had a deep desire to delve into the human psyche. From the path of his own profound healing journey, he has created an amazing Law of Attraction course to others. After seeing the preview of the program, I know you will embark on a journey within to the places you sometimes do not like to visit but will find freedom waiting for you! I believe through Greg’s masterful Law of Attraction plan you will be guided to where you can heal your old beliefs that have not served you. So you can move into the joy of what you desire and allow it into your life.”

Mary Larson
Lynnwood, WA


Personal Message From Greg
“Here is what I have witnessed on retreats: Some people feel blocked from claiming their own power, to seeing what’s really possible in their lives, to living their dreams. That’s ok. We have all been there. Me included. This program is about giving you information to deal with those feelings–to face them and put them behind you and start living a life a victory!” GD




Have you read Abraham-Hicks and tried to make it work, but been unable to connect it to “real life”? Do you try to maintain a positive attitude, but find “reality” blocking you, and preventing you from being happy?

Greg Drambour’s  “Advanced Law of Attraction Course ” gives you step-by-step instructions, and tools, to get you on the right path and keep you there.  By following in his footsteps, Greg will lead you to your own destiny. His practical approach to all of the principals of Abraham, plus his Shamanism influence, combine to make a powerful synthesis of self and Source. The charts help you to pinpoint your specific blockages, and the prayers and affirmations give you the tools to release them and speed you on your way to success. If that’s not enough, there are accountability provisions built in to keep you on the path when you may want to stray.

Having healed myself of 20 years of illness, with the help of Abraham and using my own powerful source, I know that the powerful energies of the universe are at our disposal. I have studied these techniques for 30 years, and I am now seeing it all come together in Greg’s new program. My wife, Karen, and I experienced Greg’s connection to the: Universal Flow, Chi, Great Spirit, Vortex, first hand, and it was exhilarating! We should consider ourselves fortunate that he is so unselfishly sharing his knowledge and experiences with us.

Tim Lavrouhin
Big Bear Lake, CA

A Moment on the Trail

I was out hiking a beautiful trail with a friend last week and he asked me how this project was going. I stopped mid-stride and thought a moment and then said, “You know, soon, so many people are going to have in their hands the information they need to get what they want in life. They are going to have a practical step-by-step plan, not something vague or abstract. I have nothing against the Secret movie, it opened up alot of doors but it didn’t really give you something practical or talk about the true core of attraction work. I just feel so grateful to have gotten these powerful insights so I can share them with people.” GD

It’s time for you to stop holding back!

Hi Greg,  Wow thanks for letting me review your Advanced Laws of Attraction.  It definitely sent me flying!!! Very ‘joy’ inspiring! Especially on top of all the “work” I have been doing this last week.I can highly recommend it. There is path of knowledge and tools in the pages that I feel will change my life. I am trusting my pendulum work more and more and this will give it additional depth and rewards to match my wildest dreams.  Most importantly it will keep me in my feelings or in my heart – a place I am finally touching.


Love and light,

Dr. Sue Rychlik
Woodstock, Illinois

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Dear Greg, Wow, I am blown away by the law of attraction work! This work is so exciting, I can’t wait to start working with it. I love that you included the pendulum work and charts I have found that very useful in my practice. Working with a pendulum is a great way to work with your personal intuition and it has made me more confident about making choices. The way you go into detail and explain how to use this work is just amazing. I got chills more than once reading your work. I feel that people are going to have a very easy time relating to your work. You could not have picked a better time to launch this out into the world. I also feel that the way you approach this teaching is firm but gentle. I feel from my own personal experience this is a much more gentle way to attract what I want in my life. Great job Greg!!

In Light, Nerissa Alberts
Howell, NJ

You are ready to let go of those thoughts and beliefs that keep the big dreams from coming into your life. You wouldn’t have found this page if you weren’t!

In this course you will learn how to use feelings to magnetize all the things you desire. Whether it’s an amazing partner, a beautiful house, a dream job, an abundance of money, a spectacular vacation–only you know what the deep desires are in your heart!

I am so happy I was inspired to create the program so I can make this powerful life-changing information available to a larger group people at a price that is affordable for everyone.

My friends, I invite you to order the Advanced Laws of Attraction course and magnetize all your dreams and desires to you!

The Whole Package!

  • 75 page Treasure Map
  • 7 Pendulum Training Videos teaching you all you need to know about this powerful tool and its ability to identify what’s blocking you.
  • 4 Coaching Videos teaching you even more about the laws of attraction.
  • 2 Audio Coaching Mp4’s guiding you personally through parts of the program.
  • 1 hr Question & Answer Recorded Teleseminar–Some great questions!
  • 3 Pendulum Charts

Advanced Laws of Attraction Course

Regular Price: $65

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