Shamanic Remote Healing & Clearing Program
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Gregory Drambour

Master Shamanic Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Important: As Of 1/8/2021 Taking A Break From Remote Clearing Work For An IndeterminateTime

Shamanic Remote Healing & Clearing Program
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What is a Clearing?
They’re are two types of clearings I do: General Energy Clearings and Clearing Entities, Piggy-backers, Control Spirits and Dark forces from an individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual body. Also, referred to as “attachments.”

What is a General Energy Clearing?
The mission is to clear any energy that may not be flowing inside that client on many levels and then to energize that individual’s energy.

What are entities, piggybackers, control spirits and dark forces?

  • Entities are transient disembodied spirits that have attached to you, sometimes from conception.
  • Piggy backers are non-transient disembodied spirits that are also attached and can cause a lot of blocks or negativity in a person’s life.
  • A Control Spirit is a powerful piggy backer which can really get in the way of your soul’s path.
  • Dark Forces – pretty much speaks for itself.

How do I know I have them? These could be clues:

  • Sometimes clients come to me fully aware they have an “attachment.”
  • A person has an underlying negative energy that shows up in many ways and has been present for a long time.
  • An individual who has done a great of spiritual work or personal growth but is still very stuck.
  • Someone who feels they can’t get their true self to come out.
  • A feeling of ongoing cloudiness or spaciness over years.
  • A feeling like something is stuck in you for many years.
  • A constant meeting of resistance in the world.
  • A sabotaging of self before success comes.
  • Inability to move forward even though you really want to.
  • An anger that continues to hang on despite really trying to let go of it.
  •  Intense difficulty trusting yourself or if wisdom is speaking to you, again, despite doing a lot of good spiritual work.
  • Doubt of self comes a lot in this work.
  • When someone has a chronic illness, it’s a smart move to do a clearing.
  • Something pressing on you when you sleep.
  •  Periodic inability to think clearly that has persisted over years.
  • This comes up a lot: “I just can’t figure out what the problem is.”

This work was handed down to me by many teachers and I have integrated multiple approaches over the last 30 years to create an incredibly powerful clearing method. There are many healers out there who say they do this work but I have run across very few who are doing it in way I feel will create the impact needed to clear the attachments permanently or long term.

Key to Success
The key to my success with these clearings is understanding that they have to be done multiple times over a concentrated time period. So as you will see in the details below I will be doing the clearing once a week for four to six weeks. When you do the clearings repeatedly, the attachments definitely get the message they are no longer welcome.
The clearing are all done remotely which means from a distance, tapping into the universal energy field.

New Approach Taking The Clearing Onto Into Nature
The new approach I have developed is to do the remote clearing outside in nature in places of power/vortexes that I have been a deep partnership with in the shamanic tradition. These are sacred places that I have nurtured a relationship with for 14 years here in Sedona. The core of my personal shamanism is in my partnership with Mother Earth – the greatest healer of them all. I have multiple “Clearing Places of Power” where I will do the clearing weekly. So in effect, I will be in a powerful partnership with these sacred places to clear you! We could say they are lending me their power to help you. And of course, my panther-drum will always accompany me — my panther has the ability to pierce through any darkness. The Tree, Rock & Plant-People are all very excited to help!

Client PartnershipOptional
If the client is in partnership with me during the weeks it can help the clearing. What I discovered is that when the entity is removed it will sometimes sling-shot back into the person using a core issue the client has – for instance: “I am not good enough.” The entity will use that feeling the client holds onto as a way to get back in. So if the client during this period is working on clearing this message or agreement it can support the clearing. To accomplish this goal I am offering as an option a series of half-hour phone sessions each weekend for four weeks along with you working on two of the online spiritual tutorials I feel will help you break the cycle. But if this option makes it unaffordable, I rather see the client have me do only the clearing and work on clearing the agreement on their own.

Descriptions of Types of Clearings

What follows are a few examples of the dozen types of clearings I have developed over 30 years in partnership with nature and animal totems. On remote clearings I carry the client’s energy to these sacred places in nature in various ways — sometimes, it’s as simple as having their signature on a piece of paper. The type of clearing is always dictated by the predilections of Spirit on that day. I use three different approached that were handed down to me: Shamanic, Utilizing aspects of Science in terms of polarities and of course when needed, Christian.

My Panther Brother is always present, projecting himself into the darkness of client and locating the entity or stuck energy.

Cactus Clearing – This is actually part of the shamanism training program. Cactus, of course, have very sharp needles. I position the client’s energy in front of large group of cactus and then invite the Cactus-People to float up and then pass thru the energy of the client, catching all the energies that are no longer serving that individual with its needles. We usually do this “pass through” multiples times, focusing on different areas of the body and chakras and aura fields. It’s amazing how this method grabs the negative energies and removes them. I can usually seem them dislodging from the client and floating back from where they came — back onto their soul path. .

Holly Clearing – Much like Cactus-People, I ask the Holly-People with their sharp green leaves to pass through the energy of the client, catching any negative energy with the sharp points of their leaves. I place the client’s energy between two Holly bushes then ask the Holly-People to sweep back and forth through the client’s energy — very very powerful and some ways nurturing perhaps because holly for many represents joy (Christmas). It’s a broad sweeping motion which is sometimes important so nothing is left behind — like using a wide broom.

5 Black Eagle Clearing – For many years I have been working with a group of large Black Eagles. They usually come when they are feel they are needed as opposed to me calling them forth. They fly into the trees around the client, forming a semi-circle. Its quite a sight to see them perched in the trees or ledges around a client. And at this point, a holographic image of the client appears. Then one at a time they swoop down and pull entities or darkness from the client — usually with their talons — its a happening! Very fierce. I always have confidence in their power and strength. They will usually come when entities are really holding on or stuck. They carry what they pulled out up to the heavens.

Female Clearing Wave Vortex – I have certain areas that have very strong female energy — it forms like a “wave” starting from a hundred yards away and rolls over or through the client’s energy, pulling with its force the energies we want to remove that are really getting in that client’s desire to move forward. Spirit will dictate if this type of clearing is needed on that day. It could be accomplishing two missions:one, clearing and the other, strengthening that client’s female aspect — I also call it — fanning the client’s female energy.

Water Clearing – This is another tutorial in my shamanic program: Partnering with dry creek beds to clear clients. Since water is very present in a dry creek bed even through the water is not running, it occurred to me invite it to come forth in a beautiful gentle rush and flow over and through the client’s energy and clear any unwanted energies that are not in alignment with Divinity. In the Native American tradition we refer to Water as the Blood of Mother Earth. Sometimes I will see these unwanted energies as a specific dark color and feel the water wash the color away. I always “Drum” in these moments, matching the beat of the drum with the intensity of the current. Once again, building partnerships – me, the drum, the water. There is strength in partnership!

*What Might I Experience After The Clearings?

  • First, an overall sense of lightness – emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • An ability to connect with your wisdom easier.
  • A feeling your true-self is finally coming forward.
  • An ability to move forward in areas where you were stuck.
  • A sudden of relief from tension that you didn’t know was there.
  • A letting go of the need to stay angry or sad.
  • Sudden motivation to accomplish goals to completion.
  • Better sleep.
  • Clearer thinking
  • Less indecisiveness.
  • Better listening to loved ones and friends

*Please understand there are no guarantees with this work. Anyone who tells you there is, in my mind is being really irresponsible. But with my multi-dimensional approach and experience I am confident it will create the highest probability of success. It’s always a partnership with the client.

The Shamanic Remote Clearing Program

4 to 6 Remote Attachment Clearing Sessions – One per week.

Fee: $725

2 to 3 Remote General Energy Clearing Sessions – One per Week

Fee: $295

(4) Thirty Minute Phone Sessions each weekend for four weeks

Two Spiritual Tutorials

Clearing Your Space Ecourse

Fee: $350.

So if you are interested in the Clearing Program, please contact me for a free phone consult. Important: There are certain situations where i will request a fee for the phone consult. Also, please read the following very carefully before you contact me:

I ask that you are able financially to invest the $1075 if you feel I can help you after our call. If you are not, I ask that you please wait to contact me — I’d really appreciate it.  Don’t worry I am not going anywhere! And, unfortunately, I can’t take payment installments with this work. Important Note: The $1075 is starting fee so depending on the severity and complication of the case, my estimate can sometimes be higher. And, once I start the clearing there is no stopping so all fees are non-refundable. If one starts the clearing work and stops the entities will anchor in deeper and that’s the last thing we want. Full compliance to all instructions during the clearing is absolutely necessary.

What will happen during the phone consult/conference?
We will explore together why you feel you might have attachments and some of the consequences or symptoms you might be experiencing. If I feel confident I can be of support, I will invite you into the Clearing Program. You can either start right away or take some time to think about it – whatever you are comfortable with.


I ask that you please don’t call if you feel you have been cursed. This is not my area of expertise.

I ask that you please don’t call if you have ever been involved in any kind of black magic.

Please email or call: (928) 274-2427 PST 9-6





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