Gregory Drambour
Shamanic Healer & Guide On Your Sedona Vortex Experience


As a shamanic healer, it’s my privilege to guide clients from all over the world on journeys that reflect the spirit of shamanism. The powerful vortexes of Sedona or as I call it, The Magic Kingdom, are the perfect setting!

What is shamanism or a shamanic journey? I believe you create your own shamanism. You find it inside you. At its core, shamanism is engaging nature and the animal kingdom in an intimate partnership. That partnership is created from honoring nature, from acknowledging that it has life.

The Tree People and Rock People are as much alive as you. If you show them your heart, they will honor you. Sometimes this honoring is by surging up energy–people in Sedona want to call that a vortex–ok!

On vortex experiences clients will see me touching and talking to many plants and trees. I do this simply to honor them–this is how it works for me and the Old Ones honor my clients by leading them thru life-changing experiences.

Your shamanism is born inside you by going into nature and quieting down, listening deeply and allowing yourself to be open and willing to follow what pulls you. If you feel a beautiful juniper tree catch your attention, it just seems to stand out among the other trees–then allow yourself to engage it! That “standing out” is one way nature communicates.

The turning point is when you allow yourself to be open to this type of experience. If you do, you are doing shamanism–don’t make it complicated!

Below you will see the vortex experiences I guide clients on. They embody the principles of shamanism, the principles of an intimate relationship with Mother Earth:

You will also find many examples in Sedona Vortex Stories that also reflect shamanism.

We invite you travel to Sedona and leap into a great spiritual adventure!

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