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Gregory Drambour - Couple Retreats

Gregory Drambour

is a Spiritual Teacher with a fresh, innovative approach to working with Couples to create healing & relationship renewal.

About a half-hour into a Sedona Couples Retreat here in the Red Rocks, you will usually hear one of the partners say, “This just makes sense!”

We are dedicated to teaching couples “common sense” solutions. On our private retreats you will immediately find our approach much different than the classic couples counseling. The retreat experience is more about teaching you principles and tools you can immediately use as opposed to drilling into the details of the past.

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Suggested Sedona Couples Retreat Themes:

  • Reconnecting Retreat - Taking time for one another, listening, respecting and keeping up with what changes life brings to us as individuals and as couples is essential in this busy life—but when do we really find the time to do this? more

  • Approaching Possible Separation Retreat - There are times we feel we have reached the end of our endurance in a relationship that has not been more

  • Pre-Marriage Retreat - Over the years we have had many couples choose to come and raise their level of communication before they get married. What a bright step to more

  • Empty Nest Retreat - The kids are out of the house, now what? After decades of an enormous amount of energy spent in raising a family, when our family matures and you become a couple again, it becomes unfamiliar more

  • Infertility Retreat - One of the most challenging moment for a couple is when they are not having success having a baby. This can create conflict, exhaustion, more


Couples Testimonial - Ric & Nicola F. New Jersey Posted April 18, 2020

We found Greg through an online search for couples retreats in Sedona, Arizona. My husband and I had heard about the healing qualities found in Sedona and seek to combine this with a retreat that focused on the relationship. We have been together for more than 10 years, and despite loving each other, we often felt disconnected. Everyday life had managed to get in the way, along with old and new habits surfacing, and we realized we were drifting further apart. We both felt that much like bringing a car to the mechanic for servicing, our relationship too, appeared to need some servicing as well. Both my husband and I had reservations and were skeptical about doing a retreat that would actually help the relationship. But, to our surprise, we instantly liked Greg and his demeanor. After watching a few YouTube videos, we felt that Greg seemed like a great choice. We were excited to meet Greg and it’s hard to put into words why, but we just knew we would feel comfortable and at ease around him. I also liked the fact that he was a “male” and perhaps, my husband would also feel more comfortable and open up. We both agreed to give it a shot — what did we have to loose?
What we both did not expect was, just how much we would be amazed by Greg’s insight, intuition, and wisdom. He truly is a gifted healer with a greatly amplified intuition. It was an amazing experience, which we will never forget. My husband and I had been going to marriage counseling for more than a year and our progress had plateaued. Greg gave us our hope back, and said the things that needed to be said, so we can start our relationship reboot. My husband and I are truly thankful and feel like we have been given a very special gift. We know we have more to do in our journey ahead, but Greg has given us much wisdom to digest, suggested books that we are reading, and relationship principles that we are already putting to use. More importantly, Greg has given us essential tools to restart our journey — a journey filled with understanding and respect for each other. It is with much affection for Greg as a healer, guide, and teacher, that we write this — Thank you!

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Sedona Couples Retreats in Arizona can be for both couples who have a good relationship but just want to go deeper or for couples with problems. Each retreat is customized specifically for the couple (I don’t do group retreats). They can be from two hours to one day or multiple days. During your retreat you will learn powerful strategies in the following areas:

Deep Listening & Acknowledgment

You will learn how to deeply listen to your partner and to really see how your partner sees their world and what makes sense to them.

Partner#1: I don’t feel like you’re acknowledging me.
Partner#2: But I do feel like I’m acknowledging you!
Me: Let me ask you a question (smiling): Do you think you just acknowledged that they don’t feel acknowledged?
Partner#2: Oh (Sheepish grin). Wow, I had no idea I was doing that!
Me: Welcome to the retreat!

Couples Retreats And Deep Listening Video

The Heart-to-Heart Place

You will discover the wisdom in waiting for the heart-to-heart moment to communicate to your partner. In that place you naturally communicate with kindness, love and understanding. This choice can instantly change your relationship back to those beautiful feelings for each other.

Low Moods

You will become aware of when you are in a “low mood” and how that mood effects your thinking and feelings and thus how you see your partner in that moment. And not to trust that perception!


You will discover how forgiveness is really natural to you when you quiet down and let go of your negative thoughts.

Separate Realties

You will discover in a deeper and more accepting way how your partner is in a separate reality and that’s okay! And also, how this releases you from taking everything so personally.


You will discover how you are each responsible for your own feelings. And how you are one hundred percent responsible for how you experience your partner. With this powerful insight all “blame” is released!

Your Thinking

You will learn how not to take your negative thinking seriously and how when that thinking changes your natural wisdom will flow back up.

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Final Comments From Greg For Couples who have a happy relationship, continuing education in your relationship can be a powerful strategy to deepen or maintain their relationship. Couples are always surprised that they can get reconnected so quickly without the pain of having to bring up the past during these couple retreats. They feel empowered and filled with new knowledge about how to start making it work again and bring back the love and caring in their relationship. This is not to say that sometimes it’s not valuable to clear up the past, if your wisdom dictates it and it’s done in a kind and loving way. All retreats are kept light–it’s my experience in this environment couples can really see each other deeply and in way they haven’t seen each other before.


Sedona Couple Retreats can be a One Day Package or a Multiple Day Retreat and can include one or two vortex experiences. They can also be just a two hour session in the office. They are always customized to your needs, wants, mission and of course, budget. We offer a full service approach. Please feel free to give me call or send me an email if you have questions: (928) 274- 2427 PT

Online Marriage Counseling: If you can’t make it to Sedona, please check out my post on Online Marriage Counseling.

Phone Consultations

I am available for Phone Consultations. Call 928 274-2427 or email me for Couples Questionnaire

48-72 Hour Cancellation Policy. We also request a non-refundable deposit to book your time which is separate from the Cancellation Policy.

Other Couple Activities Links

  • Grand Canyon: You might make a day trip to the GC (as we call it here in Sedona).  Try Pink Adventure Tours, they have a great day package.
  • Couples Massages: My best recommendation in NAMTI. Sean is the massage therapist I use.
  • Horseback Riding: I always find that connecting with horses, can be very healing to the soul. Check out this link: Wild Western Horseback Adventures
  • Romantic Getaway: My favorite place to stay in Sedona is Briar Patch Inn — romance oozes out the place and if you are not staying there you might check out breakfast which is served outside along the creek. Love it!
  • Phoenix Hiking: If you staying in Phoenix before you make your way to Sedona, check out Camelback Mountain. Beautiful, magical hike.
  • Phoenix Recommended Hotel: Royal Palms. I stay here in once a year  for the luxury.
  • Couple Restaurant Recommendation: You might try Mariposa with the best views in Sedona and their award-winning menu.
  • Hotel Advice: If you really want a swimming pool make sure the hotels is on site, sometime they are not.
  • Spa Romance Package: If you and your partner want to create a Spa Romance Package there are quite a few place around town that will definitely help you out. Being nurtured together as a couple can make a big difference.


Kathryn Baird, NV
Posted November 28, 2016

“Greg’s online spiritual tutorials have made a profound difference in the way I walk through my day. He is attentive and encouraging. Greg helps you to sere through your self-imposed blocks to reach your own “inner wisdom”. In the short time I have worked with Greg I have had a major breakthrough and personal revelation. Thank you for the good work you do Greg! I so value our sessions and look forward to continued progress. I highly recommend this insightful individual to anyone who desires real change.

Posted November 30, 2017

“First, let me say that if you have found Greg’s page either by way of a personal referral or by curious web searching or simply by chance; (read, Divine Intervention) there is a true reason you have landed on this page! Listen deeply because there is no need to read further or look further or question further–just connect with Greg now in anyway that feels right.
Second, I will leave all the sentimental stuff aside and spare you my deepest details but share with you instead that my experience working with Greg has been **absolutely life changing**. I hesitate to even label what Greg does. To my friends I have referred to Greg as counselor, therapist, healer, shaman, intuitive, spiritual guide, guru, and teacher. Whatever I have called him, it has always been with the deepest of admiration and gratitude.
Greg will help you walk through your darkest of days and help you find your way to your brightest days. My experience with Greg started at a private Couple’s Retreat and then continued as I completed his Freedom from Co-Dependency Program and worked on a few sections in his Spiritual Warrior Program. The magic of the Couple’s Retreat happened as Greg helped me see what was beneath all the layers that were blurring some personal issues. I found his intuition, formal training, super-sonic deep listening skills, and ability to pull from his own life absolutely invaluable in helping me to course correct my life. Serious – Course Correction! The Couple’s Retreat was just the beginning for me. The heart of what I was to learn came in the weeks to follow as I completed the Freedom from Co-Dependency Program and worked on sections in his Spiritual Warrior Program. Both programs are incredibly well organized, challenging, yet very manageable and accessible. Each lesson started with a great video or audio file and continued with powerful exercises that really propelled me into a space of personal awareness and growth.
Lastly, I could have this review go on and on about all of the amazing things that are happening in my life as a result of doing the work Greg laid out, but I’ve got to wrap this up somehow. Lets just say that you’d likely be surprised in talking with me to learn that I am in such a wonderful space in my life, that I have found love for my self again, and that I feel such intense energy surrounding me during what could otherwise be a debilitating time in my life. I will be forever grateful to Greg for walking with me along my journey.”

Carmen Dawson
Posted November 15, 2020

“I just completed a 3 day retreat with Gregory and it was life changing. I learned to connect and listen to the wise voices of nature and The Ancient Ones on my hikes guided by Gregory’s app. I have now started building my relationships with the creation of sacred places in my own backyard and listening to the wise advice of the spirits I connect to there. I also learned a very simple but powerful lesson – that I cannot change the minds of people around me no matter how badly I want to. So, instead of becoming completely angry and frustrated by this I have learned to change my own thoughts / opinion of these situations. By doing this I free my mind of the detrimental clutter and allow space for my divinity to speak to me. So beautiful and peaceful. Gregory was extremely humble and bent over backwards to help me find solutions to the things that were important to me. He is a very gifted teacher and Shaman and I’m so grateful for the time I got to work with him. Thank you Gregory Drambour!!”

Brad Guy, CA
Posted March 3, 2014

I truly did love my experience with Greg. My fiancé and I visited Greg in December of 2013. We spent three afternoons with him in his office and on the hiking trails exploring our relationship, our personal desires and self-limiting beliefs and patterns that were holding us back, and the quality of our communication. As close as we are, and as wonderful as our relationship is, we found lots of space to grow together and individually. From our time in the office to our time hiking thru the beautiful landscape of Sedona, Greg challenged us to carefully observe our behavior, our patterns, to see if there was room to expand by looking at ourselves from different perspectives. Greg led us with his heart and a level of authenticity I so rarely feel I see in people these days. I look forward to returning for more adventures with Greg. He is a genuinely intuitive man with a great big heart and appreciation for life, nature, and the magnificent landscape of Sedona. He also gave us some tremendous recommendations for eating and lodging and hiking. We had a fantastic trip… truly one of the greatest weeks of my life. If I had to use one word to describe this trip, I would say Magical.

Audrey & Frank, MN
Posted October 14, 2011

I was not quite sure what to expect when heading to Sedona, but what I received from my weekend couples retreat with Greg was well worth the travel and money. There was certainly some apprehension since my background is pretty traditional. What Greg recommends is very logical and there is so much common sense. I feel like I learned a lot myself, my partner, and our relationship. I’ll admit that I have difficulty feeling energy when venturing out into vortexes, but whatever happened made me feel awesome. When I returned to ‘real life’ I had so much energy. I have continued working through Greg’s coaching programs and feel like I’m on the right path. Oh, and my relationship (the main point of the visit) has doubled in quality. I am very thankful.

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Sedona Spiritual Retreats
Sedona Spiritual Retreats
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