Clearing Your Home Program

Clearing Your Home Program 
Next Generation!

Partnership With Your Home

Do you feel like the energy in your home or office could feel better?

Perhaps you are reading this because you feel like energy in your home or office feels stuck or not-clear. Something doesn’t “feel right.” You suspect it could be because of a build-up of negative or blocked energies and you want to learn how to clear the energy and get the “light feeling” back in your house or office

Or perhaps you want to acquire more tools to help you with your clearings.

Or perhaps the energy in your home feels good and you want to know how to maintain it.

The Program I would like to offer you today will give you a very clear an easy step-by-step method to create a deeper feeling of peace and lightness in your home or office!

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Price: $45


We have all come to realize that everything around us is energy. And that energy can be cleared! Cleared energy in a space creates a foundation that fosters creativity, an ability to stay focused and a sense of well-being…”I just feel good in this place!” Have you ever said that?

Your house or office is much more than just an inanimate physical structure. It exists on more than the physical level, and it holds an energetic presence that affects us. Although it is beyond our five senses we have an innate ability to perceive energy.


Important: I feel there are two different types of clearings and reasons to do them:

1. The energy feels subtly stuck or blocked, this clearing is just about keeping the positive vibration in the space high and maintained. Nothing major has happened, it just would be a good idea! Especially if you work out of your house or there is more than one person living in the house.

2. Something dramatic has happened. Like a divorce or separation, loss of job, family conflicts, moving into a new home or selling a home, etc.. Or you see clients on a regular basis in your office and if you seem them in your home this is doubly important. Your home and office can absorb other people’s energy. Even though, I offer protection tools in the program, it’s best to cover all bases.

“Greg has cleared four of our homes. We actually fly him in when we buy a home and before we take occupany. When we get there, the home feels incredibly light and peaceful and full of a welcoming energy. He is the very best at what he does!” – Gary C. Hawaii, Spain, Switzerland, Arizona

Trust Your Senses

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and gotten a “bad vibe?” This is because you were being influenced by the energetic presence in the house itself.

And these energies can cause feelings of discomfort and make people, including you, feel subtly anxious and uncomfortable inside of the home. Sometimes the conflicts between people living in the same house can seem to escalate too quickly or to a level of intensity that seems illogical. This could be because of the stuck energy in the house. I have found that clearing the energy can really help bring down the amount of tension and conflicts between people.

Stuck or blocked energies can cause people to get less restful sleep, have general low moods and maybe even make the leap into depression or creativity feels stuck or too much tension between family members.

Here is list of more dramatic reasons unbalanced energies get into a home:

· Residual energy left over from the previous occupants.
· Energy created by arguments that went on inside the home.
· Energy created by someone who has alcohol or drug addiction problems.
· Energy created by someone who is or was physically or mentally ill.
· Energies released into the house by used furniture.
· Energy created by a tragedy or crime taking place in the home or near the home.
· Energy created and admitted by electrical appliances


Is there a solution to getting rid of these energies from your home?


Usually, the clearing process requires an investment of several hundred dollars by a professional and has to be done more than once!

But, there is an alternative…

I have been performing clearings professionally for ocer 30 years and I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about how to clear a space and created the Clearing Your Space Program!

This Program is a complete guide that walks you through the entire process of clearing a house or office of stuck, blocked and negative energies in an easy to follow and simple step-by-step format. By following the clear instructions and 10 video tutorials, you will be able to clear your house or office of all blocked energy and create a serene and positive environment inside of your home.

The Program includes components of science, native shamanism, Ho`oponopono, music therapy, quantum physics, and a secret technique that will pull all the stuck energy from each room.

Here’s is what you’re going to receive in this program


9 Clearing Tools and 2 Protection Techniques
10 Video Tutorials (Totaling Over 60 Minutes) By Gregory Drambour

1. Scientific methods that have not been available to the general public showing you how to repair the Ley Lines of your home and how to normalize the Energy Polarities of your home. This will have an immediate powerful effect!

2. Shamanic tools to teach you how to create a partnership with your home, creating an ally with your surroundings and attracting positive influences for yourself and family.

3. An effective way to use music to start clearing your home of the stagnant energies that have collected around it.

4. A step-by step energy clearing process for your home explained in simple language and 9 video tutorials.

5. My exclusive technique for energy clearing on a room by room basis revealed by the use of common household products to supercharge your energy clearing efforts and eradicate all stuck and blocked energy from your home.

6. A powerful energizing technique I have developed over 27 years to fill your home with positive energy to replace all of the blocked energy you’ve cleared out.

7. Different Protection Tools. To include protecting your car!

8. Clearing Antique or Used Furniture

9. Clearing with Colors!

This is a comprehensive program for house and office clearing that will approach the clearing from many diverse teachings to insure a highly effective clearing and make your house or office feel great!

Price: $45

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The program is delivered to you digitally over your computer. There is no need to wait for anything to ship out! You’ll be able to download the program, read it one time through, and in the same day go back and actually start performing your house clearing with ease. I have included 10 video tutorials so you can see exactly how to implement each step.

Selling Your Home?

Did you know that stuck energies that are built up in your house can also keep your home from selling? Have you’ve ever wondered why some homes that seem very sellable sit on the market for months, or even years? It’s could be because of energy build up.

Many of my clients call me to do a clearing on their homes that they are selling, so I am including a valuable bonus! All the techniques I use for homes that are for sale will be included in this program.

This program is going to completely revolutionize the environment of your home, and instill a great positive environment that will give all the prospective buyers to visit your house a serene and calm and feeling soon as they set foot on the property.

So I’ve included this special bonus instructions that will show you how to prepare your home for selling, and clear it of all negative energy so that you can be sure that it will sell lightning fast. You will also be taught how to use the power of a beacon to attract the right buyer to your home after you have cleared it of negative energy.

And if you aren’t currently selling your home, don’t worry…You can use these same techniques to clear the homes of friends and family members who are about to sell their homes.

Also you can offer these services to the general public for a fee and make money and help people at the same time!

Place your order right now for $45.00 and gain instant access

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You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to pay me to come to your house to perform a clearing for you. Instead, invest just a fraction of that and perform the clearing for yourself to get the same results. But most importantly feel the empowerment of doing it yourself!

I invite you to place your order right now and let’s get started clearing your house or office.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing your success stories!
-Gregory Drambour


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Even though you say this is a “do it yourself” I am a little intimidated by this.
A: That is one of the reasons I have included 10 videos tutorials – you will see exactly how to do each simple step! You do not have to any formal training to do this! Anyone could do it!

Q: How long does a clearing of my home take?
A: There are 8 clearing tools. 7 of them will taken no more than 3 minutes each and 1 of them will take half-hour to an hour depending on size of space.

Q: How do I know if my home needs to be cleared?
A: This sounds simple but if the energy in the house doesn’t feel right! But also let me add it just makes sense to clear your home or office every so often–perhaps every 3-6 months. I do! We change the oil in our car so it runs at optimally, same thing with our home!  I did a little check with my pendulum! 46% of my subscribers would benefit with having their home cleared!  Why not!  It’s a win-win!

Q: Can I make things worst by using these techniques?
A: Absolutely not! When you have the intention to clear your home the spirit of your home and your spirit senses this powerful intention, and can ONLY create a positive shift.

Q: How will this help me?
A: If you are on a spiritual path this will really set a good foundation. It makes sense right? If we are trying to stay connected to our spirit we want our home to be balanced.  Your home or your office is your partner–it wants to support you!  Nurturing it with these tools will open that partnership: “If you honor it, it will honor you.”–GD

Q: Can I email with any questions?
A: Of course! Email

The program is delivered to you digitally over your computer. There is no need to wait for anything to ship out!

You’ll be able to download the program, read it one time through, and in the same day go back and actually start performing your house clearing with ease.

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