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Gregory Drambour- Spiritual Teacher

Gregory Drambour

Spiritual Teacher & Master Shamanic Healer on your Sedona Retreat


Sedona Spiritual Retreats can be scheduled for Half-Day or Multiple Days here in Sedona, Arizona. They are customized to your mission, budget and schedule.You can choose the type of retreat from the themes below or after we explore on the phone or through email, I can customize a powerful healing retreat for you.

We are dedicated to helping clients create breakthroughs and moving forward on their spiritual path!

Suggested Sedona Spiritual Retreat Themes:

  • I Want To Forgive Myself and Others.
  • Please Help Me Stop Thinking So Much!
  • I Want My True Self To Come Out!
  • I Want To Know When My Wisdom Is Talking To Me.
  • I'm Stuck & I Can't Figure Out How To Get Unstuck!
  • I Am So Tired Of My Need To Control Everything! How Do I Let Go?
  • I Know There Is Something I Am Suppose To Do, I Just Don't How To Figure It Out!
  • I Get The Laws Of Attraction But It Isn't Working!
  • I Have Gone to Workshops, Counseling But I Still Can't Find The Peace Inside!
  • Identifying and Clearing The Emotional Contributor to Illness!
  • Couples & Relationship Renewal!

* Women’s Retreats and Men’s Retreats are also available.

The above themes are all missions we’ve had a long history of great success helping clients with on their retreat experience. Taking time for emotional healing and spiritual growth can make a real difference.

Please Email For Sedona Retreat Questionnaire or Call For More Information: (928) 274-2427 PT

One-Day Sedona Retreats

The One Day Sedona Spiritual Retreat is our most popular and the way to make the most of your Vortex Experience. It starts with an hour to hour-an-half meeting before going to the vortex. Here at our Retreat Center we will explore what you might like to accomplish during your time in the vortex. I will also get clairvoyantly what might be the most important issue to focus on—what is the keystone to creating a breakthrough. Perhaps it’s a clearing of the past or to see what keeps you from your natural wisdom. Or you can choose one of the themes above.

We have found this hour before to be very effective in enhancing to the overall Sedona Spiritual Retreat experience. I can really tune deeper into you and see what is blocking you. We all have blind-spots.

Then I ask my guides or inner wisdom, “What Vortex will give them the most powerful experience?” I trust in this method to see the big picture! It always works out beautifully as you can see by the testimonials, clients have amazing journeys. From the moment we step out of the car and into our journey, I am in clairvoyant state and listening deeply to the dictates of Spirit. The experience will take shape moment to moment and be very unique to you. As we connect with nature we could have a half-dozen clearing, spiritual healings or vortex energy experiences. Or perhaps inner-child or totem encounters or shamanic events or angels/guides coming through veil. Spirit is so smart, it knows exactly what clients need.

After we return we break for lunch and then meet afterwards for an hour to review what we learned in the Vortex and to create a strategy to take back into your life. This strategy is specific to you and what will keep you in your wisdom. My question is, “What daily routine will create the most dramatic shift in this person’s life?”

During these personalized retreats clients can have powerful experiences in the vortexes. But when they return to their life soon their world overwhelms that good feeling they found here in Sedona. But I have found that if we design a daily strategy to keep the momentum going they can create amazing breakthroughs. All retreats are truly customized to the client and their needs.

Please call with any questions:
(928) 274-2427 MT 9am-7pm or Email

Group Retreats can be for close friends or family members

Multiple-Day Sedona Spiritual Retreats

A combination of two to three Vortex Experiences with office time and perhaps working with another healer on my team. A note about healers I work with: They are the best of the best here in Sedona. I go to them myself and have great trust in them.

Our first meeting like the One Day Sedona Retreat is to define a mission for your Spiritual Retreat. With multiple days we are able to get to a deeper level and work on more than one theme. Perhaps exploring the body and mind connection or inner-child healing. And I can also give you homework for the evening, like a powerful guided mediation to help with our sessions. I might recommend a second Sedona Vortex Experience that can be purely about fun and adventure. Maybe I will teach you how to shape-shift into your animal totem or meet your spirit guides! Or teach you 2500 year old manifestation techniques–what I call Jedi Master-Creating!

I encourage clients to have the retreat focused on creating an “event.” To say to themselves, “This is it! I am going to leave all this baggage behind once and for all!” The veil between the worlds is very thin in the Sedona Vortexes I take people to. This is the optimum place to create a breakthrough. A place to invoke your intentions to the Creator and start a new journey!!

I bring many tools to these Sedona Retreats:

  • Native American Shamanic Traditions
  • The Power of Your Thoughts
  • Inner-child Exploration
  • Deep Cellular Memory Work
  • Animal Totems (my predilection)
  • Hands-on-Healing
  • Polarity & Velocity Energy work
  • Quantum Physics
  • Forgiveness Techniques
  • 2500 year old Advanced Laws Of Attraction Techniques
  • Freedom From Codependency
  • Couples Continuing Education
  • Dowsing
  • I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.

Also, for clients when they return home I offer a Special Follow-up Program to empower them to keep the momentum going.

48-72 Hour Cancellation Policy. We also ask for a non-refundable deposit to book your Sedona Retreat which is separate from the cancellation policy.

You can let go of the past!
You can finally let go of that anger!

You can speak your truth and no longer live in fear!
You can find your soul path!

Other Activities:

Yoga: Even though I don’t offer Yoga Retreats, if you practice Yoga, you might try 7 Center Yoga Arts, they have an excellent reputation. There are about half-dozen yoga organizations in town offering different styles. Many clients integrate yoga sessions with the retreat.

Vegetarian Meals: My favorite place for juices and vegetarian meals is The Local Juicery. They also offer a 5 day Juice fast.

Arizona Travel Guide: If you’re interested in exploring more of Arizona and Utah, you might check out these organizations: Pink Adventure Tours, Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Tours.

Costa Rica: There is strange connection between Costa Rica and Sedona. Many folks who live here travel between these two special places. I think if you want to hit the daily double of the finest retreats in the world, these are two places I would explore. Check out this Costa Rica retreat portal: Mr. Hudson




Nancy K. Banning, California

A Ho!
A Ho Mentor, Teacher, Friend, A Ho Spirit Guides,
The Sioux words “Mitakuye Oyasin” meaning “We are all related” have never had such impact on me as they did during my second visit with you, Greg. I returned to Sedona with no expectations but merely a desire to learn what it was that had changed me so after my first visit. Little did I realize what I was in for!
To say the least, the two day retreat was hard work! But the insights were exhilarating and awesome, over-shadowing the difficult work a hundred-fold. The freedom of my soaring spirit is an experience I shall not forget.
You and your spirit guides, are exceptional healers. I know. You don’t heal. Your clients heal themselves! But if it were not for your gentle (and sometimes forceful) guidance I would not have known were to begin. Especially when this particular client didn’t think she had any issues that needed to be addressed!
The Healing Tree heard my cries, embraced me, and shared its powers with me. The climb at Sugarloaf was the most exhilarating spiritual and physical adventure I’ve experienced thus far in this earth walk! Words cannot express how empowered with positive energy I felt when reaching the top. Patience, planning, trust, and balance: such simple words but such awesome lessons!
To your returning clients, your new clients, and those who may be perusing your web site for the first time: Greg has a gift unlike I have ever met in anyone. He will touch your spirit. He will lead you to the edge. He will guide you not to be afraid. And then if you are willing to trust yourself and his guidance, your spirit will soar. Nothing Greg says, does, or instructs you to do on a vortex journey is void of education . . . if you are willing to LISTEN.
I have prayed this before, Greg, but it bears repeating: O Great Spirit, please grant your servant, Greg, continued good health and please continue to hold him and his spirit guides gently and safely in the palm of Your hand. Mitakuye Oyasin. A Ho.

KT MA – Posted 2018

I’ve only had 48 hours to reflect on the lessons I received from my retreat and to say I am in amazement by Greg’s wisdom is a severe understatement! I know I have a very, very loong ways to go in my journey but the excitement and encouragement I feel to move forward overwhelms me with gratitude. “Thank you” does not seem adequate so I will hopefully serve it justice to say A Ho my brother, A Ho.

If you are considering booking a retreat with Greg, please do, I’m confident you will be thankful you did.

Mary F. CA
Posted October 16, 2011

I went to Sedona for a week of relaxation and got so much more! I decided to shop around for a spiritual retreat – plentiful in Sedona. What attracted me to Greg’s site were the testimonials. I could tell from people’s experiences that Greg is someone special. After our phone consult, I knew I would be in good hands – Greg truly cares, he listens deeply and tailors the retreat to you. I could write a book on all Greg has given me, but I’ll just say this – that was without a doubt the best vacation of my life and I owe it all to Greg. I returned home peaceful, energized, hopeful, inspired, motivated, joyful and grateful. Coworkers were amazed saying I looked 10 years younger. Friends and family could see the difference in me, too. If I could give all my loved ones the gift of a retreat with Greg I would do so in a heartbeat. I recently returned to beautiful Sedona with my partner for a couples retreat and our relationship was revived and has deepened significantly. Now we are lucky to receive Greg’s guidance and insight through his online program. I feel so very blessed!

Janet Stefenalli
Posted July 28, 2016

I personally worked with Greg and did not realize the impact of our work together. At the time, following a divorce and physically unhealthy, I found myself unsure, stuck and feeling lost. The ideas he spoke about were a bit foreign to me but somewhere deep in my spirit, I knew I understood. Little did I realize, I was on the ride of my life! Our session transformed in ways I would of never imagined. Not only did doors open, but windows did too! I have felt as if I have been flying ever since when I allowed myself to receive……Greg’s compassion and straight forwardness allows one to let go and let in energy the spirit requires to evolve. My heart soars and I shine and smile on! Thank you Greg! I look forward to reconnecting in the future

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