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    Guide-Yourself Sedona Vortex Experience Map Software
    Created by Master Shamanic Healer, Gregory Drambour


    Gregory Drambour

    Master Shamanic Healer, Author of definitive book on shamanism, The Woodstock Bridge.
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    What is Guide-Yourself Vortex Experience Map Software?

    It’s a link you open in your cell phone that guides you to the vortexes listed below and through a powerful and sacred vortex experience here in Sedona! It has dozens of beautiful photographs showing you where each sacred location is with GPS Satellite tracking. Most importantly, it will give you step by step detailed Audio and Text instructions on how to work with the energy and power of that Sacred Place. If you want to energize yourself or clear some stuck-ness or shape-shifting into an animal totem or meeting a spiritual guide, it will guide you! Each experience is personally created by Gregory Drambour, master shamanic healer and owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys.



    Testimonial - November 15, 2020
    "I just completed a 3 day retreat with Gregory and it was life changing. I learned to connect and listen to the wise voices of nature and The Ancient Ones on my hikes guided by Gregory's app. I have now started building my relationships with the creation of sacred places in my own backyard and listening to the wise advice of the spirits I connect to there. I also learned a very simple but powerful lesson - that I cannot change the minds of people around me no matter how badly I want to. So, instead of becoming completely angry and frustrated by this I have learned to change my own thoughts / opinion of these situations. By doing this I free my mind of the detrimental clutter and allow space for my divinity to speak to me. So beautiful and peaceful. Gregory was extremely humble and bent over backwards to help me find solutions to the things that were important to me. He is a very gifted teacher and Shaman and I'm so grateful for the time I got to work with him. Thank you Gregory Drambour!!"
    "--- Carmen Dawson

    The Sacred Vortex Experiences Maps!
    “If you honor them, they will honor you.”
    Gregory Drambour’s Simple Philosophy on Vortex Experiences

    Each experience has 6 to 9 Sacred Locations with Audio and Text Narration supported with Multiple Photographs with directional arrows to guide you plus GPS Satellite tracking!

    Note: The following Sedona Vortexes are not known to the general public or other guides.

    Sacred Tree Vortex Experience Map

    This is a vortex experience that has amazing red rock views — the big view! The Trees feel very powerful here — nurturing. And we all need nurturing! I think this is the place where I really became a tree-person! They are my friends and hope they become your friends too. They can offer you so much from revitalizing your energy to offering you powerful messages to helping you journey to sacred places inside yourself. They can help you re-discover your true self! The hike is not long, about half a mile and there are 9 Sacred Locations along the path. Please see below the descriptions.

    9 Sacred Locations!
    Time: 90 minutes
    Hiking: Easy

    Each location comes with specific and detailed instruction both in text and audio to guide how best to work with the energy and power of that Sacred Place:

    • A Beautiful Grandmother Juniper Tree to enhance your ability receive! (for those who are always giving!)

    • A Veil Tree that creates a veil between this world and next for those who want to reach out to love ones who have passed over.

    • My Little Sister who is powerful and beautiful small Arizona Cyrus where you can learn a core principle in shamanism—breathing with trees!
    • A Sacred Vortex Hoop, the first vortex which will lend you its powerful energy to shape-shift in a soaring bird and take you to a mountaintop to meet with an Old One or a Spiritual Guide.
    • A Giant Green bush, called “I’m Very Green” who wants to bless you with a powerful personal message!
    • A Special group of Cactus who are ready to clear you of any negative thinking, feelings, imprints or programs!
    • Another Sacred Vortex Hoop who waits to lend you its power to make an Invitation to Divinity and access the spiritual intelligence inside where all answer lie!
    • An Inner-Child little tree who will flow energy around your inner-child so they will feel safe to come out and voice their feelings so they can finally acknowledge them!

    Fee: $75

    Please feel free to email me or call if you have questions!
    (928) 274 2427 MT

    Please read the Testimonials!

    Testimonial - November 28, 2016

    "Greg's online spiritual tutorials have made a profound difference in the way I walk through my day. He is attentive and encouraging. Greg helps you to sere through your self-imposed blocks to reach your own "inner wisdom". In the short time I have worked with Greg I have had a major breakthrough and personal revelation. Thank you for the good work you do Greg! I so value our sessions and look forward to continued progress. I highly recommend this insightful individual to anyone who desires real change. -- Kathryn Baird, NV

    The Path of the Old Ones Vortex Experience Map

    This is a serious Clearing & Letting Go journey. The Path of Old Ones is place where you can really let go of the past, of hurts, anger and sadness. Then get filled up with good healthy vibrant energy. I have always sensed the presence of the Old Ones in this vortex experience, the forest feels magical, like a little elf or fairy is going to pop up behind some bush! There are two sacred vortex hoops which will help you find forgiveness for yourself or others. There is nothing more powerful, brothers and sisters to your personal healing growth than allowing your natural forgiveness to flow back up inside you!

    7 Sacred Locations
    Time: 60 – 90 minutes
    Hike: Easy

    • The Gatekeeper Tree is very powerful in this place. It really set the mood.
    • Powerful Clearing Location to clear you of unwanted blocks or the past—using water! (it’s a secret how!)
    • A Powerful Arizona Cyrus who know how to fill you will energy!
    • An Inner-Child Tree who can give you and your inner-child enough energy to engage each other and heal long standing hurts.
    • A Plant Vortex who you can lend you the energy to access your innate forgiveness for those you felt hurt by at the adult or inner-child level.
    • A Wise Old Juniper Tree who can help you access your own inner-wisdom.
    • The Place of The Old Ones. A sacred hoop where you can take your hardest problems and ask for help. I have seen amazing supernatural things in this place of power.

    Fee: $75

    Please feel free to email me or call if you have questions!
    (928) 274 2427 PT


    Thank you for such a wonderful and insightful session with you last Saturday….Joe and I were looking at the books on the plane….We are back in Jersey and wanted to reach out and express to you one more time a big “Thank You.” FYI, we did make it to Bell Rock and Court House Butte, but we did not find your Medicine wheel. Joe’s directions weren’t too clear, but we did let Spirit lead us and we did poke around off the trail and behind barbed wire fencing and had a “trying,” but enlightening time. The area stretched me a bit (just what I need), and we spent about three hours there …later we met up with a Havasupai Indian who did some prayers and Ceremony with us at Campfire. YOUR face and words were on my mind all night and I kept your gift of knowledge in my heart….The Medicine person we met with that night brought to my remembrance the words of my father “To whom much is given, much is required,” and I thought about my responsibility and the obligation to the new (and REFRESHED) information that you imparted to me………
    KEEP smiling Greg, and don’t lose that wonderful sense of humor behind your wisdom, it makes the truth much easier to bear………

    MaryCay Trace, NJ – Posted Nov 13, 2016

    I met Greg on a trip to Sedona two months ago, and have been working with him on line and by phone since. Although I am only at the beginning of my journey, his wisdom and patience have already helped me to think and feel differently in a way I had not expected, and it is a very enlightening journey. I am looking forward to continuing on this path with his help, and if any of you feel disconnected with your feelings or thoughts, he will be a good teacher to help you.”

    Nancy K. Banning, California

    A Ho!
    A Ho Mentor, Teacher, Friend, A Ho Spirit Guides,
    The Sioux words “Mitakuye Oyasin” meaning “We are all related” have never had such impact on me as they did during my second visit with you, Greg. I returned to Sedona with no expectations but merely a desire to learn what it was that had changed me so after my first visit. Little did I realize what I was in for!
    To say the least, the two day retreat was hard work! But the insights were exhilarating and awesome, over-shadowing the difficult work a hundred-fold. The freedom of my soaring spirit is an experience I shall not forget.
    You and your spirit guides, are exceptional healers. I know. You don’t heal. Your clients heal themselves! But if it were not for your gentle (and sometimes forceful) guidance I would not have known were to begin. Especially when this particular client didn’t think she had any issues that needed to be addressed!
    The Healing Tree heard my cries, embraced me, and shared its powers with me. The climb at Sugarloaf was the most exhilarating spiritual and physical adventure I’ve experienced thus far in this earth walk! Words cannot express how empowered with positive energy I felt when reaching the top. Patience, planning, trust, and balance: such simple words but such awesome lessons!
    To your returning clients, your new clients, and those who may be perusing your web site for the first time: Greg has a gift unlike I have ever met in anyone. He will touch your spirit. He will lead you to the edge. He will guide you not to be afraid. And then if you are willing to trust yourself and his guidance, your spirit will soar. Nothing Greg says, does, or instructs you to do on a vortex journey is void of education . . . if you are willing to LISTEN.
    I have prayed this before, Greg, but it bears repeating: O Great Spirit, please grant your servant, Greg, continued good health and please continue to hold him and his spirit guides gently and safely in the palm of Your hand. Mitakuye Oyasin. A Ho.

    Suzie, VA
    Posted January 22, 2010

    I got to know Gregory Drambour through another friend who had taken a tour with him two years before. I went on the tour with that very friend and another friend. The three of us went on this energizing and uplifting journey with Greg. Through receiving positive energy from the Sedona Vortexes, male or female that Greg took us to, I felt energized and renewed. My long time slight hip pain that did not go away after years of other therapies went away completely through this journey–that was just a side bonus. The main thing is that I found the issues that Greg addressed me to be cogent and were exactly what I needed to work on. He was able to help me cut through the appearances of these issues and gave me real relief. I recommend Greg to anyone wholeheartedly. Another thing I must mention, I found Greg to truly want to assist in that he would recommend whatever approach that he considers helpful to that person, whether the suggestion will bring him income or not. He also has a broad knowledge of all kinds of world-class approaches to healing dis-eases of the body and mind. Thank you for your selfless help and love.

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