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6 Spiritual Awakening Tutorials
Taking You From An Intellectual Spirituality
To A "Knowing"

Clear Steps to Spiritual Awakening

A deeper spiritual awakening is our goal.  I am sure you want to take what you know intellectually and feel it as an INSIGHT – an AHHAA moment! We call that Evolutionary Listening or a Spiritual Awakening! Through time you see that an intellectual spirituality can only take you so far to the peace and joy you want. These powerful spiritual awakening tutorials have been tested over 12 years and seen incredible results. Please refer to the testimonials – many of those clients have enrolled in these tutorials. My invitation to you is to make a decision to finally breakthrough and hear and feel something deeper. This is the way to translate all you know intellectually into behavior — because behavior is always the “truth!” That’s the code of the spiritual warrior.

Invitation To Divinity, Inner-Child Healing, Deep Listening, Needing To Be Right, Super Creative, Going Inside

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Deep Listening Tutorial
Now Is The Day To Be A Better Listener

6 Instructional Videos and 7 Breakthrough Targeted Lessons

Each video and each lesson will increase your skill in deep listening and thus improve and deepen your relationship with loved ones, friends, co-workers. You will learn the following:

  • How to acknowledge your loved one’s feelings (In my 30 years of work with couples and families–there is nothing more important than this)
  • Really hear what the other person is trying to communicate.
  • Quiet your mind, so you can really listen.
  • Make the people around you feel important.
  • Cross over from an intellectual spirituality to a “knowing.”
  • Get better at listening to your clients and hearing what they “really need” and flowing up a deeper and more powerful level of guidance from your wisdom. This would also include parenting!
  • Deepen the connection between you and your partner.

Fee: $35 Please Click To Order

The Invitation to Divinity Tutorial
Secrets To Opening The Door to Wisdom!

3 Teaching Videos & 7 Breakthrough Targeted Lessons

These lessons offer you 5 steps to create a deep relationship with the Divinity inside you! The Invitation to Divinity is your response to worry, fear, indecision, obsessive thinking. Divinity can be called Wisdom, Spiritual Intelligence, God, Universal Mind, Source–you choose what definition resonates with you! Divinity sees the big picture! There is no question It does not have the answer for! These five steps will show you the path to make that request to Divinity and how to hear the answer!

Overview Of 7 Lesson

  • 1: Learning to make the Invitation and when it can be used
  • 2: Learn how to stand in Faith after you make the Invitation
  • 3: Understanding deeply the behavior of Faith
  • 4: Learn how to let go of the details that feel so important
  • 5:The Ahhha Moment!
  • 6: Translating the insight or guidance into action.

Fee: $35 Please Click To Order


Ready For Mastery Level?
Invitation To Divinity Part Two Tutorial

3 Teaching Videos & 7 Breakthrough Targeted Lessons

Overview Of 7 Lessons

  • 1: Connecting Into Divinity Assignment
  • 2: Higher awareness of when to use the Invitation Assignment
  • 3: Understanding at a deeper level what faith feels like and knowing truly when you are in it!
  • 4: Getting a deeper awareness of when you are not in faith! When you are not letting go and not even aware of it. In other words picking up the subtle signs of not being in faith.
  • 5: The Nuances of the communication of Divinity. Becoming more aware of when Divinity has helped you!
  • 6: Strengthening your “taking action muscle!”
  • 7: A Secret to stay motivated and consistent!

Fee: $35 Please Click To Order

Inner-Child Healing Tutorial
Accelerate To Healing The Past

2 Instructional Videos & 7 Breakthrough Targeted Lessons
& Multiple Links to Support Columns

The assignment group offers a very concrete and fun way to develop a relationship with your inner child and heal them at a deep level. In my personal journey and work with clients–it is with inner-child work that I have seen the fastest and most powerfully breakthroughs. It will give you the path back to your True-Self.

Sometimes as adults we have healed but the inner-child has not–they need a time when healing is about them–directly. The most powerful healer for your inner-child is to acknowledge their feelings–perhaps something that didn’t happen when you were a child. The 8 assignments lead you very clearly to accomplishing this important mission.

Overview Of 7 Lesson Assignment

  • 1: Initiating first contact with the Inner-Child
  • 2: Learning to deeply listen and acknowledge the inner-child’s feelings.
  • 3: A very special way to connect deeper with your little boy or girl. Wait to you see!
  • 4: Taking the Inner-Child on an adventure.
  • 5: Non-verbal technique to heal the inner-child.
  • 6: Making sure the inner-child feels listens to when in conversation with other people.
  • 7: Devoting a half day to the Inner-Child!

Fee: $35 Please Click To Order

Spiritual Tutorial Bundle!

For those wanting to go for it!
When you order all 7 Tutorials I can offer you
a special price: $195 ($50 Discount)

Fee: $195 Please Click To Order

Needing to Be Right Tutorial
You Can Let Go Of This Ickiness!

3 Instructional Videos & 7 Breakthrough Targeted Lessons

The most powerful lessons in the Spiritual Warrior Program! The group that created the most breakthroughs for its members. The need to be right or the need not be wrong can get in the way in our life in so many ways. Can in fact destroy relationships that are important to us. Any letting go this need no matter how small can be an enormous victory for you–all the special people around you will be so grateful you did it!

Overview Of 7 Lessons

  • 1: Identifying moments where you were in a need to be right or need not to be wrong.
  • 2: Identify sneaky ways we cloak or hide our “need to be right.”
  • This could be tricky because it’s like playing hide-and-go-seek with ourselves!
  • 3: Whats the reason you feel a need to be right.
  • 4: Expanding that exploration into different areas like family, work, etc.
  • 5: Learn clearing methods to get rid of this need
  • 6: Forgiveness of self and others!

Fee: $35 Please Click To Order

Super-Creative Tutorial
Unlock Your Creativity Today!

3 Instructional Videos & 5 Targeted Lessons

If you really want to feel what’s it like to do something “unreasonable” in your life then this group if for you! There is super-creativeness inside you! The assignment will show you how to let it flow out. You will love this group! Its like a great adventure!Take yourself to the edge between reasonable and unreasonable!

Overview Of 7 Lesson Assignment

  • 1: Defining whats “unreasonable” for you!
  • 2: Learn about the “edge” between reasonable and unreasonable and its power.
  • 3: Asking big question to discover what is of value.
  • 4: Getting a deeper insight about the truth about what is “unknown.”
  • 5. Learning to accept what appears “unfair.”
  • 6: The power of ACTING!

Fee: $35 Please Click To Order

Going Inside Tutorial
Take Your Power Back!

4 Instructional Videos, 1 Hour Audio Teleseminar, 10 Instructional Lessons
Very Powerful Notes from Phone Session With Spiritual Leader!

This tutorial is so important I created a whole
special information page with 2 Videos!


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