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    Gregory Drambour

    Master Shamanic Healer & Spiritual Teacher, Author of 3 books on real world practical shamanism and shaman training: The Woodstock Bridge, The Shaman & His Daughter, The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf
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    The Shaman Training Program will develop and strengthen your personal power and give you a deep knowledge of old school shamanism. The Online course is separated into 12 Training Tutorials with customized assignments supported by 50 Companion Videos. These 12 Shaman Training Tutorials will take you into a deep partnership with Mother Earth, your animal totems and shamanic journeying. Or you can come for One-On-One Shaman Training here in Sedona covering the same areas as the Online training. If you do healing work or feel you have healing gifts the program will show you how to honor those gifts and bring them out fully. You will learn the Old Ways: “If you honor them, they will honor you. A Ho.”



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    Shaman Training Program Information

    shaman training

    You will learn Shamanism in the Old Way without the trappings of techniques and new age rituals. It’s about “seeing” with your heart! Shamanism is the original healing art dating back thousands of years.


    Shaman Training Online Program Information - 6 Month Membership

    • 12 Shaman Training Tutorials lead you step-by-step through this powerful personal training. Each group of lessons has multiple customized assignments with 50 Support Instructional Videos teaching you how to practice shamanic healing.
    • Includes a 30 minute Phone Consult with Gregory, a master shamanic practitioner to go over your progress and to get specific feedback on your Shaman Training.
    • On your Personal Membership Page, you can post reports and comments about your learning and practicing. You will also get to see other members reports of their shamanic work with an assignment. We have found this to be really inspiring as you discover the shaman’s path!
    • Access to 15 Live Teleseminars offered in the Spiritual Warrior Program

    The Shaman Training Lesson Groups will cover the following areas:

    • Develop or strengthen your “shamanic seeing” ability and learn how to utilize its power as one of your shamanic tools.
    • How to find and develop a bond with your Power Animals! (*3 Groups Dedicated to this!)
    • How to develop your personal healing gifts to become part of a group of shamanic healers on our planet — if that’s the path you choose!
    • Develop your clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience to a powerful level.
    • Learn how to partner and talk with the Plant-, Tree- and Rock-People and connect with nature so it can become your teacher.
    • Develop relationships with your Spirit Guides.
    • Discover how to find your own unique shamanism and tools for healing.
    • Learn how to travel on shamanic journeys.
    • How to integrate shamanic practices into your daily life and bring about deeper healing to yourself.
    • Learn how to integrate Inner-Child Work into shamanism (*To my knowledge, I am the only one teaching this)
    • How to find veils between the worlds and what to do with them — perhaps a soul retrieval.
    • Learn how to access your own wisdom and find any answer you seek in partnership with nature for yourself or when you work with clients.
    • Discover how to work with the forces of nature (like the wind and rain) and see energy outside.
    • How to identify omens and how to follow them.
    • Learn how to be open and present in the world. How to really hear the world.
    • Creating more balance and harmony in your life.
    • And so much more!

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    There is an Advanced Shaman Program for members who complete the first program

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    For further information and fees, please email me or please contact me at: (928) 274 2427 MT.

    Shaman Training Program On Site In Sedona

    *Note: You don’t have to do the online Shaman Training to do the training in Sedona

     One-On-One Shaman Training with Gregory Drambour

      • (3) 2 Hour Training/Vortex Experiences
      • 3 Hours Individual Office Session.

    *Note: Can be customized to budget and schedule. Some clients come a few times a year for shaman training so it doesn’t have to be all in one trip!

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    The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf

    Joao Pereira, Brazil
    Posted April 22, 2016

    I arrived in Sedona not knowing what to expect. I had booked a two day experience, moved by a string of coincidences that led me to Greg, as well as by curiosity. It ended up being one of the most important, life changing experiences I have ever had. Greg’s insights, coupled with the palpable Power of the vortices, have opened up new horizons for me. I can only urge you go there and experience it as well.My Sisters and I met with Greg a couple weeks ago. We had been on a long journey to reach him and it was a Divine meeting that changed each of us in a unique way. He is real, honest, and straight forward in his approach to “very deep stuff”, His genuine caring for all his “Relations” moved me into another place in my walk with Sacred. I am forever changed, Thank You Greg. Aho

    Amit Mehta, India – 2019

    I had the opportunity to spend two days with Greg in Sedona. Synchronicity made this meeting a reality. Against the backdrop of a crushing & bruising four years of turmoil in my personal life I had wanted to on a 7 day shamanic retreat to Sedona but was unable to due to the high costs involved in traveling from New Delhi , India. I did want to go to Sedona though as my earlier experience there in 2017 had stirred me. The Heavens connived and an office trip to Las Vegas (4 hrs driving distance from Sedona) gave me the much needed cost relief for the trip. I connected with Greg on searching for Shamans in Sedona and he asked me a set of questions exploring the intent and the nature of my quest in meeting him . I had been on the path since 2010 and all my training up until the point I entered ” The Dark Night of The Soul” seemed inadequate in dealing with my crisis. When we finally met in Sedona what stood out for me was Greg’s amazing clarity of thought and his insights into how We Create our Own Reality through our Thinking. Here are some of the nuggets in picked up in our connect over the two days .

    1. Stop Intellectualizing Spirituality : He made me realize that I had been playing out an incessant loop of Intellectualizing what in essence was ” Co-Dependency”. Sometimes we look for crutches to explain our predicament and delude ourselves into believing that living for others is a “Spiritual” way of living and we rationalize it . When in fact it is far away from Truth.

    2. Our Thoughts Create our Reality. He suggested a great book from Jack Pranksy ” Somebody should have told us” which very clearly spells out the relationship between our Thoughts and Reality. Seeing and being aware of this is a critical first step.

    3. Co-Dependency with my family : This was an “A-ha” moment for me. I had been playing the role of a Savior and later a truth came out. I was doing what I was doing because I thought my family wont love me otherwise. The Concept of Receiving Love being contingent on Giving.. The whole notion of Self Love and how we indulge in self sabotaging behaviors in relationships.

    4. Grounding and Being in Nature : The energy clearing and work that we did in the woods and later on the trail cleansed me of some dark energy which I had accumulated as a result of my sadness , depression and hopelessness. It rejuvenated me.

    Greg brings the wisdom of legacy Shamanic Tradition in a very practical , No-nonsense , Matter-of-fact way which hammers away any delusional , self deprecating emotions and intellectualization. He also revealed to me some areas I should explore as potential life paths which would bring me closer to my soul purpose in this life. A-Ho Greg. Gratitude for our time spent. Hope to do a longer shamanic retreat with you in My Dear SEDONA. ( my soul yearns to get back)!!

    Brian and Heidi, CA

    Deep Listening
    Dear Greg
    We wanted to write you this letter to thank you for everything that you have given us. You have taught us many things: to deep listen (we will forever be working on this one), to slow down and listen to our wisdom when dealing with our everyday problems and to be kind to ourselves.
    You definitely “get” Brian and I and even though it is sometimes hard to hear what you have to say and “see”, we know that you have our best interest in your heart and we listen to you. We see you as our life coach, your insights and teaching will forever be a part of us. You have helped Brian tremendously with his business life, he has really taken things to the next level and he is so much happier for letting go of some of the “chatter” in his head. He has truly moved on from the things that were keeping him stuck. I’m still amazed at what happened to him at the Vortex, it was so incredible to see him sweating out the bad energy. You have helped me to see inside myself and work on my deep listening skills, I know that I have a long way to go and I’m glad that you are only a quick plane ride away. We have learned many things from you and want you to know that you have a special place in our hearts.
    With much love,

    Cheryl Wedienfield, FL
    Posted February 22, 2015

    My husband and I went to Greg, both of us sure that my husband was the one that needed the most help. HA! Greg started with my husband first, asking him questions, but abruptly stopped. We could tell that he was receiving some information and then he started grilling me on my health, asking me questions like when was the last time I had a blood test done and what were the results. Greg checked with his pendulum and then promptly told me that I had a 70% chance within a year that I would have a major health crisis. Not me, I am a healer myself, I feel fine. The problem is that I take care of everyone else and not myself. I carry guilt and pain that contributes to my being overweight. It was a wake up call for both my husband and myself. After some time talking and taking notes, we drove to a spot where we climbed a hill that was not difficult for Greg or my husband, but very difficult for me! The Rock People and Tree People helped me and the energy at the vortexes was amazing. Being able to release and receive was very healing. Being with the Fairy People and passing a Gnome was a great surprise! Greg got me in touch with someone to help me with my other issues and I will be taking Greg’s online course (s). If you want a truly authentic healer and healing session, then Greg is the person to go to! Take it from a me, a healer knows another healer.

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