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    Gregory Drambour

    Master Shamanic Healer & Spiritual Teacher, Author of 3 books on real world practical shamanism: The Woodstock Bridge, The Shaman & His Daughter, The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf
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    The Shaman Training Program will develop and strengthen your personal power and give you a deep knowledge of old school shamanism. The Online course is separated into 12 Training Tutorials with customized assignments supported by 50 Companion Videos. These 12 Shamanic Tutorials will take you into a deep partnership with Mother Earth, your animal totems and shamanic journeying. Or you can come for One-On-One training here in Sedona covering the same areas as the Online training. If you do healing work or feel you have healing gifts the program will show you how to honor those gifts and bring them out fully. You will learn the Old Ways: “If you honor them, they will honor you. A Ho.”



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    Training Program Information

    You will learn Shamanism in the Old Way without the trappings of techniques and new age rituals. It’s about “seeing” with your heart! Shamanism is the original healing art dating back thousands of years.


    Online Training Program Information - 6 Month Membership

    • 12 Shamanic Training Tutorials lead you step-by-step through this powerful personal training. Each group of lessons has multiple customized assignments with 50 Support Instructional Videos teaching you how to practice shamanic healing.
    • Includes a 30 minute Phone Consult with Gregory, a master shamanic practitioner to go over your progress and to get specific feedback.
    • On your Personal Membership Page, you can post reports and comments about your learning and practicing. You will also get to see other members reports of their shamanic work with an assignment. We have found this to be really inspiring as you discover the shaman’s path!
    • Access to 15 Live Teleseminars offered in the Spiritual Warrior Program

    The Lesson Groups will cover the following areas:

    • Develop or strengthen your “shamanic seeing” ability and learn how to utilize its power as one of your shamanic tools.
    • How to find and develop a bond with your Power Animals! (*3 Groups Dedicated to this!)
    • How to develop your personal healing gifts to become part of a group of shamanic healers on our planet — if that’s the path you choose!
    • Develop your clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience to a powerful level.
    • Learn how to partner and talk with the Plant-, Tree- and Rock-People and connect with nature so it can become your teacher.
    • Develop relationships with your Spirit Guides.
    • Discover how to find your own unique shamanism and tools for healing.
    • Learn how to travel on shamanic journeys.
    • How to integrate shamanic practices into your daily life and bring about deeper healing to yourself.
    • Learn how to integrate Inner-Child Work into shamanism (*To my knowledge, I am the only one teaching this)
    • How to find veils between the worlds and what to do with them — perhaps a soul retrieval.
    • Learn how to access your own wisdom and find any answer you seek in partnership with nature for yourself or when you work with clients.
    • Discover how to work with the forces of nature (like the wind and rain) and see energy outside.
    • How to identify omens and how to follow them.
    • Learn how to be open and present in the world. How to really hear the world.
    • Creating more balance and harmony in your life.
    • And so much more!

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    There is an Advanced Shamanic Program for members who complete the first program

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    For further information and fees, please email me or please contact me at: (928) 274 2427 MT.

    Shaman Training Program On Site In Sedona

    *Note: You don’t have to do the online training to do the training in Sedona

     One-On-One Training with Gregory Drambour

      • (3) 2 Hour Training/Vortex Experiences
      • 3 Hours Individual Office Session.

    *Note: Can be customized to budget and schedule. Some clients come a few times a year for training so it doesn’t have to be all in one trip!

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    Audrey & Frank, MN
    Posted October 14, 2011

    I was not quite sure what to expect when heading to Sedona, but what I received from my weekend couples retreat with Greg was well worth the travel and money. There was certainly some apprehension since my background is pretty traditional. What Greg recommends is very logical and there is so much common sense. I feel like I learned a lot myself, my partner, and our relationship. I’ll admit that I have difficulty feeling energy when venturing out into vortexes, but whatever happened made me feel awesome. When I returned to ‘real life’ I had so much energy. I have continued working through Greg’s coaching programs and feel like I’m on the right path. Oh, and my relationship (the main point of the visit) has doubled in quality. I am very thankful.

    Deb Kissinger, New Jersey
    Posted October 17, 2016

    My cousin and I came across Greg Drambour and Sedona Sacred Journeys quite by accident. And what a lucky accident it was! That was eight years ago and what a difference that meeting made in my life. We wanted to do a vortex tour and picked his name at random from a web-page. When I called him to schedule a time, he asked me to think about what we wanted to work on. I really didn’t know what he was talking about. When we met he asked me what I wanted to work on, and I had to scramble to think of something. I finally came up with the problem I was having with my daughter. We talked about that for a while, and he told me that I was viewing her as broken and that I needed to write her an apology. A little later he told me that there was only a 50% chance that I was going to do anything about this. He was just about right on that one, but I looked him in the eye and told him I would do it, which I did. That changed everything. My relationship with my daughter became healthy again. It was such a burden lifted. I started excepting everyone as they were instead of wishing they were different. This is what changed me completely for the better. I’m very grateful to Gregory for this and always will be. My cousin and I came back again a couple weeks ago and saw Gregory. I wrote to him with a new problem this time, with his insightful questions before the meeting I actually figured everything out before I even got a chance to talk to him face-to-face. There’s always something to work on though and he quickly found something that could use some work. We went out into the desert for some natural healing and had more amazing experiences. I went home feeling much lighter. I recommend him and Sedona Sacred Journeys to anyone who needs a nudge in the right direction.”

    Nancy S, AZ
    Posted July 21, 2013

    One evening while walking our dog in our Sedona neighborhood, a car slowed down to say hello to my husband and me. It was Greg (who I had never met before) and he gently asked about my recent treatments for breast cancer during the conversation. He looked directly into my eyes with tremendous compassion and said such kind words that tears began to flow. With only a few sentences he had touched my heart and touched still buried past occurrences that were just waiting to be discovered, acknowledged, and released, once and for all. I can only say that since that time, he has helped me immensely with discovering my Self along with those buried issues needing to be addressed in order to clear my body once and for all from dis-ease. Greg truly cares about others and wants only what is best for them. He has led me to an amazing and powerful anti cancer protocol as well as to an understanding of my past like never before. Everyone has inner issues that need healing, and Greg’s amazing intuitiveness brings them to the surface and clears them forever. His meditative office Space overflows with a quiet connection to Source. He accesses his guides for answers to questions concerning my health and my body as related to my past, and the answers we get are always right on and oh so freeing. I would highly recommend anyone with any type of dis-ease in their life to book some sessions with Greg at his office here in Sedona or long distance over the phone or Skype. You will acquire an understanding beyond what you could ever imagine as well as acquire a sincere and caring individual to guide you on your journey. Greg is truly a forever friend and a very gifted being.

    Peter L. Australia
    Posted January 23, 2010

    I have had the great blessing to meet with Greg on two occasions out amongst the vortexes of Sedona. I was looking for ways to connect deeply to Mother Earth and honor all that is constantly given to me by the animals, trees, rocks, wind and sky. While with Greg I learned how to honor them as well as how to honor myself! He intuitively sensed my greatest needs and helped me work thru some big fears in one of the most beautiful settings I have ever been in. I cant wait to go back to Sedona and have more life changing experiences! Greg is the “real deal” and i feel honored to know him.

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