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Gregory Drambour
Gregory Drambour

Master Spiritual Teacher and Shamanic Healer
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Our Mission on Sedona Retreats is to empower you on your spiritual and physical journey. To offer you insights into what might be blocking you and then create strategies to clear and heal those blocks and live a life of victory! Sedona with its magical red rocks is the perfect place to reach the next level of enlightenment and spiritual development as the Vortex energies move you naturally towards an accelerated personal healing and clearing process.

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Themes of Sedona Retreats:

  • I Want To Forgive Myself and Others.
  • Please Help Me Stop Thinking So Much!
  • I Want My True Self To Come Out!
  • I Want To Know When My Wisdom Is Talking To Me.
  • I'm Stuck & I Can't Figure Out How To Get Unstuck!
  • I Am So Tired Of My Need To Control Everything! How Do I Let Go?
  • I Know There Is Something I Am Suppose To Do, I Just Don't Know How To Figure It Out!
  • I Get The Laws Of Attraction But It Isn't Working!
  • I Have Gone to Workshops, Counseling But I Still Can't Find Peace Inside!
  • Identifying and Clearing The Emotional Contributor to Illness!
  • Couples & Relationship Renewal!


We Invite You To:

  • Experience the powerful transformational energy of the Sedona Vortexes and being in a deep intimate partnership with the Tree-, Rock- and Plant-People, Mother Earth and these sacred vortexes here in Sedona, Arizona. They want to be your friends and offer you support and spiritual healing on your journey.

  • Create a Custom Sedona Spiritual Retreat in combination with your Sedona Vortex Experience. We customize these personal retreat sessions to the client’s specific mission but also making sure they have plenty of downtime and space for reflection while here in Sedona. Each client or potential client receives a questionnaire, so Greg can a deep sense of your needs and goals on retreat. Email for Retreat Questionnaire. These are private retreats, we don't merge groups. Group retreats can be organized between friends and family members.

  • Learn more about your Spiritual Path and where it wants to take you. On Sedona retreats or vortex experiences, Greg offers one-on-one teaching on the Invitation to Divinity/Wisdom. This is the powerful process that can flow up specific navigation in your life. It will help you stay on your personal path of Spirit. Greg has broken it down into 5 steps to lead you directly into your wisdom and learn how to act on it!

  • Check out the new Guide-Yourself Sedona Vortex Experience! It’s a treasure map to powerful sacred spots and also a tutorial on what to do with the vortex energy once you feel it. The app will give you an audio narration and very specific instructions on how to use the energy to heal or clear or energize yourself. Greg took 35 years of teaching shamanism and poured it into these self-guided experiences. It can be combined with your Spiritual Retreat.

  • Engage the Spiritual Warrior Perspective and find your power. Greg has been handed down 12 generations of knowledge from the Northern Plains Holy Men who mentored him – they have passed onto to him the Code of The Spiritual Warrior. He is ready to pass it on to you! The Warrior Code is much like the book, The Four Agreements -- a specific map to leading your life impeccably and with passion and ultimately to create an emotional healing.

  • Discover your sacred relationship with Mother Earth and the beauty of Native American Traditions during your Sedona Spiritual Retreat. Everything has life-force: trees, plants, bushes, rocks. They want to meet you, to be-friend you! They want to help you find answers. The core principle in the Warrior Code is “if you honor them, they will honor you.” All Greg’s teaching and guidance flow from this one principle. Let him show you how to connect with them and experience thier powerful energy!

  • Sedona Retreats teach you about the Power of Thought in your life and how it creates your reality moment to moment. The most powerful principle that anyone can hear is that thought creates your experience moment to moment. The goal is to hear this deeply as an insight not an intellectual understanding. When that true knowing comes, it changes your life in one moment.

  • Discover how to tune into your own wisdom with a stimulating Sedona Vortex Experience. It’s always partnership outside. When you let nature quiet your mind, the next thing that happens is your innate wisdom flows up and you see your life very differently. You see solutions and have acceptance and compassion and kindness about the events happening in your world. That can be the power of these soul adventures.

  • At our Retreat Center build a a strong Marriage or Commitment with our Couples Retreats. *New Testimonials! Greg’s number one specialty is working with couples at all different levels. From marriages in trouble to couples who just want to come for renewal. His success rate is a solid 80%! His approach is not to go into the past but to teach you how to go forward. This can done in a one day package.

  • Shamanic retreats can focus on meeting your Spirit Guides and merging with your Animal Totems (check out new program: Animal Totem Tutorials). For Greg, his shamanic/medicine work started with animal totems when he met his panther-brother 34 years ago. They have walked together in a deep partnership empowering clients to breakthrough and clear their blocks and move forward on their journey.

  • During a Healing Retreat we can explore and clear the emotional issues and cellular memory that might have led to cancer or chronic illness. As a stage 4 throat cancer survivor, Greg has experience and fluency in alternative approaches to illness. He specializes in identifying and clearing the emotional contributor to illness during the healing sessions.

  • Shaman Training Video Information & Totem Animal Tutorials. In 10 years, the online training program has had over 500 students thus far. It teaches old school shamanism which is about an intimate partnership with Mother Earth. It focuses on helping students find their own unique and original shamanism inside them. The mission is to guide you believe in yourself and your healing gifts.

    Please call or email with any questions about the Sedona Retreats we offer: (928) 274 - 2427 PST  

    Retreats offered 12 months of the year!

Special Video on how to come do a Retreat and get the most from it!

Testimonials - 145 on Site

Posted November 30, 2017

“First, let me say that if you have found Greg’s page either by way of a personal referral or by curious web searching or simply by ‘chance’ (read, Divine Intervention) there is a true reason you have landed on this page! Listen deeply because there is no need to read further or look further or question further–just connect with Greg now in anyway that feels right.
Second, I will leave all the sentimental stuff aside and spare you my deepest details but share with you instead that my experience working with Greg has been **absolutely life changing**. I hesitate to even label what Greg does. To my friends I have referred to Greg as counselor, therapist, healer, shaman, intuitive, spiritual guide, guru, and teacher. Whatever I have called him, it has always been with the deepest of admiration and gratitude.
Greg will help you walk through your darkest of days and help you find your way to your brightest days. My experience with Greg started at a private Couple’s Retreat and then continued as I completed his Freedom from Co-Dependency Program and worked on a few sections in his Spiritual Warrior Program. The magic of the Couple’s Retreat happened as Greg helped me see what was beneath all the layers that were blurring some personal issues. I found his intuition, formal training, super-sonic deep listening skills, and ability to pull from his own life absolutely invaluable in helping me to course correct my life. Serious – Course Correction! The Couple’s Retreat was just the beginning for me. The heart of what I was to learn came in the weeks to follow as I completed the Freedom from Co-Dependency Program and worked on sections in his Spiritual Warrior Program. Both programs are incredibly well organized, challenging, yet very manageable and accessible. Each lesson started with a great video or audio file and continued with powerful exercises that really propelled me into a space of personal awareness and growth.
Lastly, I could have this review go on and on about all of the amazing things that are happening in my life as a result of doing the work Greg laid out, but I’ve got to wrap this up somehow. Let’s just say that you’d likely be surprised in talking with me to learn that I am in such a wonderful space in my life, that I have found love for my self again, and that I feel such intense energy surrounding me during what could otherwise be a debilitating time in my life. I will be forever grateful to Greg for walking with me along my journey.”

Carmen Dawson
Posted November 15, 2020

“I just completed a 3 day retreat with Gregory and it was life changing. I learned to connect and listen to the wise voices of nature and The Ancient Ones on my hikes guided by Gregory’s app. I have now started building my relationships with the creation of sacred places in my own backyard and listening to the wise advice of the spirits I connect to there. I also learned a very simple but powerful lesson – that I cannot change the minds of people around me no matter how badly I want to. So, instead of becoming completely angry and frustrated by this I have learned to change my own thoughts / opinion of these situations. By doing this I free my mind of the detrimental clutter and allow space for my divinity to speak to me. So beautiful and peaceful. Gregory was extremely humble and bent over backwards to help me find solutions to the things that were important to me. He is a very gifted teacher and Shaman and I’m so grateful for the time I got to work with him. Thank you Gregory Drambour!!”

Jess Brown
Posted October 15, 2017

“I had the great privilege of traveling to Sedona to meet with Greg Drambour in his home office and we hiked and he showed me many vortices and healed me as well. I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. That is a day I’ll never forget. Greg is a kind soul, highly intelligent and an extremely gifted healer who’s already helped me so much. He’s intuitive yet very down to Earth and easy to talk with. I’m confident that working with Greg long term is going to be life changing and 2017 will finally be the year I bust through the blocks that have been holding me back for years. Thank you, Greg. I’m so excited to see what the future holds. A Ho! Jess Brown”

Kelsey Erin, MI
Posted September 11, 2017

“I had the honor of going on retreat with Gregory after reading his beautiful book The Shaman and His Daughter. The way I view and experience the world and my self are forever changed and I can now more clearly see my path. Thank you brother. A HO!”

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Sedona Spiritual Retreats
Sedona Spiritual Retreats
Sedona Spiritual Retreats
Sedona Spiritual Retreats