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Cancer support retreats are for cancer patients and survivors wanting to explore the possible emotional contributor to getting cancer. Also called the cellular memory made famous by Deepak Chopra. As a stage 4 throat cancer survivor it’s a great honor to be able to work with cancer folks and other clients challenged with illness on identifying and clearing the  emotional roots to getting ill. .

Gregory Drambour - Stage 4 Cancer Survivor

Gregory Drambour

is a Spiritual Teacher & Stage 4 Cancer Survivor with a fresh, innovative approach to identifying and healing the emotional contributors to Cancer and Illness

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My new book, Draw No Conclusions, scheduled for release in 2021, talks about creating a multi-dimensional approach to healing cancer and getting cancer support. It encourages the philosophy that each one of us must listen to our inner wisdom about healing choices. And that when faced with cancer diagnosis the mind-body connection should not be overlooked.

Greg’s Cellular Memory Story

Alternative Cancer Retreats & Illness Healing Retreats are custom designed and focused on clearing the core emotional reasons that may have led to your cancer or other serious illnesses. They can last from two days to one week and will usually include a vortex experience where we will get into a deep partnership with Mother Earth to heal and clear.

Also, for those who are facing cancer or other illnesses and are seeking decision-making support about cancer treatment, health care, quality of life and healing choices, we offer Healing Strategies and Consultations by phone or here in Sedona.

  • The emotional work you will do on a retreat is based on The Journey by Brandon Bays and my own approach. I highly recommend this book--even if you don't come to Sedona--read it! It is the deepest cellular memory work that exists. Please check out this video for more cancer information.

  • We've comprised a team of experts who specialize in different areas of emotional and spiritual healing.

  • Throughout my cancer experience several realizations came clear to me: The day I received the news of my cancer diagnosis it made perfect sense to me; I had been a very dark place of resentment for a few years. Resentment creates an energy block thus stopping your life-flow thus creating illness.

    In my work with cancer patients and survivors, I have been amazed by how much the emotions have been played a part in getting cancer or any serious illness. It usually centers around one theme--lack of forgiveness of others or yourself at the adult or inner child level. There is an enormous amount of research about this connection. I am dedicated to sharing this message. You can read about my Journey Session and the rage that the two year old inside me carried.

  • Forgiveness and acceptance are very powerful healers -- especially if centers around family members. There are thousands of stories of people with cancer, healing themselves through forgiveness. Our mission is to support you in finding this forgiveness and to give you ample information supporting your healing journey.

The Journey Retreat

We have created a very powerful retreat called The Journey Retreat. This is a 3-5 day process combining the following:

  • Office time with me to explore the possible emotional reasons that contributed to your illness.

  • Vortex experiences for healing and more processing thru these emotions.

  • The Journey with Sibhon Danreis and body-work.

Cancer & Illness Healing Consultation.

  • Also, available by phone/online support or here in Sedona, is Cancer & Illness Healing Consultation. If you or someone you love is struggling with the decision-making process of healing cancer or any illness, please don't hesitate to contact me. Together we can explore various options to determine the best choice for you--the one that feels right to you--no one else--you! It could be conventional or alternative or both. We will create a specific multi-dimensional strategy in partnership with you to give you the highest probability to heal and to live!

  • As I always say at the beginning of a meeting with a client, "What are you willing to do?" Intention is a powerful force in healing. If you make just a little effort, your Creator will carry you the rest of the way!


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I strongly encourage all cancer patients to find a local support group and to invite family and friends to participate in this journey with you. Sometimes “asking” for help is a healing in of itself (I’m sure some of you know what I mean!).

You can read about Greg’s cancer journey in his column: Cancer & Illness Healing Stories

Also, you can read about his personal Journey Session.

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72 Hour Cancellation Policy. We also ask for a non-refundable deposit to book your time which is separate from the Cancellation Policy.

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