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GK, Washington – Posted July 2020

I have been working with Greg for about 6 months now. I met Greg for a week retreat back in the middle of February, 2020. Just towards the beginning of the pandemic. I was seeking healing of my mind body and spirit. I went home armed with some new tools in by tool box. I continued with his online programs once I got home and decompressed. Little did I know, that in five short weeks after getting home with a new mind set, that I would be diagnosed with Cancer. My journey as been challenging during the pandemic. But I know that what I learned from Greg helped me a great deal to prepare for the next part of my journey. Greg was the first person I was comfortable telling. The moment I met him, I felt a connection with him. He sees with his heart. Greg has been guiding me and coaching me in my cancer journey. I did a lot of spiritual work before my surgery. He has put me in touch with some very valuable people that helped me to prepare, have peace and embrace my cancer. Greg told me about The Journey work by Brandon Bays. I am so glad I took his advice. It was important that I cleared my anger and forgave certain people before I underwent surgery. It was imperative for my successful healing. I needed peace with things that happened; peace within myself. I feel all the work I did leading up to surgery and now radiation were the building blocks I needed for a successful healing journey. I am forever grateful for Greg’s knowledge, guidance and support. He is a gift. Aho, Aho.

Eric Latch, WA – Posted April 2020

I spent a half day with Greg a few weeks ago when I was visiting Sedona, and it was one of the most profound experiences I’ve had with a teacher. I appreciated the fact that we got to spend a lot of time having an in-depth conversation before heading out to the red rocks.. I’m still integrating all of the lessons and they’ve definitely helped me move in the right direction my spiritual journey. Greg has an intuitive sense that allowed him to guide me to connect with the spirits of nature, while still giving me room to tap into my own intuition. Overall, it was a day I’ll never forget and highly recommend Greg for anyone looking to take a huge step forward in their journey of life!

Nicholas Heke-Worral, New Zealand – Posted March 2020

My experience with Greg has been quite exceptional. As I live in New Zealand I completed both the basic and advanced shamanic online training programs with Greg and I have to say the information I’ve received as part of this has been life changing. The initial basic training really opened up my intuitive abilities, allowing me to express myself and learn key techniques in a structured way.
It also allowed an ancient connection with nature, totem animals and the shamanic worlds to arise and flourish in an unfathomable way for me. My studies in the Peruvian shamanic traditions as well my sound healing were complemented by these courses really well. The advanced shamanic training has further enhanced my skills and given me the confidence to trust in my abilities and work myself as a shamanic healer. Gregory is wonderful role model. As a man myself, to work with another man who is highly in touch with his emotions as I am and stands powerfully in his divine masculine wisdom, it is a great honor and privilege to work with Greg and to have him as a mentor and friend. Much appreciated I really look forward to working with you in the future. A Ho
Nicholas Heke-Worrall

Susan S – Posted February 2020

Working with Greg was an enlightening experience that allowed me to get in touch with my inner being and helped resolve old issues that were not allowing me to progress in my life. He has a very easy way about him, his calm and thoughtful demeanor was positive and made me feel very comfortable. Sharing personal issues was easy and he was able to help me put things into better perspective. He encouraged me and helped me look at things in a different light and I have turned negative thinking into positive thoughts. At the end of our time together, I truly felt refreshed and left the retreat with new tools that have enabled me to face my issues and resolve them, making every day a new and better day. If you get a chance to work with Greg in the “Magic Kingdom” of Sedona, take it, open your mind and let it all soak in.
Thank you Greg for helping me on my journey.

Rosa Castello – Posted January 2020

I recently did a retreat with Greg to work on parenting issues, not being an easy thing for any parent to undertake or admit to. The big teaching from this two day retreat was integrating the “Invitation to my Inner-Parenting Mentor” to my daily life with my kids. In just a few days, this has been powerful in guiding my children. Greg has helped me to have faith that there is always guidance within the parent, if we just listen to it… to ask for it, let go, and trust your intuition to guide. No more self blaming, just self acceptance. I am so glad I trusted my instinct and did this retreat with Greg. I would like to go back to Sedona with my husband and do this retreat again. Thank you again Greg!

Rachel Winkler – Posted Decemeber 2019

I loved my experience with Greg! I’m a health and life coach myself, but wanted to know more about the shamanic way. It was a profound and enlightening experience. The nature and the vortex hikes were incredibly powerful with Greg as a guide. He brings it to life in a magical way that most definitely caused a shift towards higher consciousness in me.

Lisa Dodd, Los Angeles – Posted June 2019

I was in need of a retreat. I wanted to heal spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. But where do I start? I was looking into meditation, yoga, and silent retreats in India. Then something told me there was another journey to take, to go to Sedona. I came across a couple companies doing different types of retreats but nothing seemed what I wanted or needed, Then I was guided to Sedona Sacred Journeys and Gregory Drambour. I read his story. I was immediately intrigued. I felt drawn to him and what he had to offer. I liked that it was customized to me and my needs and not just some schedule to go by. This sounded like it was right up my alley. I did have to speak with him on the phone before he would take me into his guidance. He wanted to make sure he could help me. I welcomed this, but, in my mind, there was not an option for him to say no. I KNEW he could help me. Little did I know, that after spending a week with Greg on retreat in Sedona, that I would feel such a strong connection with him and that my entire life would change. Greg is kind, thoughtful, insightful, funny, compassionate and very inspirational. I like that he challenges me. We did a combination of office work and work out in Nature and the vortexes. I continue to work with Greg post retreat. I signed up for online Spiritual Warrior program and his Shaman Training program. The tools I have collected in my tool box are priceless. Whether its confronting my co-dependency issues or getting beyond my intellectual knowing to listening to my innate wisdom, Greg was instrumental in that guidance. I have great gratitude we were brought together at this time in my life. Now, as a cancer patient, Greg is one of my biggest cheerleaders. He is a stage IV cancer survivor. His knowledge and holistic approach are invaluable. I highly recommend Greg and Sedona Sacred Journeys for your own healing journey. I am confident you will be thankful you did. I will be forever grateful for his guidance and his hand. Truly a lifelong advisor, friend, and brother. Aho, Greg, Aho

Sue Trimble – Posted April 2019

I enrolled in Greg’s online training program a few months ago and found a connection with him right away. On our first call, I felt like I was talking to someone I had known for a very long time. He has a way of pushing me beyond my thinking. Once I quit trying to figure out the spiritual world, I began to see expansion rather than dead ends. I now experience life from a perspective that allows me to connect more deeply to the “experience of life”. Through my work with Greg, I now see that life is ever evolving, changing and expanding. There is no end to what one can learn once we open to this higher level of consciences. Greg’s books, online classes and phone calls have enhanced my life immensely. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t experience something he has brought into my life

Brian Borgren, OR – Posted January 2018

I have worked with Greg in a couple of different capacities. First, my wife and I went to Sedona and met with Greg for hours, during which time I received very valuable insights from Greg. This particular meeting was the first of its kind for me, and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I left feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and opened up to a new way of looking at things. A couple of months ago, when personal issues were leaving me feeling overwhelmed with life, I reached out to Greg for help. I was amazed at how he directed me to what I felt was the perfect material for my particular situation. We continued to work together for a couple of months where Greg continued to point me in various directions leading me to discover insights that change the way I view the world, and behave in the world. My personal and professional relationships are better, as is my overall outlook on life. My plan is to continue to work with Greg as the opportunities present themselves. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to grow personally and professionally. Thank you Greg!

Amit Mehta, India – 2019

I had the opportunity to spend two days with Greg in Sedona. Synchronicity made this meeting a reality. Against the backdrop of a crushing & bruising four years of turmoil in my personal life I had wanted to on a 7 day shamanic retreat to Sedona but was unable to due to the high costs involved in traveling from New Delhi , India. I did want to go to Sedona though as my earlier experience there in 2017 had stirred me. The Heavens connived and an office trip to Las Vegas (4 hrs driving distance from Sedona) gave me the much needed cost relief for the trip. I connected with Greg on searching for Shamans in Sedona and he asked me a set of questions exploring the intent and the nature of my quest in meeting him . I had been on the path since 2010 and all my training up until the point I entered ” The Dark Night of The Soul” seemed inadequate in dealing with my crisis. When we finally met in Sedona what stood out for me was Greg’s amazing clarity of thought and his insights into how We Create our Own Reality through our Thinking. Here are some of the nuggets in picked up in our connect over the two days .

1. Stop Intellectualizing Spirituality : He made me realize that I had been playing out an incessant loop of Intellectualizing what in essence was ” Co-Dependency”. Sometimes we look for crutches to explain our predicament and delude ourselves into believing that living for others is a “Spiritual” way of living and we rationalize it . When in fact it is far away from Truth.

2. Our Thoughts Create our Reality. He suggested a great book from Jack Pranksy ” Somebody should have told us” which very clearly spells out the relationship between our Thoughts and Reality. Seeing and being aware of this is a critical first step.

3. Co-Dependency with my family : This was an “A-ha” moment for me. I had been playing the role of a Savior and later a truth came out. I was doing what I was doing because I thought my family wont love me otherwise. The Concept of Receiving Love being contingent on Giving.. The whole notion of Self Love and how we indulge in self sabotaging behaviors in relationships.

4. Grounding and Being in Nature : The energy clearing and work that we did in the woods and later on the trail cleansed me of some dark energy which I had accumulated as a result of my sadness , depression and hopelessness. It rejuvenated me.

Greg brings the wisdom of legacy Shamanic Tradition in a very practical , No-nonsense , Matter-of-fact way which hammers away any delusional , self deprecating emotions and intellectualization. He also revealed to me some areas I should explore as potential life paths which would bring me closer to my soul purpose in this life. A-Ho Greg. Gratitude for our time spent. Hope to do a longer shamanic retreat with you in My Dear SEDONA. ( my soul yearns to get back)!!

KT MA – Posted 2018

I’ve only had 48 hours to reflect on the lessons I received from my retreat and to say I am in amazement by Greg’s wisdom is a severe understatement! I know I have a very, very loong ways to go in my journey but the excitement and encouragement I feel to move forward overwhelms me with gratitude. “Thank you” does not seem adequate so I will hopefully serve it justice to say A Ho my brother, A Ho.

If you are considering booking a retreat with Greg, please do, I’m confident you will be thankful you did.

John Galt – Posted 2018

I first met Greg in May, 2015. I had a couple of morning sessions with him out in the desert which can only be described as magical. I have never been so open to the universe. I have been following him and his work since and watch his videos and read his words when he shares them. This month I just finished three of his spiritual tutorial programs, Deep Listening, Invitation to Divinity and Inside Outside. In conjunction with this we did 4 weekly phone sessions. This was another beautiful experience and helped me take another step towards my goals of peace of mind and wisdom. Greg is really good at helping us to look at ourselves and understand what is really happening inside of us. What I discovered by doing the tutorials is that they work together. I highly recommend Greg and his work for everyone that is on their spiritual path. A Ho!

Kelsey Erin, MI – Posted September 11, 2017

“I had the honor of going on retreat with Gregory after reading his beautiful book The Shaman and His Daughter. The way I view and experience the world and my self are forever changed and I can now more clearly see my path. Thank you brother. A HO!”

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