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Month-Long Spiritual Retreats

A Month-Long Retreat here in Sedona is an exciting option many clients take advantage of. It’s approximately 35 hours with 3-4 sessions a week over the month. Like all retreats it’s very customized to the client’s mission. You will see a list of possible retreat themes below. As you can imagine this much time offers clients a tremendous opening to create a life-changing breakthrough or dramatic shift. Importantly, month retreats are not 9-5, five days a week. I am a great believer in giving clients a lot of space between sessions while they are here. That space is incredibly important to the process. Wisdom loves space! After 39 years of leading retreats, I feel when a client makes this kind of committment to create a breakthrough they will achieve it.  In the world of the warrior–behavoiur is the truth. And a month retreat is really showing committment!

Possible Month Retreat Themes:


This is my most popular Month Retreat and an deep area of fluency of mine. We also have perhaps the only Online Program for healing Codependency in the country. It’s called Freedom From Codependency and is a 3 month course. On the Month Retreat this Online Program is included


Healing the Inner-Child is a personal favorite of mine and one where I see really dramatic breakthroughs with clients in a short amount of time. Might check out my Youtube Video Interview about this work.


This retreat concides with my Shamanic Online Training Course.  We soley focus on learning about shamanism and all its different areas. You might check out my information video.  I have written three books on ths subject: The Woodstock Bridge, The Shaman & His Daughter, and The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf.

Grey-Zone Addictions

Functional Alcohol Abuse, Codependency, Chronic Weed-Use, Porn Addictions, Social Media Addiction, Shopping Addiction, Amazon Addiction, Video Addiction, Smoking

Explaination: These are addictions that don’t fall into the “standard addiction” where a 30-60 Day Rehab would be recommended to you. We could say these grey-zone addictions fall between the cracks but can have  hidden destructive effect on someone’s life. It is very hard for someone to commit to enter treatment for an addiction that is not creating violent consquences like Alcohol and Drugs. And even then folks have hard time getting themselves into rehab.

Forgiveness Retreats

These retreat are about forgiving oneself or others. And forgiveness is a powerful healer for a spiritual jorney –perhaps one of the most important. To spend a month really focusing on this can super-empowering and really help clients leap forward on their journey. I highly recommend it!

General Spiritual Retreats

Some clients come for the month with the intention to create a deeper relationship with thier wisdom.  Here are list of possible retreat themes:

  • I Want To Forgive Myself and Others.
  • Please Help Me Stop Thinking So Much!
  • I Want My True Self To Come Out!
  • I Want To Know When My Wisdom Is Talking To Me.
  • I’m Stuck & I Can’t Figure Out How To Get Unstuck!
  • I Am So Tired Of My Need To Control Everything! How Do I Let Go?
  • I Know There Is Something I Am Suppose To Do, I Just Don’t Know How To Figure It Out!
  • I Get The Laws Of Attraction But It Isn’t Working!
  • I Have Gone to Workshops, Counseling But I Still Can’t Find Peace Inside!
  • Identifying and Clearing The Emotional Contributor to Illness!
  • Couples & Relationship Renewal!

For more information, please feel free to call me directly or email me for questionaire. (928) 274-2427 MT PST: 9:00 – 6:30.

You might also check out my Blog–some cool columns in there that will you tell more about the work with clients.


Sedona Spiritual Retreats
Sedona Spiritual Retreats
Sedona Spiritual Retreats
Sedona Spiritual Retreats