Spiritual Awakening Stories

Gregory Drambour

Spiritual Awakening Stories

A first spiritual awakening is usually what sets folks on a spiritual journey. It’s always life-changing.  For me the first one was when I got sober 40 years ago. The stories in this column are about the continued spiritual awakenings I’ve had since the first day of being reborn. And also about the many clients I have been honored to guide back to their higher self on spiritual retreats. In the old shamanic tradition of story-telling, I hope these stories perhaps bring forth a spiritual awakening in you.  A Ho.

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Sedona Retreat Stories Archive
Compassion for Self
A inner child story--mine!
The powerful spirit of water.
Richard Bach
It all started with Richard!
Illusion of Burnout
How thinking tires us.
Read everything you can on the dynamic of listening! It's the key! And will help you while you here in sedona on spiritual retreat.
Don’t Parachute into The Maze
A funny story about habit and making it complicated!
How I do vortex experiences on retreats.
High up!
Felt like reaching the summit of Everest!
Family of Trees
My special place.
Going back to visit my freind--the little warrior tree.
Feeling Happy
What makes you happy?
A Christmas Story
One of my favorite stories. It will really tell you about my heart!
How I do Sedona Retreats and vortex experiences
Inner Spiritual Intelligence
Experimenting with your own wisdom.
The Subtlety of Low Moods
A view inside the work with couples retreats.
A Friendship with Mind Tripping
Break this friendship!
When to Come See Me
If you're in a good place on a Retreat, you can really hear something!
My Favorite Things
I loved writing this story!
Separate Realties & Fear
The day I learned about fear at a deeper level on my own retreat.
Remember to acknowledge your partner!
Meeting the Man
The day I met my hero!
“Welcome to the show and it ain’ t pretty!”
Guiding clients on Retreats to accepting!
Faith in the Tools God Gives Us
The gifts of choice and wisdom.
Wisdom Fairies
Speaking to client on a multiple day Sedona Retreat about listening to the music of the wisdom fairies!
Allowing it To Easy
A Sedona Retreat story about a committed client
Who Are You?
Discovering that you are unique on a spiritual retreat!
Three Rules For Making Easier!
A cheat sheet for Sedona Retreats!
Have The Experience!
A Theme on Sedona Retreats
“I Can’t Get Across!”
Learn about the bridge to knowing.
The Two Cups
A story about deserving.
Gobbling Books
Slow down your intake of spiritual books! This includes me!
A deep learning about driving!
Hugging The Monster!
Facing your fears
The Pumpkin People Everything counts. An example of deep listening!
Everything counts. An example of deep listening!

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