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Spiritual Warrior Online Program

Spiritual Warrior Online Program

Let's Come Alive Again!!

Maybe you just feel emotionally or spiritually stuck. Maybe there is a project sitting in a drawer that you lost momentum on or maybe there is a dream you once had that you gave up on.

We know if we could get a coach, a mentor, or expert support, we could get past those feelings and have a chance at making that dream come true or living our life again!

**Little note: I want to thank these wonderful gracious folks for their generous testimonials. A Ho, my Friends, A Ho.

Oh my goodness this course is changing my life! It is wonderful! I have been going through a very difficult time and knowing that I can sit and do something for myself every day (even for a few minutes) is a fantastic thing.

Greg has great insights and I really enjoy all the assignments. It is also comforting to know that you can get such expert support if you need it. It is very easy to think you are doing something to change your life but when you are doing this course you definitely are.I am feeling happier, more connected to inspiration and much more aware of the good things in life. I also feel I have made friends with all the other members and have a feeling of belonging. It is an amazing feeling to go

through all the assignments and then look back and see how far you have come and how much life is changing for the better. For the first time in my life I have set goals and actually followed through. Greg makes it really easy (and fun). I am so glad I signed up for this course, it was one of the best decisions I ever made!

Lucy M. Ireland

On this page you will find information about the two different levels of the Warrior Program.

Level One: Limited to 75 Members

(Call for Fees)

As a member at Level One you will receive the following benefits to support you in achieving your dreams!

  • Exclusive access to 50 Video Guidance Sessions by Greg, and other spiritual teachers.
  • Powerful email in your inbox every week which are custom designed to keep you focused, create accountability, and motivate you to take action—so important!
  • Exclusive access to over 30 Spiritual Tutorials
  • Exclusive access to 17 Hours of Spiritual Teleseminars with Special Guests. This will be an important monthly-key in your keeping-motivated strategy. The Guests are teachers or leaders in the Spiritual growth field.
  • Exclusive access to Discussion Board where you can interact with other excited and committed members and also see comments by Greg. Research shows that this interaction with others on similar missions can be incredibly empowering.  And you can participate at any level that feels good to you.
  • Exclusive access to the “A Response for One is a Response for All” Monthly Posting. This is where Greg will respond comprehensively to 5 important questions from members that reflect everyone’s journey.

*All Sales Are Final

There is great comfort knowing you did everything you could have done. Between the Advanced Laws of Attraction Course which is about getting the inner-conversation right and this program which is about taking massive action–you are covering all bases! There will be no living with regret, brothers and sisters! There will be no having to settle! There will be no “I just couldn’t stay focused”! Instead…

“I am proud of what I accomplished. I gave it my very best effort.
The rest is up to the Universe!”

Let’s rest our head on our pillow at night with those feelings!

Had a dream but somehow never quiet fully achieved it? Or simply want to take it to the next level? Greg’s course could be the answer.

I’ve only been doing Greg’s course for four weeks, but have been amazed by the number of barriers I have overcome to achieving what I really want.

Greg not only inspires you to take action (everyday – it’s addictive) but more importantly helps you “re-connect” with your “true self”. Greg is a very special coach and has a unique gift that helps you find answers within yourself. Empowering!

Greg’s course is wonderful and will help you achieve both small goals and the big one you have been chasing. A lot of thought has gone into the content, support and the weekly assignments – yes, you put the effort in – but if you are willing to commit you will be surprised by how easy achieving your goals will become.

If you’re looking for something that will make a “real“ difference… and empower you to be the best you can be…and enjoy it…Greg can definitely help.

James M.

Level Two:  Limited to 40 Members

(2 half hour phone sessions)

As a member at this next higher level you will receive more personal coaching to support you in your specific mission or dreams.

  • Twice a month you will receive a half-hour phone consult with Greg.
  • All of the benefits listed above in Level One!

Level 3: (4 half hour sessions)

Email For Pricing

*All Sales Are Final

Greg has put an incredible program together of not only achieving your goal but also getting to know yourself better. His weekly assignments keep you headed in the right path and they are both fun and appropriate to you achieving your dream. He challenges you in a good way and he is their to support you through the challenges. He opens your spirit to what it is yearning for next on your journey.

Bob N.

You will learn the keys to taking action, and most importantly, taking consistent, focused and determined action driving right into…”I DID IT!”

The Spiritual Warrior Program with Gregory Drambour is a gift, in many ways. It is a gift I give myself, to develop new habits on a weekly basis, and incorporate them into my life as I live it. This gives results and changes far beyond what a one-time seminar can do. It uses the special gifts of Greg, his insights, intuition, compassion, and enthusiasm in the process. And it helps me uncover my own gifts, especially the ability to connect with my own inner wisdom. I am grateful for these gifts!

Monica Z.

Getting Unstuck!

We all learn in different ways. Some of us are visual. Some of us need One-on-One. Some of us get inspired in a group. Some of us get motivated from writing. This program has many ways to you get unstuck and moving.

Joining the program is a commitment to the dream inside you
Take a First Step!

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