Gregory Drambour
Gregory Drambour

Healing Water – Smiley Faces

Healing Water

In my personal water healing work, I write the words “Love & Gratitude” on my water bottles. These words enhance the quality of the water with their power or hado.

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Deep Listening – Curiosity & Questions

Deep Listening

If you have been on Sedona Retreat with me or read my columns, you know I am big fan of “deep listening.” Deep listening is listening to others from a quiet place, not listening to your thinking while the other person is talking!  Deep listening is being in full-blown receiving.

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Change Doesn’t Have to Be Hard


Is change hard? Not with support. Without support, it can be very difficult. Some people have great difficulty is asking for help and that in itself is this aspect they need to change! You are always and forever one thought away from change!

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What Makes A Relationship Work


A number of years ago, I ended a relationship because it lacked an essential component for success and happiness. I saw for the first time very clearly what is needed to create a long-term rewarding relationship. This theme keeps coming in the last few months in my work with clients here in Sedona and on the phone.

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How To Find Your Inner Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence

About a month ago, I had big breakthrough around our inner spiritual intelligence or our innate wisdom. I was having a week where I was finding myself frustrated and impatient, which was unusual for me because these feelings are not my norm.

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Where Is God/Spirit?

Looking for God

You never know where you will find God! God or Spirit for me is a feeling that pierces thru my personal mind and touches my soul.  It’s a moment when God is purely reflected. The truth is always formless, it’s simply a “feeling.” Sydney Banks, a great philosopher says the “truth” can be anywhere.

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Online Marriage Counseling

Online Marriage Counseling Couple Retreat Couple

I was curious about other organizations doing online marriage counseling so I did a search online. Surprisingly, there are number of groups out there. That’s really wonderful, especially during the pandemic. In my couples’ counseling practice I am witnessing quite a few marriages stressing to the max with lock downs.

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Finding Your Purpose – Conversation With A Client

Catherdral Rock Creek, Sedona

Greg: Finding your purpose doesn’t have to be hard, brother.
Client: I know there is something bigger I’m suppose to do with my life, I just can’t figure it out. I want to have a meaningful life.
Greg: Do you know what everyone who felt that and then figured out their purpose in life have in common?

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Shamans – Freedom To Be You – An Interview

Man Praying at Sunrise

Interviewer: Can you tell me more about the world of shamans?
Greg: The word shaman is not one I have been totally comfortable with over the years. But it’s the general word most folks use to associate to what I do.
Interviewer: Can you explain what you mean?

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Shamanic Healing – Am I A Shaman?

"Sisters In Spirit" By Donna Jacobson. Reflection of Shamanism

Student: For a long time, I’ve had the feeling I’m suppose to become a shaman, to learn shamanic healing. How do I find out?
Greg: By taking action on that feeling. That is the warrior code. When you get an inspiration, act on it. In the code, it’s referred to as having “No Gap.”
Student: I’m not sure where to start? I’m afraid I will go in the wrong direction…

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Black Panther Totem – “What Animal Am I?” – Spirit Animals

Black Panther - Totem For Shaman Training

Greg: Is there animal you feel in kinship with?
Student: The black panther totem!
Greg: Wow! Did you know that’s my totem?!
Student: Really?
Greg: Yes, that’s how it all started for me when I met my black panther brother over 30 years ago. He was the gateway into shamanism…

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Unhappy Marriage – Simple Doable Solutions

Shamanism -Spiritual Dear

Interviewer: Unhappy marriages seem to be the norm now. Are they any suggestions for couples that you feel would be helpful? I know you have spent 30 years counseling couples.
Greg: If they can get more aware of when they’re giving meaning to what their partner is doing or not doing…

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Shamanic Journey – The Shaman Series – 3 Books on Shamanism

The Shaman Series

My mission in creating The Shaman Series was to take readers through a shamanic journey in the real world. In three books I show shamanism can integrate into your real life on the ground whether it’s in your personal relationships, work or simply the way you go about your day. What’s the benefit?…

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I Want To Open A Center For Healing

Client: I really want to create a center for healing.
Greg: Wonderful! The world definitely needs more of them.
Client: Nobody in my life supports me about this. They think it’s woo-woo, you know?
Greg: So you feel alone and judged?
Client: Yes, they all think I’m a little weird anyway…

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Inner Peace – Found Then Lost – A Spiritual Journey

Photograph of Girl in field of grass

Greg: It’s been a while. What’s going on with your spiritual journey?
Client: I want to have more consistency with feeling inner-peace?
Greg: Any idea what might be blocking you?
Client: I was hoping you might know! I want to have that deep spiritual awakening, of enlightenment that I read about which will give me that consistency…

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“Greg, I can’t feel any peace until this thing is over.”

Gregory Drambour - Shamanic Training

Remember, brothers and sisters, even now during this crisis, the world is still working from the Inside/Out. What does that mean? Simply, in this case that our thoughts create how we are “feeling about” and “experiencing” the Corona Virus…

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The Language of Letting Go

Gregory Drambour - Letting Go

There is a language to letting go — it’s simple – let go of everything! Don’t forget to breathe! Use your feelings as a resource of when you’re not letting go — it can be very subtle: a light stress, a light pressure, worry or tension. Use these feeling as “signposts”…

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Making a Difference Right Now!

Gregory Drambour - Shaman Training

Making A Difference With 12 Steps Here are the steps I outlined in the video: Step One 1. What would be the two feelings you would have if the Earth was well? Not “healing” but “WELL.” I am just using the word “Earth” and “Well” here, you can certainly say “Societies” or “Places around the […]

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Interviewer: What’s the most despicable thing you have experienced? Greg: (laughs) That’s easy! Interviewer: What’s happened? Greg: Someone using your own advice against you! Long time ago, when my literary agent was having trouble selling first book, “The Woodstock Bridge.” I called a “published” writer-friend and was moaning about this and he said, “Do you […]

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Eckhart Tolle Video Recommendation

Gregory Drambour Shamanic Healer

You will find the link to Eckhart Tolle Video below. He is in rare form! I always love it when it cracks himself up . The title of the talk is much different than what he ends up lecturing about (classic Eckhart!). He goes into a deep exploration of our “reactiveness” and how making […]

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The Prayer of Jabez – A Personal Story

Gregory Drambour - Spiritual Teacher

It’s Power “Oh, Lord that you would bless me. That you would enlarge my territory. That your hand would guide me. That you would keep me from evil so that I shall do no harm.” Dr. Wilkinson, thank you, my friend, thank you.

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Code of The Spiritual Warrior – “No Gap” – Taking Action Right Away

Greg Drambour Retreats

“No Gap” basically means taking action as soon as you’re inspired by a new idea or spiritual whisper. Being in resistance to taking action on what “we know what we need to do” is one of top three issues that clients come with on retreats. Warriors are dedicated to having “no gap” between the spiritual […]

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How To Let Go Of Someone You Love

“Greg, I Can’t Let Them Go.”  Client: Greg, I can’t let go of them, it’s been 9 months now. What do I do? How do you let go of someone you love? Greg: Do you really think you want to let go? Client: I want to move on. I am so tired of trying to […]

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Uncomfortable Equals Magic!

The Power of Uncomfortable Pre-Retreat Quote: Before each client comes on retreat, they fill out an extensive questionnaire. I read their responses when it comes in and then the night before the day of the retreat. I let my wisdom be with the client’s responses and see what flows up. Here is a very powerful […]

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