Recommended Books

Recommended Books

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These are some of the books that got me on the path and kept me on it. I don’t recommend this list lightly. If you want to know more about the Culture of The Warrior (title of next book!) pick up one of these powerful books. Enjoy!

Books by Carlos Castaneda
I would start at beginning and try to go slow, unlike me, who read them all in two months! But it did propel me like a rocket into a world I would have never dreamed of! It was after finishing them that I found myself in the California desert and discovered my brothers of the animal world.
Pay no attention to the use of hallucinogenic drugs in the first book. This sometimes deters people from reading Castaneda. The drugs really have nothing to with his teachings. There is no one that describes the life of the warrior better than Carlos . I’ve yet to pick up one of his books and not shake my head in awe!

The Teachings Of Don Juan
A Separate Reality
Journey to Ixtlan
Tales Of Power
The Second Ring Of Power
The Eagle’s Gift
The Fire From Within
Power of Silence
The Wheel of Time

Books by Richard Bach
These two precious books opened the door for me to new world of thought. I always consider Richard Bach the one responsible for getting me on the path.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Books By Dan Millman
Dan is one the first guys to talk about the life of warrior. He’s a great story teller.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior
Sacred Journey

Books by Richard Carlson
Richard is the master! Everything he writes is true, true, true! His little books are
continual source of inspiration for me. There are ten different DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL BOOKS. Find the one that feels right and start there.

Black Elk Speaks by John G. Neihardt
A very important book about Native American History.

Agents of Repression : The FBI’s Secret Wars Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement by Ward Churchill
This is the book I refer too in The Woodstock Bridge. Do yourself a favor and buy it, then hold on….

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
I’ve only just found this book and I’m blown away by how he has taken Castaneda’s work and made it more accessible.

Books by Joseph Bailey
I’ve known Joe for over 35 years. He is one of the pioneers of Health Realization. When Joe writes or speaks, listen very carefully because he one of the wisest people you’ll run across.

The Serenity Principle
Slowing Down to the Speed of Life
The Speed Trap
Slowing Down to the Speed of Love

Books by Syd Banks
Syd Banks is the source of many books written, including the books of Carlson and Baily. His teachings have led to a dramatic shift in the way thousands of therapists treat their clients. Syd is a true theopsist. He will be the inspiration for the central figure of book I plan on writing called, FRED & JOE, TWO ENLIGHTENED GUYS!

Second Chance
The Quest for the Pearl
The Gardner

Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon
If you like the road or dream of making a road trip, read this one.

The Great Plains by Ian Frazier
This guy knows the plains. Can I read it again for the first time.

The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner
Michael’s book helped me become closer to my spirit animals.

The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkerson

A book that came at the perfect time in my life when I needed to know that God had all these the blessings He wanted to give me–He was just waiting for me to ask! The picture of me you see on the back my book and on my sites was taken just after I told a story from The Jabez Prayer! Thanks you Pastor Wilkerson–thank you.

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The Journey by Brandon Bays

Two different people in a 24 hour period recommended this book to me; I took the hint! Brandon’s book is big part of my work here in Sedona. It completely changed the way I look at the process of illness. I thought I was very fluent in the mind-body connection but after reading The Journey, I am light years ahead in my understanding how blocked emotions can contribute to illness. I have done the Journey Work four times now and it has healed wounds so deeply I have no way of describing it! The Journey is my most recommended book to my clients–period.

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Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lyn Grabhorn
This book contains information on manifestation I have spent 20 years searching for! The Super Jeti Manifestation I teach people is based on this book and The Isaiah Effect by Greg Braden. My great success in Sedona came from applying the principles Lyn Grabhorn teaches. Lyn, thank you, thank you, and thank you!

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Parenting from the Heart by Jack Pransky
I was blown away by the innovative and common sense ideas in this amazing book. Every parent should read this book again again and again! Parenting is the toughest job there is. Why not get some continuing education!

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The Relationship Handbook by George Pransky, PHD
This book has become my bible in working with couples. Dr. Pransky like many therapists was inspired by Syd Banks who you’ve heard me talk about. My work with couples is always under the same context—continuing Education. And Dr. Pransky would be valuable for any couple wanting to learn about how to create a rich intimate and deep relationship.

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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
This is an incredible book that has been around for a long time. Why didn’t’t anyone tell me about it! I was inspired by the journey of Santiago and his pursuit to find his personal legend. The story truly embodies letting go and seeing where life takes you. I can’t wait till I can read it again! Very high recommendation for those wanting to find their life mission.

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The Millionaire Course by Marc Allen
One of my top recommended books to my clients. This book supported a big break though in my own journey around prosperity and living my mission. Marc is the owner of New World Library which was founded by him and Shakti Gawain. The books offer an empowering step to step guide to creating your desires.

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Energy Vampires by Dorothy Harbour
A book that taught me a lot about clearing and protecting my energy. A must read for all people doing energy work of any kind. You will find lots of helpful and powerful techniques.

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Wisdom For Life by Elsie Spittle.
Another book that is the part of the Health Realization approach. We need more and more books talking about this incredibly impact work. As my regular clients know, it’s a big part of my work and truly where I see clients changing the most. Read this one!!

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Dear Liza by Sydney Banks
This is Syd’s new book. A simple amazing story. I cried thru most of the book—tears of gratitude and happiness. I can’t recall having that reaction to a book in a long time. It changed me—period. Thank you, Syd. Please read it, my friends.

Link to Lone Pine Publishing

The Journeys of Socrates
Dan has written a fantastic new book in the “Peaceful Warrior” series. It’s called. It follows the path of learning of his mentor, Socrates in Russia in the early 1900’s. I picked up some good insights about relaxing at a deeper level. And the big kahuna of healing—forgiveness.

Thanks, brother—you did again—some day I hope I will have the honor of meeting you. A Ho.

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Home with God by Neale Donald Walsh
This is the ninth and last book in the Conversations of God series. Neale is talking about some powerful and unique ideas around death in this book. But also about the nature of spiritual intelligence which you know interests me.

A few thoughts about Neale Donald Walsh and his work: I have recommended his first book Conversations with God to hundreds of people, especially those fed up with the “church” or organized religion. I feel it can really heal the wounds some people feel who were raised catholic.

But I want to mention that I have done this despite an uncomfortableness with Neale’s assertion he is speaking with God. For me, spiritual writing is all channeled from God or the Creator. Certainly a lot of my writing is but I just didn’t feel0 it necessary to frame it as me speaking to directly to God. Neale doesn’t use the word, “channeled” or “inspired”. Is Neale speaking to God—I am sure he is. It’s the just the way he describes it that I just didn’t feel necessary. Can we all speak to God—absolutely! What’s important here is that I didn’t let that stop me from getting an enormous amount from his work.

So, thank you, brother for helping a lot of people find their path of spirit! And I mean–A lot of people! WOW!

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The Wheel of Time by Carlos Castaneda

You will a see new story in my Magic Kingdom Column called The Culture of the Warrior. The excerpts there are from this book. Its’ a compilation of quotes from all of Don Carlos’s books. And also, some interesting insights about what was going on when he wrote each book in the series. I have a learned a great deal from this book and if you are fan of his, I recommend it highly.

In each newsletter I thought I would include another quote from my proposed book The Culture of the Warrior.

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The Burke Series by Andrew Vachss. Start with the first book, Flood and then go from there!
This is a 12 book fictional series created by Andrew Vachss, a NY attorney who represents abused children. I have read all his books at least half dozen times! At the end each book I thank the person again who recommended them! Mr. Vachss takes the stories of the “children of the secret” and has made then into an incredible journey that has taught me a great deal. I will be forever grateful.

Thank you, brother—thank you so much.

Amazon link to Flood!


Pets’ Letters to God translated By Mark Bricklin

I found this little book at Safeway! It just caught my attention—the story of my life!

I picked it up and read the page below and…well, lets just say, I put my sunglasses on! I didn’t want the check-out clerk to ask me why I was crying! Thank you, Mark for this very special book.

“Dear God,
When my family sits down to dinner, they always bless their food. But they never bless my dinner for some reason. I have the feeling I’m missing something here.

So, I’ve been wagging my tail extra fast when they put out my food, as my own blessing. Have you noticed? –Royce” (golden retriever)

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Mutant Messages from Down Under by Marla Morgan

I read this book ten years ago when it first came out and I have to be honest, I wasn’t crazy about it. A client gifted it to me and I took it as a sign and went back and read it again–I was wrong! She says some powerful things in this beautiful story.

Marla, please accept my apology.

I recommend it–period. A story about warriors.

Amazon link to book

Somebody Should Have Told Me & Seduced By Consciousness
By Jack Pransky

Have you ever read books that has just blown you away so much that you really can find the words to describe it? That’s me, right now! I am honored to have Jack as one of my colleagues.

I think these books are  the clearest and most informative writing about learning to access our inner wisdom and how important thinking is in our life. In these books, there are many personal stories from everyday people who suddenly saw something deeper and found a happier life. Jack, also, includes dialogues during sessions with clients that I found really helpful. My nose is buried in these pages and I just getting one insight after another.

Thank you, Jack, thank you. These books are a major contribution to the personal growth field. I am honored to recommend then.

Amazon Link: Both Books

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