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A column about the adventures and insights that come from Sedona Vortex Experiences!

Circle of Vortexes – New Vortex Discovery!

In the last month, I have discovered a new sedona vortex—its immediate power has surprised me. Usually it takes time for the energy to get to this high level. It’s actually not one vortex but a series of them. They are contained within circles of bushes and trees.  Thus far I have found four of them.  I lead people inside the circle and the energy just flows out of the ground or surrounds them. Then I just stand back and shake my head in awe and gratitude at these magical happenings that I get to be a part of.  Clients have been having some awesome insights in these circles.
The circles then transition into a place where I always sense the veil between the world stands.  I have my clients move thru it sideways.  You can feel the energy shift on the other side–it just feels different—more present.  Then we move thru some trees and onto a flat red rock plateau—something serous is happening here.  All my clients have felt it, each one has experienced something different: meeting their animal totem or spirit guide or meeting an E.T. (shhhhh—don’t tell anyone this is happening—don’t want clients asking me to if they can go meet the aliens!)

After this section we move into the rocks to what I am now formally calling the “Jenny Vortex Boulder”.  That was the first client I took to this powerful place and she led us right to this large flat red rock boulder.  She leaned back against and suddenly had the most incredible insight—“Let go!”  It seemed to penetrate her at a very deep level.  Thank you, Jenny!  A Ho, Sister!

So, if you come to the Magic Kingdom—maybe we will travel thru the circles of vortexes and thru the veil and see what gift Spirit has for you!

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