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"The Code" is a new vlog series exploring the code of the Spiritual Warrior that was handed to down to me from the Holy Men and my spiritual teachers. "The Code" describes a very specific and clear path to freedom explored on Sedona Retreats!

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Our Mission is to support you on your spiritual and physical journey. To offer you insights into what might be blocking you and then create a strategies for you to live a life of victory! Sedona Retreats are the perfect place to reach the next level of enlightenment as the Vortex and electromagnetic energies move you naturally towards an accelerated healing and clearing process.

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Hi Greg, It's remarkable when you chose to open up your heart to things that are sometimes uncomfortable that the rewards can be truly amazing! I'm on a personal journey to find some peace, closure and happiness in my life. No small feat as you can imagine! I arrived in Sedona with nothing planned. As I did some research somehow I always seemed to land on this page. Greg and I spoke on the phone, I could tell that he was apprehensive to see me for a variety of reasons. After some in depth discussion he agreed to meet with me.

My experience with Greg was monumental for me and achieving the things I want in my life. He was honest, gave practical recommendations and opened my heart to some ideas that I was closed to previously. My journey has just begun but I'm deeply grateful for having meet Greg. I will think of him every time I take a walk through a forest... A Ho my friend, A Ho!

--Michelle M., Ontario

Hi Greg, I had a wonderful time there in Sedona with you on Retreat and on our Vortex experiences. You made me very aware of so many things that I was doing unconsciously. When I got home I retyped the list we made.; Wow! I am now trying my best to just let things occur as they come up. Not judge myself so harshly and stay out of the file cabinet. I found the conversation about ways to help my little girls to be extremely helpful. I have been listening more deeply to them when they speak to me. I want to be in the present more. This trip did change my life and I want to thank you so much Greg for your patience and for showing me your universe.

You are deep! I have never had anyone see my stuff so deeply before. Refreshing but yet a little scary. So now I am back in Missouri getting ready to move onto the next phase of my life. You have helped me gear up for this with new tools. The interesting thing is that I already had them. I just had to be reminded. A famous author (you!)once said. "Wisdom and you are the same". I am digging on that.

Thank you Greg for your unconditional help, guidance and non-judgmental points of view. Have a great time with all of your future wandering lights who just happen to wonder into your office and your space.

From the Bumble bee who reincarnated into human form!

Love, Beth, (Wright City, Missouri)

I spent a few days in a retreat with Greg last year. My husband passed away a year before and I was having a difficult time dealing with it. Greg not only helped me with my feelings of loss but also other issues that helped me towards living a life of more joy and meaning. I followed up my retreat with his spiritual warrior program which helped me to solidify the changes I needed to make. My time with him has changed my life in such a positive way. Thank you Greg!

--Julie M., FL

The first time we met with Greg we expected that it would help us to discover how better to work with the vortex energies. It was our first visit to Sedona and we wanted some spiritual direction. Wow-did we get it! Our time made a profound difference in how we were able to work with our OWN energies. Greg has a way of quietly putting together the threads of what his clients are both "looking for" and what he suspects that they "need" to create a safe environment to explore new territories using the geography of the area as both a foundation and a launching pad. We've now been involved in some of Greg's programs and recently went for a second visit to get a "tune up". It was even more meaningful for us as we could process better what we had been learning the past 7 months. I would never hesitate to suggest time with Greg. It was 3 hours that changed us emotionally and spiritually.

--Jay & Carol L.

Dear Greg,

I can't express my gratitude to you enough for the life changing experiences I had with you on Monday! I am home now and feel like a new person. I cant remember ever feeling so strong and safe in this world. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart. I plan to continue with my healing and need to stay in touch with you.

The bonding that occurred between my brother and I and my sister-in-law Sue has given me such a warm and loving feeling. What the three of us experienced that afternoon, only we will understand the magnitude of it. You are a truly amazing person. Thank you for sharing.

A Ho!

(Thank you, Margaret. It was my honor-Greg)

Margaret M., (Vancouver, BC)

(This little one that meant a lot to me--thank you, Ghada)

Hi Greg,

I want to thank you again for finding the time to see me in such short notice. I also wanted to let you know that one hour with you was more productive and enlightening than all the books and articles read or the one month I saw a psychoanalyst (I truly never got anywhere with her). God bless you and I’ll keep you updated.

Sincerely, Ghada N

I knew as soon as I spoke with Greg that I wanted to work with him. The experience working with him out in Sedona was totally life changing for me and really opened my eyes to a number of things. The vortex experiences were amazing and really helped to heal me. Greg has such a great intuition and is very supportive in the journey that you will take with him. I highly recommend working with him if you are ready to make some changes in your life.

---Marissa. C, OR

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