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The Woodstock Bridge eBook!
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Client Testimonial

Hi Greg,

I read your book last night, and Wow! I loved it. You should recommend it to everyone, truly. I can't tell you how much I got out of it. My thought process tended to follow your words and thoughts exactly, as I imagine it does with just about anyone reading your book. I've been searching for the perfect "connection" for years, reading endless books, collecting crystals, praying for the gift to fall into my lap. I took a short walk at 11:00 last night, after I finished your book, (probably not the smartest thing for a 5' 2'' woman). That short walk around the block was absolutely incredible! I noticed the trees, the grass, the wind, the lizards that had come out to play. I've always appreciated the beauty while traveling to other places, like Sedona or the Greek Isles, but never have I even considered the beauty already around me on a daily basis. How sad to think I've been walking through life and missing so much! I woke up this morning with a huge smile on my face, ready to face the world and everything it has to offer.

----Jennifer H.


The Woodstock Bridge eBook!

"A Marvelous Adventure! I Recommend It Highly!"
--Richard Carlson, author of Don't Sweat The Small Stuff, NY Times Best-Seller

Gregory Drambour Author and Host of Sedona Sacred Journeys There have been many special days in my life but perhaps the most special was the day I received that testimonial from the great author Richard Carlson.

The Woodstock Bridge by Gregory Drambour

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Learn Shamanism In The Old Way

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I have been honored to get such amazing testimonials from clients and readers of The Woodstock Bridge and my work here. This has meant more to me than I can tell you.

The Woodstock Bridge is about one man’s spiritual journey to rediscover the passion and hope he felt in the sixties. His encounter with two warriors from the Sioux Nation, lead him back to his spirit, his wisdom, and the belief that he can still make a difference!

The magnificent breakthroughs that clients experience here in Sedona started from the ideas described in The Woodstock Bridge; powerful principles about reconnecting to your Spirit and how to accomplish that effortlessly. And also the tremendous power of deep listening or how to get out of your head and live from wisdom and faith.

In just minutes, using eBook download,you will literally have secrets to connect you deeper to your true self. I am still awed by these little computer miracles!

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The Woodstock Bridge is for everyone and I truly believe its pages will guide you deeper into your soul.

The Woodstock Bridge by Gregory Drambour


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