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James, Lucy and Matthew, Ireland
Posted January 31, 2010

 Last summer we decided to visit Sedona having heard it was one of the most beautiful places in the world. That alone is worth the trip, however meeting Greg was even more special. We had carefully researched the possible “vortex” experiences however for some reason felt what Greg offered would be more meaningful. On meeting Greg we had no expectations, however that day will always remain very special to all our family and we are now planning our next visit to meet up with Greg again. Greg gave valuable insights and guidance to us all and more importantly helped change how we see things by opening our minds to a whole new world. We would genuinely recommend Greg to anyone looking for that bit more. We feel very honoured to have met and know Greg.

Jill & Steve R. NY
Posted February 2, 2010

Last Thanksgiving me and my husband went to Sedona for a vacation. We’ve heard about its amazing scenery and also the wonderful vortex energy. We’ve done some research and Greg came across as someone who genuinely cares and loves what he does, but is relaxed and fun at the same time (We wanted to learn but also enjoy ourselves!). The tour started with a session at his office to talk about our issues and what we’d like to explore. Then we went on a little hiking/ walking tour to a truly special place. We have gained a lot from that experience and truly appreciates Greg’s insights and guidance. We also had a little pleasant surprise 🙂 We’ll definitely go back and hope to learn from Greg again.

Linda M. WA
Posted February 9, 2010

After losing 3 important people in my life over 9 months, I was searching for my spirit totem to give me strength when I came across Greg’s website. One meeting with this man did more than all the counselors and structured religions in the past. His honesty taught me to be honest with myself and his coaching program has kept me on track – if you haven’t joined, you should! Greg has shown me how to better connect with all the spirits on this earth, but more importantly with the Great Spirit. And, yes, he did introduce me to my beautiful spirit totem. I have found the sacred path and will honor those who have gone before me by succeeding in my goals. Thank you, Greg. May you always walk in beauty. A Ho!

Cari L., NJ
Posted August 11, 2011

A Wonderful Mentor. I was introduced to Greg by a friend who had taken one of his vortex tours and thought it was an amazing experience. Despite being a bit of a skeptic, I decided to give it a try and I am so thankful I did! Within 20 minutes of our meeting, Greg mentioned three things about me/my life that were spot-on! His ability to deeply listen to what was going on behind my nervous chatter and my silences made me feel understood and comfortable. He is a straight-shooter and helped me to see my path–and how my thoughts have led me on this path–with truth, compassion and humor. During our vortex journey, he guided me firmly yet gently to release old beliefs that had been holding me back and to take ownership of the power inside of me to create the life I want to lead. I’ve continued this path in the months since my return through his online and phone coaching programs. These programs have been a wonderful way to continue the empowerment and positive steps I began to put in place during our time in Sedona. Through this experience I have become a ‘doer’ (not just a thinker and spectator) and I am thankful to Greg for his guidance and support! Cari L

Mary F. CA
Posted October 16, 2011

I went to Sedona for a week of relaxation and got so much more! I decided to shop around for a spiritual retreat – plentiful in Sedona. What attracted me to Greg’s site were the testimonials. I could tell from people’s experiences that Greg is someone special. After our phone consult, I knew I would be in good hands – Greg truly cares, he listens deeply and tailors the retreat to you. I could write a book on all Greg has given me, but I’ll just say this – that was without a doubt the best vacation of my life and I owe it all to Greg. I returned home peaceful, energized, hopeful, inspired, motivated, joyful and grateful. Coworkers were amazed saying I looked 10 years younger. Friends and family could see the difference in me, too. If I could give all my loved ones the gift of a retreat with Greg I would do so in a heartbeat. I recently returned to beautiful Sedona with my partner for a couples retreat and our relationship was revived and has deepened significantly. Now we are lucky to receive Greg’s guidance and insight through his online program. I feel so very blessed!

John P. FL
Posted January 26, 2012

I would highly recommend Greg to guide you on a life changing vortex journey. He is a gifted spiritual teacher with integrity and commitment to his work. After my vortex journey and working with Greg, I have become “unstuck” and am learning to move beyond the limitations I have put on myself. He has helped me become a better listener and as a result all my relationships have improved. I will always be grateful of the work I have done with him and look forward to another Sedona Sacred Journey in the future.

Susan Fiorie, NY
Posted June 2, 2012

No Expectations When I planned my trip to Sedona, I was very caught up in my thoughts and emotions. My close friend had visited Sedona a few months earlier and had met Greg. Over time I noticed a distinct change in her. It is not something I can explain, it was something I felt when we spent time together, she seemed more at ease, in balance. I was intrigued and wanted to meet Greg. We looked at dates, check, we called Greg for availability, check, booked a hotel, check and 2 weeks later we were off on a Sedona spiritual journey. The one thing that both my friend and Greg stressed to me was to not have any expectations, just be open and see what happens. My only expectation was that my friend and I would have a blast; since we always had a blast when we traveled together. The expectation of having a blast was fulfilled. The spiritual retreat was incredible. Greg is a healer, a game changer, I never saw any of this coming. My experience is not something that I can describe, it is something I feel. Maya Angelou once said,” I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” I feel whole. Thank you Greg, from my entire heart. Thank you. Best, Susan

Amira Anne Glickman, NY
Posted June 13, 2012

My husband and I found Greg through the internet but I have to admit I had a very good feeling about him and his work before I called for an appointment. I had no real idea what I was getting into other than I felt drawn to call. As it turned out he had time for later the next day and we all met in his office for a brief discussion about salient issues and feelings in our lives and then Greg took us on a very powerful spirit walk. It was an extremely grounding, energizing and clarifying experience for both me and my partner. I found Greg to be of complete integrity and great depth of wisdom. I know it can be difficult trying to assess the spiritual character of a healer over the web so that’s why I wanted to write a review (which I rarely if ever do). I would definitely schedule another meeting with Greg if and when I return to Sedona. You will be in good hands with a good heart if you choose to do so as well. Love and Light, Amira

Kim Mclaughin, PA
Posted April 10, 2013

Don’t second guess yourself on booking a retreat with Greg. I (probably like you) came across Sedona Sacred Journeys on a google search and although my instincts immediately told me that Greg was the person I felt the need to see, I still wanted to make sure that he was “real”. If you are reading this review, then I can answer that for you. Yes, he is. My experience from the first email to my return home almost a month later has exceeded all of my expectations. You can continue to read all the excellent reviews he has received, but I can tell you you will walk away with wisdom you never knew you had and with a sense of peace that you probably have not ever known. As we left the Vortex on day 1 of our retreat and the sun was shining, Greg asked me how I felt and all I could say was that I felt “sun-shiney”. Still almost a month later, my experience with Greg has left me feeling the same way and with his shared wisdom I have learned to keep it that way even when life seems to get in the way. Summarizing from all the other reviews, it is no doubt that a retreat with Greg is life changing. I’m also in agreement that Greg knew which questions to ask so he could share his knowledge, expertise and healing gifts. There are no words to describe what you will experience but I can tell you that you will not regret making time for a retreat with Greg on your trip to Sedona. I personally took the 2 day retreat, which I highly suggest. The more time you can spend with Greg, the better off you will be. I have a grateful heart for my time spent with Greg. (Greg’s assistant Sandy is fabulous – she is sweet, kind, extremely helpful and a pleasure to deal with!)

Nancy S, AZ
Posted July 21, 2013

One evening while walking our dog in our Sedona neighborhood, a car slowed down to say hello to my husband and me. It was Greg (who I had never met before) and he gently asked about my recent treatments for breast cancer during the conversation. He looked directly into my eyes with tremendous compassion and said such kind words that tears began to flow. With only a few sentences he had touched my heart and touched still buried past occurrences that were just waiting to be discovered, acknowledged, and released, once and for all. I can only say that since that time, he has helped me immensely with discovering my Self along with those buried issues needing to be addressed in order to clear my body once and for all from dis-ease. Greg truly cares about others and wants only what is best for them. He has led me to an amazing and powerful anti cancer protocol as well as to an understanding of my past like never before. Everyone has inner issues that need healing, and Greg’s amazing intuitiveness brings them to the surface and clears them forever. His meditative office Space overflows with a quiet connection to Source. He accesses his guides for answers to questions concerning my health and my body as related to my past, and the answers we get are always right on and oh so freeing. I would highly recommend anyone with any type of dis-ease in their life to book some sessions with Greg at his office here in Sedona or long distance over the phone or Skype. You will acquire an understanding beyond what you could ever imagine as well as acquire a sincere and caring individual to guide you on your journey. Greg is truly a forever friend and a very gifted being.

Anthony L. NY
Posted July 28, 2013

Earlier this year I went through an unexpected breakup after a four year relationship. It sent me into a downward spiral that rocked my spirit, heart, and body. After weeks of trying to deal with it, and at the time having been placed on an anti-depressant, I felt like the pain was getting worse. A friend had suggested getting away and visiting Sedona. “Try a Vortex Experience”, she said. Well, I goggled ‘Sedona Vortex Experiences’ and was immediately drawn to Greg’s site. I called him, left a brief message, and soon enough, he returned my call. He instantly was able to calm me down right over the phone. He knew what I was feeling, and for the first time in several weeks I felt a calmness within. I told him that I would like to come out to see him ASAP, and he took me in right away. A few days later I was in Sedona, met with Greg, felt immediately comfortable, and learned so much about myself and life. His energy and intuition helped bring me to a better place of understanding and happiness. The Vortex hikes and experiences were amazing! Very hard to explain in words, as what you experience is an energy, a feeling. Greg saved me at at time when I needed saving and I couldn’t be thankful enough. His online support and workshops help keep me in the right state of mind, and on the path of a Peaceful Warrior. I recommend Greg to anyone, regardless of what is going on in their lives. The experience of meeting him alone is worth the trip to Sedona.

Lark Star, SC
Posted December 3, 2013

Dear Greg, Meeting with you in a beautiful part of our great country, which I had never experienced, was invaluable to my journey, and now I completely grasp why I had a such a burning unexplained passion to come to Sedona. During our time together, You provided meaningful prayers which unlocked my heart to reopen to a life of great joy and purpose assuring my time to shine as well as the acknowledgement to myself that I “am” important. Prior to making my pilgrimage, I was running on auto pilot, and I knew it. However, during the healing of my inner child on the Sacred Tree seat, I successfully communicated with that little child with unconditional love and reassurance. Even-though I had worked on this over the years, it was incomplete until this pilgrimage, I attribute this to being in the vortex sanctuary along with your relaxed healing dialog. Of course, I don’t have to tell you these things, as you are most aware, but I want to express my most intimate feelings knowing you understand the impact from my perspective. With your coaching and my doing the work- I believe I will; Learn to trust my own inner compass to guide all of my actions Reach the fulfillment of my own unique destiny Understand why life responds to who I am rather than what I do Discern the difference between co- dependency and co- creation Awaken to how life is happening through me instead of to me Generate my life to reflect the truth back to me everywhere I go and in all decisions I choose to make Discover the source of my true value and fall deeply in love with myself Learn why authentic self expression is essential in order to fulfill a higher purpose of my romantic unions Begin experiencing deep, dynamic and ecstatic love and partnership. Like the North Star on a clear night, when my life purpose opens up to me, I believe it will guide me every step of the way. With your coaching and powerful healing words of guidance as my spiritual teacher, I am all “lit up” inside! Thank you for being my guide in the Spiritual Sanctuary in Sedona and opening my heart to feel joy again. Respectfully submitted… Lark PS. I amost finished reading your powerful book…you are quite the writer, indeed!

Keith Thomson, Australia
Posted December 7, 2013

Hi Greg, I wanted to thank you for the retreat you took us on recently. We certainly got a lot more out of it than we had ever imagined that we would. We would highly recommend your retreats and training programs to anyone. Regards Keith

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