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Eckhart Tolle Books – “Stillness Speaks”

Eckhart Tolle Book Recommendation
“Stillness Speaks”

Eckhart Tolle Books - "Stillness Speaks"

I was on the phone with a highly-respected colleague yesterday and she recommended Stillness Speaks by Eckhart. It’s been sitting on my book shelf but I hadn’t opened it in a while. Like most powerful Eckhart Tolle books, it reads very differently years later. This is always good thing to know and do – go back and read your books a few years later, you will might hear something deeper. Brothers and sisters, when I work with my teachers (35 year relationships), I always have one singular mission: to hear the “same thing” differently or new or at a deeper level. This is why I focus on deep listening and the of mastery studentship. You want to learn to listen from your Spirit. Remember, there is an enormous amount of information in Stillness. How do you get to stillness? First, don’t make it complicated! Just get present with what’s happening around you. And listen with nothing on your mind as opposed to “prescription-listening” or “trying-to-get-something-listening!” This kind of listening will stop you in a heart-beat from hearing something at an insight level. To quote Eckhart: “Go past the intellectual mind and listen for a feeling.”

Deep Listening Is The Key To Happiness

I write about this idea of deep listening when working with teacher quite a bit in my posts because I truly feel it’s one the big missing pieces on a spiritual journey. My encouragement is to get masterful at how you listen to your teachers. Just go into full-blown receiving mode, nothing on your mind.  Then suddenly, you will hear something in a way you have never heard it, an AHHAA moment. And you will never be the same person from that moment on.

Brothers and sisters, you can’t go wrong with Eckhart Tolle books!

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