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Gregory Drambour

Shamanic Journey – The Shaman Series – 3 Books on Shamanism

The Shaman Series - A Shamanic Journey Through LifeMy mission in creating The Shaman Series was to take readers through a shamanic journey in the real world. In three books I show shamanism can integrate into your real life on the ground whether it’s in your personal relationships, work or simply the way you go about your day. What’s the benefit? Life flows! Life is richer!

Are You Seeing The Signposts?

The world around you is always giving you signs and guidance. The shamanism I teach is about seeing those signposts and acting on them. In The Shaman & His Daughter the omens pops up while shopping at Safeway! In The Woodstock Bridge while out in nature with expressions of Spirit from the Tree-, Rock- and Plant-People.  In The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf with a record producer and a deep bond with her animal-totem, the wolf. In the Native American tradition everything is alive. It wants to be your friend, it’s reaching out its hand to you – always. Shamanism doesn’t have to happen only in the amazon or in altered state of consciousness. It’s a way of being in the world and feeling all the life forces around you that everyone else thinks are not alive.

Shamanic Healing Session

In the shamanic tradition during healing ceremonies, we always thank the Grandfather and Grandmother Rock-, Tree- and Plant-People and the Four-legged, Two-legged, Winged, those that Crawl-under-the-earth and Over-the-earth and the Great Spirit of the Water. This is part of any shamanic journey. One could say gratitude it is central part of the healing practice. All indigenous people are always focused on gratitude for Mother Earth.

My quest was to show how these beautiful spiritual practices can come into a normal human life with grocery shopping, school parent meeting, looking for a job — just a life! And how they can help you navigate through this challenging Earth-Walk.

A Ho,
Gregory Drambour

The Shaman Series is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ibook, Kobo and everywhere else in the universe. $8.99 3 Book Box Set.

Gregory Drambour is a master shamanic healer and owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys. He offers Shaman Training online and in Sedona, Arizona