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Happy New Year!

Greg's Monthly Message

Gregory Drambour Author and Host of Sedona Sacred JourneysFearproof Your Life Workshop Report

In November I sponsored a weekend workshop given by my long time teacher Joe Bailey. It was based on his new book, Fearproof Your Life. We had 15 people. Joe's book offers answers to the fearful environment that seems to be growing to greater proportions around the world and especially in our country.

One thing that struck me about promoting this workshop was how people have a difficult time accepting the word, "fear". When you ask people if fear is part of their life, many will say, no. It's as if they don't want to admit to being afraid. And I can understand this. But then when you guide them through a series of questions, they see that some of their life is motivated by fear.

It's ok, brothers and sisters to admit you might be fearful. It doesn't make you weak or that you have failed. It's just human. All you need is a little continuing education about where fear comes from! And, my buddy Joe's book, Fearproof Your Life, is great place to start!
Joe took the workshop outside, where he invited the participants to wander off and journal. As you will read in the book, this was part of Joe's self-discovery, to do written reflection, inviting your divinity or true self to offer you an insight about the big questions you have in your life. This invitation is how you develop a relationship with your true self which has guidance and answers to all the questions you could ever have. It is a powerful resource.

If you have been here on retreat with me, you know this is a principle I encourage clients to really absorb or hear at a deeper level: You have the greatest gift you could ever receive--the gift of wisdom. It's not just an idea written about in books! But here's the deal! You have to invite it's help! And you can do this in any way that feels good to you.

Through this process of written reflection, many of the workshop participants had powerful insights and really leapt forward.

I want to thank Joe and his wife, Michael for coming to the Magic Kingdom and sharing their wisdom. I am honored to know both of you.

A Ho,


Greg's Columns

I'm writing again! I've been stuck for a few months but all the stories that were running through my head are really coming out now! I love to write!

(Seeing The Big Picture)

This story could be titled many ways: "Huh?", "You Got To be Kidding!", "This Doesn't Make Any Sense?" As you can see, it's story of surprise and bafflement! Here's what happened: Two months ago, I am driving up to Sedona from Phoenix on Interstate 17. As I was approaching the Cottonwood Exit which is the exit before the Sedona Exit, I had this feeling I was suppose to get off and take the long way home. This feeling was so big that I went clairvoyant and asked, "Should I get off?" I heard a resounding, "Yes!" So I followed orders and veered onto the exit more

Rules For Making it Easier!

Yes, there are a set of rules for making it easier! If you follow them even a little bit, you can be certain that you will really start to fly! The rules can help you navigate through life with grace and ease. A deeper insight about any of the following 3 rules will change your reality more


Time To Smile!

Are you smiling or laughing? That's the place you want to read this next piece about "listening"! That's the secret.


More On Listening

A few months ago, a client commented that she was really glad I was talking about"listening". She felt it was the big hole in personal growth literature. I have to agree and I wish more spiritual writers were talking about "how to listen." My book, The Woodstock Bridge, at its heart is about listening. Why is it important? Because it's how you cross over the bridge from an intellectual spirituality to a knowing.

It starts with the principle that true knowledge, wisdom, spirituality are formless and you can not hear formless through your personal thinking! You can only absorb true knowledge through a feeling. So you want to listen for a "feeling." But how to do that can't be explained with words! Frustrating I know! You have to listen deeply to understand how to do it!

So what do you do? First, don't give into frustration or judgement that you can't figure this out! That will block deep-listening right away.

Here is a spiritual fact: you naturally listen deeply! If you just make the effort to quiet your thoughts when you listen, your wisdom will guide you back to deep listening. If you have trouble doing this, it's ok! There is nothing wrong with you and that thought certainly won't help you listen deeply! Just relax and keeping letting those unproductive thoughts float by.

Experiment with that simple guidance. See what happens! I mean I'm not asking you to rip your eye out or anything! In both weekend workshops this past year, I would say half the workshop was devoted to talking about and doing "deep listening".

Simply, deep listening is not listening through your thinking but listening from your natural quiet state.

(Greg, could you please give me some instructions!) Keep it simple. Just sit back and relax your mind and listen to that person's heart. If thoughts pop in while they are speaking, let them float by. Be totally committed to letting that person finish what they need to say. Let all your senses open up as you listen.

For me, deep listening is about getting very humble. When I am with clients my intention is to show them that their thoughts and feelings are important, especially the wonderful women who come through my office. I just go totally empty, clear away any thoughts on my mind and focus all my senses on that person. If thoughts or guidance come in my head as they are speaking, I let them go--totally. I am trusting that my spirit, my wisdom will know exactly what to say when the client is done speaking.

I think it's helpful to see what "deep listening" isn't! So I came up with a few more examples! And I am guilty off all these at one time! Some are these are certainly specific when you come on retreat or vortex experience, so take notes--smiles!

Trying-to-figure-out-what-the-person-is-saying-listening: If you're sitting across from a person and efforting to figure out what that person is talking about, meaning using your personal mind, then you are missing what they are saying. You take yourself out the present. This happens on retreats quite a bit! Clients get caught in trying to figure it out what I saying! And thus missed what I just said! Make sense?

Trying-to-get-something-listening: Another innocent intention on retreat! It means you are attached to outcome! And I understand this fully--totally guilty of this! Of course, people who come on retreat want to get something! But that need impedes them from hearing deeply. Need and wanting will always block your wisdom and deep listening.

Looking-for-inconsistency-listening: This is a very sneaky one and what I also call waiting-to- pounce-listening! Part of you is always looking for the inconsistency in what someone says so you can dismiss their conversation and go back to what you know it right! Because it's important that you be right!

Agreement-listening: "Yes, I know exactly what you mean!" It feels important to you verbalize your agreement for a variety of reasons. But in doing so, you take yourself out of your quiet listening and into needing to agree and missed hearing what that person said at a deeper level!

There's a book in this subject, I can feel it! That's me listening deeply to myself!

Another Column On Listening


Book Recommendation

Becoming A Better You
Joel Osteen

I am great fan of Joel and was excited he had written another book. Even though I am only half-way through this one, I am recommending it highly. I have already gotten a big insight that I write about about in this story: 3 Rules

If you need to get empowered, to feel better about yourself, to know your you true potential, then get in your car, drive down to B&N and buy this baby. I promise you won't regret it!

As, always Brother Joel--"thank you, thank you." Someday, I truly hope I have honor to meet you.


Gregg Braden Coming To Sedona!

On February 29th, best-selling author Gregg Braden is coming to town to do a lecture and workshop, entitled, The Divine Matrix and Re-Writing the Reality Code.

I am great fan of Gregg and his writing is a big influence on my work here in the Magic Kingdom. I will be attending the lecture. It might be cool to come here and do a vortex experience with me and do the lecture or workshop with Gregg!

It takes place at the Sedona Creative Life Center: 928-284-3703.

You can get more information at this link:

Greg Braden


Free Speech TV

Have you watched this channel? There is some really amazing programming! I thought, why hasn't someone told me about this? So, I'm letting you know! It's news and documentaries without Big Brother watching. You can really sense the freedom and realness of the programming.

Check out the above link. I watched a very interesting program this morning on Cuba and the organizations who send aide there. Also, might be a good organization to consider supporting!

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