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Cancer Survivor Stories, Healing Retreat Stories
Cancer Information

Gregory Drambour Author and Host of Sedona Sacred Journeys A column for Cancer Survivors, Cancer Patients and also stories from Healing Retreats with clients with serious illnesses. The column also includes chapters from "Draw No Conclusions", a new book about my 4 year journey with cancer (stage 4 squameous cell carcinoma of the neck/throat). There is important information within these stories for anyone dealing with a serious illness.

Cancer Survivor & Healing Retreats Stories Archive
The Cellular Memory
My story as a cancer survivor.

(a favorite of mine)
A healing shower story!

Stuck in Illness
Healing is possible
Cancer scares them. Try and understand
Getting Motivated
Asking yourself tough questions. Healing Retreat?
Sexual Abuse & Illness
Is there a connection?
Follow-up Detoxification
Essential information for the Cancer Survivor

Good information for navigating thru conventional docs when doing alternative.

The Mexican Dental Connection
A healing story about openness and possibility
Other Brothers & Sisters with Cancer
You're a survivor and have information that others don't. These connections are always healing.
"It Is What It Is."
Acceptance of your cancer as a step in healing!
Strategy and Probability
An important conversation on Healing Retreat

"You Are Going To Die."
Classic cancer patient story


Believe in Yourself
You have such great power inside you!
Second and Third Opinions
Getting more information about your cancer is very important.
Healing Outline
An example of a plan created on Healing Retreat.
A forgiveness retreat can create dramatic healing!
Post Cancer Treatment Visits
Stay cool! One moment at a time!
Making a Fast Assessment Staying within yourself and trusting your instinct
  Great Link for Cancer Information. Follow it!
Moments of Being Alone Always be learning and healing!
One Doctor
Patience can keep you on the path to healing and being a survivor.
The Energy of Your Home Use your home to heal you.

Information on Cancer & Healing Retreats

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