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The Warrior Perspective
Reconnection to Your Wisdom!

Warriors periodically engage someone (like me!) to help them see the invisible thinking and behavior that’s blocking their natural wisdom. This is an action I myself take a few times a year with my teachers. We all have blind spots. In effect, people who initiate this perspective are warriors. It takes courage, super honesty, and deep listening. And also an embrace of the spirit of inquiry. We are just exploring! It's always fun. 

The underlying principle is that we all live in wisdom; it's natural to us and the gift we are born with. Nothing can destroy it—nothing!  It can only be blocked or clouded by unhealthy or low mood thinking. But here is where the challenge comes in--what you think is unhealthy thinking, might be much different than what I think! So sometimes it's about expanding your criteria for low mood thinking.

The Warrior Perspective can be a two hour vortex experience or one or multiple day retreat.  It's customized to the client and focuses on specific areas or we allow the predilections of Spirit to guide us.

You could also define this as a moment in time when you sweep the debris from your foundation of divinity—an image I like!

Come join us and create a deep breakthrough and create a pathway to that powerful resource inside you called wisdom.

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Please email or call: (928) 274-2427 PT 9-7

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