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The Power of Thought




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Sedona Retreats

The Power of Thought
The Root In All Personal Growth Work

A Sedona Retreat that focuses on guiding you to a deeper insight about the true nature of thought or how your thoughts plays an primary role in your life. You're looking for a "knowing" as opposed to an intellectual understanding of this principle. This can also be a called a moment you realize your own natural mental health--thus Health Realization!

In a Health Realization Retreat, the mission is to create an environment where you can quiet your thoughts and allow your natural wisdom to rise. In that moment you bridge from an intellectual spirituality to a "knowing". And this is what my book,The Woodstock Bridge is about. When you are in your natural wisdom, you are to see the people and events in your life with love, understanding and compassion--you are in your natural divine perspective.

You're looking for an insight where you see deeply how the qualities of your feelings always equals the quality of your thoughts. The powerful thing about this one insight is that it will sweep thru your life, leaving nothing untouched.

The divine trinity: Thought>Feeling>Behavior

And the fourth part that few people are starting to talk about: Vibration--like attracts like.

This work is inspired by Syd Banks, author and philosopher. Syd has influenced a whole new paradigm in psychology.

Insights are a sight from within or a moment where you touch your own wisdom.

Many of the stories in my columns, Sedona Retreat Stories & Sedona Vortex Stories talk about these principles. Check it out!

These retreat can be one day or multiple days and are customized to the client.

On a personal note: When seeking support, whether it be a therapist or coach, you always want to find someone that is talking about the importance of your thinking. If they're not, my gentle suggestion is to walk away. The bottom layer in all personal growth education is "thought".

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