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The Day of The Cougar

Dear Greg, So I show up in Sedona, not understanding why, in the last six years, I have been feeling worse and worse. Despite many successes, despite a marriage to a wonderful man, I could not embrace happiness. Finally, with you, I found it again. You soared with me above my life and showed me how the puzzle fit. Our walks into sacred territories will be so deeply cherished in my memories. I will always remember it as the day that I returned to my spirit family and resumed my sacred journey.

Thank you for reaching me the art of deep forgiveness. Thank you for reuniting me with my little girl, her cougar, my Arapaho elder, my grandmother, my council. You are a so humble about your impressive power. Every story, every look, every word was chosen just for me and every one of them led me back to my joy. And as you know, it was a windy, steep, and wondrous journey.

Afterward, as I watched my mind attempt to squirm out of it, to diminish it and tell me that I had driven 16 hours to hug some trees, I was a little dismayed. Until I realized, I was WATCHING IT SQUIRM, I WAS SEPARATE FROM IT! My thoughts became a petulant and somewhat adorable child that I had love and patience for but was no longer controlling me! Every time I had a "thought" I laughed! It's FUNNY! In a sort of cute as a button way that is no longer intimidating or significant. I know what happened out there, in my heart. You were an incredible mentor, facilitator, friend, witness, bringer of light. I am once again a full warrior princess, integrated, strong and joyful. Won't my husband be happy to see me!!

Thank you thank you for choosing to spend your precious energy doing this work. As you help others me you help every single person that comes in contact with me and so on. What a powerfully generous, open and loving heart you possess.I look forward to playing with you again.

Love and gratitude, Cindylu, Los Angeles

*Thank you so much, Cindy. A Ho, my friend.


Dear Greg,

"Earlier this year I went through an unexpected breakup after a four year relationship. It sent me into a downward spiral that rocked my spirit, heart, and body. After weeks of trying to deal with it, and at the time having been placed on an anti-depressant, I felt like the pain was getting worse. A friend had suggested getting away and visiting Sedona. "Try a Vortex Experience", she said. Well, I goggled 'Sedona Vortex Experiences' and was immediately drawn to Greg's site. I called him, left a brief message, and soon enough, he returned my call. He instantly was able to calm me down right over the phone. He knew what I was feeling, and for the first time in several weeks I felt a calmness within. I told him that I would like to come out to see him ASAP, and he took me in right away. A few days later I was in Sedona, met with Greg, felt immediately comfortable, and learned so much about myself and life. His energy and intuition helped bring me to a better place of understanding and happiness. The Vortex hikes and experiences were amazing! Very hard to explain in words, as what you experience is an energy, a feeling. Greg saved me at at time when I needed saving and I couldn't be thankful enough. His online support and workshops help keep me in the right state of mind, and on the path of a Peaceful Warrior. I recommend Greg to anyone, regardless of what is going on in their lives. The experience of meeting him alone is worth the trip to Sedona"

Anthony L. N.Y

Happiness <

Good Morning Greg!

“THANK YOU" for the most amazing experience I have ever had or witnessed. It is very surreal, much like a movie, but I know what I saw and I know what I felt. A few years ago, I felt I was on such a great path of awareness and was going full speed ahead and I slowly lost the path. I've been seeing book covers, or outer shells, not the contents- very dull, very blah. I've been searching for quite a while now and I need to "Thank you" for helping me find my direction. Now, there are brighter colors, noises with out static and distasteful smells seem to be gone. I feel full speed ahead again.

I "see" my boys differently. I see "me" in my youngest, which I refused to see before. When I say "I love you" to my husband, there's no tenseness, like I'm keeping a secret, doubting how much I love him and that maybe he loves me more. I'm playing more and more. When that 10 year old girl inside me was gone, I wasn't "me". I do like "me"! I missed "me". Now, I am a Happy Girl! My heart has been dancing and my whole being has been vibrating. We are still digesting our experiences, learning, sharing.

You, my dear friend, are in our hearts always, not only as a respected teacher or guide. I will be keeping in touch and we will be seeing you on our future trips to Sedona.

It was wonderful and though I have searched for some other way to express our gratitude, "Thank you", from the bottom of my heart, the top of my heart and every where in between, says it best.

Thank you, Sue B. Vancouver, BC

(A Ho, Sue. My guides and I are truly honored by your kind words—Greg)

Spirit Flows Thru All <

”I'm sure that you often hear good things from your clients about their vortex experience. We are no exception. We loved it! Henry exploded out of his uptight, angry-at-the-world, covered by “nice guy” persona and became a truly open, loving man who began to experience much of his life differently.

As I think I had told you, I had been feeling like I had "lost it" - whatever "it" is, and now I am back to experiencing much of life from the stance of spiritual warrior. That had begun with the reading of your book.

My experience of what happened out there is beyond language. The feeling of standing in the vortex and chanting - hearing the chanting echo back from the rocks - not to mention the various stops we had made on the way up - all combined to center me again in knowing that we are all multi-dimensional beings - there is more to life that what is often seen with the eyes - Spirit flows through all - Nature is a great healer - lots more. Just opened to possibility again and open to my having all that Life has to offer. So thanks! You got your job done - or we all got our jobs done”

Blessings to you and yours, Layne, Illinois

Keep Doing What You're Doing! <

“I just got back home this afternoon, and I wanted to send you a note to say hello, and to thank you again for your words of inspiration and insight. They stayed with me. Thank you also for the gift of your book,. The Woodstock Bridge. I'm almost finished with it, having folded numerous pages that particularly touched me.. Keep doing what you're doing, Greg. It seems you have a gift of reaching others. That is a treasure, these days. I really enjoyed our talk. I wish you continued success with your clients. Maybe the next time I make it out to Arizona, I will sign on for one of your retreats. Take care of yourself.”

A Ho, Kristina, New York

From Greg: "No, you both touched my heart!" <

“I just wanted to say what a pleasure that it was for me and my mother to meet you last week. You certainly touched both of our hearts. I feel so blessed that I had an opportunity to meet you. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and wisdom with me.

I finished your book and found it to be so inspiring. It has made me think of so many things in my life and how I handle them. I can't wait until your next book is released. If you would email me to let me know when it is published I would appreciate it.

Greg, I cannot begin to tell you how much I respect your spiritual connection and feel that I could talk to you or ask you about anything. Again, thank you.”

Teresa, Florida

Unforgettable Experience <

“Thanks for an unforgettable experience! I am just beginning to tap into my true desires, passions and authentic self and my experience in Sedona amplified my clarity and desire. The energies in Sedona and my morning spent with you truly touched me and got things moving inside. As result a great deal has continued to shift inside of me. It is comforting to meet people like along the way. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and for teaching me to trust my feelings, instilling confidence in my intuition, for the many tidbits of information and advice but importantly for caring.”

Karen, New Jersey

Validation <

“Thank you so very much for the journey you took us on. It was a truly impactful experience and validated so much of what I have felt for so many years now.

Thank you for helping me re-start this journey to heal. I feel good, like I am taking a pro-active stance to unblock myself so that I can make progress in my life, find love and be successful in my acting/writing career.”

Helen, California

Epiphany <

”Ellen and I had an incredible weekend in Sedona and you were certainly one of the reasons. We both are awed at the power of that place. I, of course, had such an epiphany that day that my whole life has changed. I accepted that there truly is a supernatural (if that is even the right term) world. I had been unsure. It became evident to me when I saw something that had been predicted a month ago come to reality right before my eyes. The fact that it happened at an energy vortex, during a sacred ceremony, on a beautiful day, everything you said to me was so right on that I have no choice now, but to walk my path. You got through.

Thank you for being such an amazing guide and for the books (which we had our noses buried in all the way home.) I really enjoyed looking into your soul through your writing. You are dear to me now, too.

Love Evana

PS Helen called me today and said that she was in a very good place and was not feeling rage even when somebody irritated her at work. You dun good! Seriously though, thanks from the bottom of my heart for helping her to release that. You were so gentle and open that I knew she could trust you. I have known Helen for 30 years and never saw that she had so much anger.


No Coincidences! “There are no words as you know about the amazing time spent with you on the “Journey”. As I was reading your book on my flight home to Boston, I knew I would email you and tell you, I graduated the year of the Woodstock Concert and I think I have been in the woods looking for Black Hawk, I often feel I am searching, waiting. It was wonderful meeting you and we both know there are no coincidences. I do feel different lighter more peace.”

Martha, MA

My Heart To Yours (Thank you, I am honored-Greg)

“Hi Greg, just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the experience of working with you last week. You are a truly gifted healer and I was blessed to find you. I finished reading your book which was wonderfully written and an easy read with some deep lessons for our souls. May your next book be as wonderful. Thank you for coming into my life, I hope to see you again in May, so until then from my heart to yours, A Ho, blessings and hugs”.

Carla C, Arizona

Spiritual Experience

Hi Greg,

Exactly one month ago that I had the pleasure of meeting you and having an experience of my life! My friend Virginia (my spiritual friend) and I took a Vortex hike with you and I thought ‘oh my things you do for friends’ well to my surprise I had the spiritual experience of my life and will never be the same. About a week after I returned I was really down, why I don’t know. I kept thinking about you and how comfortable I felt around you. I guess that’s part of the experience. I look forward to seeing you again someday.

Take Care, Lenore U.

The Angels!

“Thank you for such an interesting trip and in some way I feel different, but I can't put it into words. Again you made our trip exciting and meaningful. Connie still thinks about the angles that surrounded her.”

Karen W.
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