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Dawn Newland, SD
Posted Oct 1, 2016

My Sisters and I met with Greg a couple weeks ago. We had been on a long journey to reach him and it was a Divine meeting that changed each of us in a unique way. He is real, honest, and straight forward in his approach to "very deep stuff", His genuine caring for all his "Relations" moved me into another place in my walk with Sacred. I am forever changed, Thank You Greg. Aho

Chris Cago, SD
Posted Sept, 2016

Greg is a genuine gifted healer; thoughtful, experienced, caring, accurate and anointed!

Donna M., CT
Posted August 28, 2016

Greg and I have been working together through the Focus Phone Program for the last two months. Just after a few sentences into our phone calls each week, Greg got right to the core of my issue(s)...he seemed to be right inside my head, clearing my thinking pathways. Greg has raised my awareness of some unhealthy behaviors and has provided numerous tools for me to use to improve and work through my challenges. Greg was unrelenting, ignoring any of my resistance and held me accountable to create detailed action plans with specific completion dates so I can move forward and accomplish my current life goals. Greg's vision and perception are truly remarkable - and I quickly came to trust his coaching techniques. This has been an invaluable experience for me and I will not hesitate to reach out to Greg again for a refresh and update; and to seek his support, encouragement, and wisdom. I treasure the insights and perceptions he shared with me. Greg, I truly appreciate your open spirit and look forward to working with you again in the near future, my friend. Thank you. Donna M

Tina Bisha, Canada
Posted August 24, 2016

I have known Greg for about 7 years now. I first met him when I was in Arizona and had a wonderful vortex experience with him. And then, I connected with him again, now for the second time over the years for his programs. The most recent program I have been working on, Codependent No More, has really changed my life for the better. Greg gave me the tools I needed to make difficult life decisions, and feel confident and good about them, even when my external circumstances seemed chaotic. I'm a big believer in the fact that our outside world matches our inside world, and now I really feel like I am on the path to have those two worlds match in a peaceful and beautiful way! Thank you Greg for your tough love, for your patience, and your ongoing mentoring over the years. Aho!My Sisters and I met with Greg a couple weeks ago. We had been on a long journey to reach him and it was a Divine meeting that changed each of us in a unique way. He is real, honest, and straight forward in his approach to "very deep stuff", His genuine caring for all his "Relations" moved me into another place in my walk with Sacred. I am forever changed, Thank You Greg. Aho

Denise V., WI
Posted August 21, 2016

I have been working with Greg for about 2 months on the phone program and cannot say enough wonderful things about this experience. I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer this past spring and was looking for help in the mind body connection and dis-ease. We have also begun inner child work. This has been very powerful and has brought some light to deeply buried issues. I have been grateful for the insights and guidance he has shared with me and in fact booked a trip to Sedona in order for me to work with him personally! I now for the first time understand how thoughts have an impact on how I view myself and the world and feel I am finally on the right path! THANK YOU Greg!!

Marilyn Spiegel, NV
Posted July 31, 2016

After meeting Greg during a 4-hour face-to-face session in Sedona, I signed up for the online Spiritual Warrior Program. I wasn't sure what to expect, but there was something about spending time with Greg that caused me to trust him. After retiring from a successful corporate job, I have been struggling with figuring out the next phase of my life. For so many years my analytical skills and problem solving took over. My understanding of who I am, why I respond the way I do, my interactions with family & friends were tucked away inside of me. I needed help in moving to a place of insight, clarity, and wisdom about me. I'm so grateful for Greg's guidance to help me sort through my patterns. I especially value our weekly calls, where Greg's clairvoyance push me farther and deepen my understanding. Although I continue to be a work-in-process, I have a different perspective of me and feel a renewed sense of optimism. I am so happy I took that next step to continue working with Greg!

Olga Bloch LCMFT
Posted July 23, 2016

I have done the long distance phone consultation program with Greg and he is fantastic!! He has a gift for honing in on the precise area that needs to be confronted with wisdom and love. In only a few weeks I have been able to change patterns that have haunted me for years. I look forward to meeting Greg in person in the future to thank him personally for the profound changes he has made in my life. I highly recommend Greg's services if you are looking to create a well balanced, healthy, meaningful spiritual life.

Shiva D.
Posted May 31, 2016

Hello! I give this five stars because is truly up to us to take what we have learned to apply it to our lives. If we feel an experience is negative or positive it is solely based on our perception alone... Thanks Greg, wouldn't have known that without your help. My experience was something that I quite did not expect. I thought everything was going to be sunshine and rainbows, really, what I learned was that my perception of the world around me did not match up with the world within me. Greg taught me to dig in, face that fear. I learned so much about myself that I did not know, and I AM STILL learning. Although some experiences themselves may not have felt wonderful at the moment, in fact it was painful finding out how much work I needed to do, I did realize later that the dots connected, and they connected back to ME. This is inner work people and if you are not ready to dig into yourself and live in your truth this is not for you. If you are not ready to live your life to the fullest and take your power back, this is not for you. If you are still wanting to live in a programmed and brainwashed society and live comfortably, outside of your truth, this is not for you. If you are ready to reclaim your sovereignty and be strong through the process and learn absolutely every last thing about yourself, than you need to "train" with Greg. Greg, I cannot thank you enough for your time and patience with me. Thank you for showing me how to sift through the junk in order to find myself once again without the BS in between. Thank you for believing in me and showing me how to believe in myself. You cannot put a price tag on your soul, and no amount of money can be given to Greg for the lessons that he taught me. I was ready for a major transformation, and Greg showed me the way. Now that I am on the way to living my truth, all I have to say is "watch out world, here I come!" Much Love and Gratitude Greg and may many blessings come your way. I cannot thank you enough. ~SD

Tammy G, OR
Posted May 4, 2016

Greg has a no-nonsense approach...he held me accountable while addressing things I'd not considered previously. He guided me with some very helpful discussions and exercises and offered myriad recommendations specific to my needs, from books to meditation and breathing exercises to other practitioners. My experience was very valuable.

Joao Pereira, Brazil
Posted April 22, 2016

I arrived in Sedona not knowing what to expect. I had booked a two day experience, moved by a string of coincidences that led me to Greg, as well as by curiosity. It ended up being one of the most important, life changing experiences I have ever had. Greg's insights, coupled with the palpable Power of the vortices, have opened up new horizons for me. I can only urge you go there and experience it as well.My Sisters and I met with Greg a couple weeks ago. We had been on a long journey to reach him and it was a Divine meeting that changed each of us in a unique way. He is real, honest, and straight forward in his approach to "very deep stuff", His genuine caring for all his "Relations" moved me into another place in my walk with Sacred. I am forever changed, Thank You Greg. Aho

Janet Stefenalli
Posted July 28, 2016

I personally worked with Greg and did not realize the impact of our work together. At the time, following a divorce and physically unhealthy, I found myself unsure, stuck and feeling lost. The ideas he spoke about were a bit foreign to me but somewhere deep in my spirit, I knew I understood. Little did I realize, I was on the ride of my life! Our session transformed in ways I would of never imagined. Not only did doors open, but windows did too! I have felt as if I have been flying ever since when I allowed myself to receive......Greg's compassion and straight forwardness allows one to let go and let in energy the spirit requires to evolve. My heart soars and I shine and smile on! Thank you Greg! I look forward to reconnecting in the future


Joy Roberts,
Posted May 18, 2015

I visited Sedona in April and had such an amazing time on my hike with Greg. I highly recommend his services. He is so friendly, warm and insightful. It was really something special.My Sisters and I met with Greg a couple weeks ago. We had been on a long journey to reach him and it was a Divine meeting that changed each of us in a unique way. He is real, honest, and straight forward in his approach to "very deep stuff", His genuine caring for all his "Relations" moved me into another place in my walk with Sacred. I am forever changed, Thank You Greg. Aho

Tzveta Davinci,
Posted MArch 29, 2015

What a joy and what an remarkable journey :) Today is the 29th day of smoke free life. I don't know if you realize what a difference you have made. I am honored to have meet you and being able to experience your incredible presence and deep caring. Thank you from my heart Tzveta DaVinci

Tracy Y.,
Posted March 16, 2015

I got the push to visit Sedona back in December and was guided to Greg's page. I immediately booked my 3 day retreat for January, after speaking with Greg for a few minutes on the phone. Since my retreat I can honestly say that I made A LOT of breakthroughs during my retreat with Greg and afterwards. He helped to guide me to places inside myself that I knew were there, they were merely hiding!! To say the retreat was a life changing experience somehow seems so cliche, but, it is absolutely true. I look forward to making more breakthroughs in the coming months and can honestly say, I will be back to "The Magic Kingdom" for it truly was for me a magical journey. I don't know how to say thank you in any of the 7 languages I know that could "truly" express my gratitude. So in the words of the ancients - A-Ho and from my clan to his A-Ho friends!!

Brian Greenberg, AZ
Posted Feb 27, 2015

If you are in Sedona and want a truly great experience... Greg and Sedona Sacred Journeys is a must. I will never look at a tree or a bush the same again! I had two sessions with Greg in Sedona and it was amazing. He taught me some very valuable lessons, as well as tools to use on a daily basis. I can feel a positive change in my life already. Thank you!

Cheryl Wedienfield, FL
Posted Feb 22, 2015

My husband and I went to Greg, both of us sure that my husband was the one that needed the most help. HA! Greg started with my husband first, asking him questions, but abruptly stopped. We could tell that he was receiving some information and then he started grilling me on my health, asking me questions like when was the last time I had a blood test done and what were the results. Greg checked with his pendulum and then promptly told me that I had a 70% chance within a year that I would have a major health crisis. Not me, I am a healer myself, I feel fine. The problem is that I take care of everyone else and not myself. I carry guilt and pain that contributes to my being overweight. It was a wake up call for both my husband and myself. After some time talking and taking notes, we drove to a spot where we climbed a hill that was not difficult for Greg or my husband, but very difficult for me! The Rock People and Tree People helped me and the energy at the vortexes was amazing. Being able to release and receive was very healing. Being with the Fairy People and passing a Gnome was a great surprise! Greg got me in touch with someone to help me with my other issues and I will be taking Greg's online course (s). If you want a truly authentic healer and healing session, then Greg is the person to go to! Take it from a me, a healer knows another healer.

Donna Reinheimer, NY
Posted Feb 6, 2015

Having worked with Greg in his program for only two months, I've truly gained a newer perspective on the power of thoughts, and moods. This knowledge became more and more clear, especially after I went on retreat there in breath taking Sedona. He really kept me on my toes and very accountable for the inner work I did, and still continue to do. I would highly recommend him for his guidance is very unique. He has a calming presence and is very connected to spirit. I appreciated how he would share stories to make a personal point, and has tons of information to pass along to help most anyone if they want. It really does work, if you work it. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with him, and he will always remain a mentor to me. Many thanks Greg! Donna ~ New York

Val Caseres
Posted Jan 28, 2015

Greg is the real deal. It is rare to meet such a committed and experienced guide and inspirational mentor with the spiritual and life expertise we needed. We are indebted to him for changing our lives in ways that will truly resonate for years to come. Such a privilege. Thank you, Greg. You are a treasure.

Mark & Debbie Broman, SD
Posted Aug 20, 2014

It has been a month since my husband and I were in Sedona. We booked a 2 day retreat at Sedona Sacred Journey’s with Greg Drambour. I let this experience resonate with me for a month before writing a review, and it continues to affect me to this day. Sedona has always been a spiritual place for me, and my husband. We wanted to try something different. Greg provided a custom experience beyond anything we could have envisioned. Looking back, I can see we were guided to Greg. My husband was so impressed, and was grateful to have a spiritual journey guided by a man with a soul back bone! We went with open minds, and open hearts. Greg got to core issues right from the start, and through his clairvoyance, he knew exactly what we needed to work on—(deep listening.) He took us out into the vortexes, and provided his insights, and used all his skills to break through my walls, and opened me up to some deep healing. He helped me see a connection of some of my current rage, with my little girl rage that I never felt I had the power to work through. My husband was working through the wounded child, and Greg knew how far to push, and when to let up, so the healing could take place. Greg spent significant time helping us as learn how to listen to each other. This type of listening was called- Deep Listening. Learning to hear the other person, without making it about your agenda, and validate what each other was trying to express. Having this new skill, has improved our marriage, and our relationships with others. I was given the purple alert more than once, I think at least 12 times! This alert was when I was off course, and spinning a point of view that had nothing to do with the conversation, but trying to be right. My husband on day 2, got the Red alert- same principle. We enjoyed when the other person was called out by Greg. We use this tool all the time. Thank you Greg!! Sedona is filled with wonderful stores, vortexes, massages, and all sorts of new age spirituality, but Greg offers real life changing approaches to growth and healing. His approach is tough, and deals with truth, not illusions. He gives you the best he has, love and honesty that can’t be faked. He brings you to your core issues, and helps you get to the root of the problems. Now you have the skills to move beyond the obstacle’s that hold you back. He shares his life’s journey and work, and is able to pay it forward by helping others from a place of strength and love. If you want a life changing retreat, in the healing space of Sedona I would suggest you spend a day with Greg Drambour, it is money well spent. His new warrior’s Mark & Debbie

Lee Wheeless,
Posted Aug 3, 2014

My tours with Greg and my training with him afterwards were all great experiences. I feel like Greg cares about the individuals that he works with and tailors their experiences to their needs. He has great insight. I highly recommend Greg as a guide and as a teacher/mentor. I hope to reconnect with him in the future.

Charley & Andrea Barranco
Posted March 31, 2014

My wife and I came to Greg's retreat a month ago and we have been working on The Spiritual Warrior program since then. I was in a very dark place in my life when I walked through Greg's door the first time . Our week there in Sedona, working with Greg, was life changing. I believe I presented Greg with some interesting "challenges" that he immediately keyed in on and embraced. Things that had been negatively affecting my life for the last 30 plus years and destroying my marriage of 8 years. Five other "Professional" counselors had failed to help in over the last many years. . A couple of them even "fired me". ! didn't know they could do that! For the first time in over 30 years my inner anger and rage is gone is. I feel a peace I didn't know I ever could and I know my marriage will thrive. Thank you Greg for showing us a better way to communicate and a better way to live our lives. And I thank my wife Andrea for finding you and believing in me. Good Luck to you Greg, and thank you again. Charley & Andrea Barranco