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Here you will find descriptions of the Sedona Vortex Experiences that we are honored to offer clients. We are continually searching and discovering new and exciting vortex experiences. Perhaps you will discover one with us! Please read the description below to see what makes us different in our approach to guiding clients in the vortexes. No two vortex experiences are ever alike!

The following Sedona Vortexes are not known to the general public or other guides.


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"If you honor the Earth, it will honor you."
-- Gregory Drambour's simple philosophy on vortexes!

Description of Sedona Vortex & Shamanic Journeys

The broader definition of a Sedona Vortex: a spot where a concentrated source of energy is flowing from. Sedona Vortexes are an accelerator for healing and clearing. Or a place to receive an abundance of energy.

The Sedona Vortexes you see listed below I consider Sacred Places with great power. They are not known to the public. In 11 years of guiding clients to them, I have kept my intention simple—“if you honor it, it will honor you.” As a result of this acknowledgement and nurturing, these vortexes have become very powerful. When one guides clients to a Sacred place in a Sacred way, magic has a way of happening and Spirit responds! I will help you open to the energy and then guide you to what you might do with it. ...(read more)


This experience is designed to accelerate clearing of emotional blocks, letting go of the past, releasing feelings of frustration, anger and injustices. We follow the path of a beautiful dry creek bed hidden amongst the trees, lined with the Red Rocks of Sedona. We walk about a mile down to a natural rock altar against a canyon wall, where this hidden Sedona Vortex waits. To open this special Sedona Vortex you must ask the permission of a tree – the Gatekeeper. In this experience you might learn to shape-shift into your animal totem and run like the wind!

You will encounter the Gatekeeper Being who may even speak with you! An incredible experience! Curious? You will see what I mean! You’ll be taught how to sense nature through warmth and other sensations in your body. The Native American way to address nature and its beings will become second nature at the end of this sedona vortex experience. And you will have learned to honor yourself and others.

Approximate time: 1.5 – 2.5 hours

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We use this Sedona vortex to unlock the female energy from within, which represents allowing and receiving. This experience will also bring into balance the Male and Female energies.

This is short 15-minute hike to “The Path of Gates,” which are four natural portals that set the stage with little healings and balancing before the big vortex experience. The path winds it way to the medicine wheel and the heart of the female vortex, where we will embark on a native ceremony and take in the breathtaking Sedona vista. Sometimes a doorway opens to another world, inviting us in! We may join forces with our animal totem as we follow this shamanic journey and keep our hearts open for insights and wisdom!

The veil between the worlds is very thin in this special place. If you invoke affirmations and life-changing decisions here they can gain extra power and acceleration. In this place you can choose to leave your past behind and fly! Many people have experiences with their animal totems or spirit guides—so be ready!

Approximate time: 2 hours –3 hours

What is a Sedona Vortex Experience?


This is a longer mysterious healing sedona vortex experience. The stones speak very loudly on this experience. They have strong healing energies and hold many secrets!

Together, we will walk the path down the big canyon to Oak Creek where we cross two small log bridges. We then follow a trail along the creek for a mile until we reach a boulder path hidden behind the trees. As we move down the path, spectacular canyon walls loom over us on either side. Suddenly, we will feel energy pulling us forward. We soon discover that it’s emanating from a sacred healing flat stone. Energy shoots out the top like a laser beam!

On the way back you might find yourself whistling some Native American tunes because the stones have memories of the Old Ones who walked this path before us. And if we are very lucky, the stones might whisper a secret to us!

Approximate time: 2 –3 hours

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A part of the magic kingdom called Sedona, this is a short experience to an old Grandmother tree with branches about 12 feet long. She stands on a lay line and devotes her energy work to healing life around her. She will invite you to lay one of the branches along your body and feel her soothing and healing touch. Your spirit will quiet to a new and deeper level, bringing your body into balance.

Approximate. time: 1.5 – 2 hours


The Vortex Circles experience is about coming full circle back to your self—reconnecting to your natural wisdom or divinity. This wisdom is your greatest resource but sometimes just get blocked. As we walk gently along a Sedona path lined with tiny golden yellow bushes, we will encounter three vortex circles or sacred hoops (in the Native American tradition). Each of these circles will help you quiet down and allow you to feel that divinity inside you which is always present—it can not be destroyed.

Many magical transformative experiences with clients have happened in this special place. Here are two wonderful stories that took place there:


The Race Cars - Forest People

As we continue down the path with the majestic Red rocks surrounding us, we will also find the Mother Earth Vortex and The Cactus Vortex; both powerful clearing vortexes. I have seen clients let go of enormous blocks in two sacred places.


New Sedona Vortex Discovery!!!

You can read the story of when this powerful vortex revealed itself to me in Omens

**Description coming soon!

Approximate Time: 2-2.5 hours


New Discovery!!

Where do I start! This is very special Sedona vortex experience to me. It's way up and I mean way up! It’s a climb and for the hearty. But you don’t need to be “fit-fit” to make it. I always sensed there was something up on the red rock plateau where I found the vortex. First you traverse thru a place I call the enchanted forest. You can feel the fairies, sprites and elves that inhabit this place. We make our way thru a very special grove of fir trees and mini-vortexes. I always hear the trees talking to me. As we break thru the trees we follow the course of water up the red rocks to the Eagle’s View Vortex! The view is incredible! I stand clients on the vortex and guide them into shape-shifting into the eagle! They fly ahead into the Dream Weave and explore healing a moment in their life or just fly and fly!!

Approximate time: 3 hours

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48 Hour Cancellation Policy. We also ask for a non-refundable deposit to book your time.

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Words Fail Me

Dear Greg,

Words fail me, and I don’t even know where to begin… So instead, I send you beautiful skies full of Love, Spirit, smiles, and hugs! ‘Twas an absolutely awesome and wondrous experience meeting with you on our intersected paths – though for a very short time! The words, “the teachers arrive as you are ready,” ring throughout my head – for I truly feel and believe you have been one of those teachers – with tremendous, magnificent, and beautiful impact! My Spirit, Heart, and Mind thank you – and are so very, very grateful!!!

My husband has made HUGE shifts (and I mean HUGE, HUGE, HUGE!). By the time we left Sedona, I could see his acknowledgements, understanding, openness, acceptance, “getting it,” and etc. reaching new heights… And by the time we returned home, I actually felt wonderful connections with him (something I’ve not felt for a very, very long time!) We are now working on continuing this process – and with true “quality and heart”…

Not only has my husband made a HUGE shift, I, too, have shifted into a realm of insight, compassion, Light, and Love… After meeting with you, my path has beheld realizations (AHA’s!) that I meet with new curiosity, understanding, and “observing” in awe… Greg, I realized – because of you bringing awareness to me – that fear has been the most powerful motivator in my Life…Fear no longer serves the Highest Good or me!

Thank you, Dear Greg, for opening the door… And I extend my gratitude to your Guides, Totems, and Spirit – thank you for allowing us into your world of wisdom and Love!!!

Precious you are – and treasured!

Namasté and with Love –


Jackie B., Washington


Hi, this is Karen; I spent 2 hours with you in a most wonderful journey to The Healing Tree Vortex. I have always been a tree hugger but I have never been hugged back! I have never stood before, so close to a deer and felt that really we were all one, the field of flowers that we found was a gift, and I felt so incredibly beautiful standing amongst them. I never thought energy could come from a rock that resided in a stream. As I stood on one, with eyes closed in meditation, I knew something had changed. Recalling the loss of loved ones was painful, but feeling the love that goes on, will be an everlasting healing experience.

My life has been truly blessed. And I am richer still from this experience in Sedona with a man known by the name of Greg. Thank you so much. I wish that I could have the prayers that you had as we began and ended this trip. They were so beautiful to me. I wish I could recall all the words. If you ever write them down, would you please send me a copy? I want to remember them forever.

Karen J., Connecticut

A Sacred Journey


From our first encounter through the Vortexes of Sedona, you astonished me with your gift of "seeing." You continue to be the audible conduit to the silent voice of God, within my soul. This is clearly a sacred journey.

Namaste'- Eileen, Cave Creek, Az.

Loving the Earth

To my brother and lost long friend Greg, I say, A-Ho! Spirit has led me to you for a reason and I am so glad it did as I had an extraordinary day/tour with you and when I arrived home to New York, a large black winged bird was flying around my front yard spread winged and crowing in a very unusual way, almost like wanting to tell me something or greet me.

I read your book all the way to New York and have been delighted with every page. I feel you are the real deal Greg and spirit would have never sent me to you if you were not. My doubt gets in the way.

Again Greg, spirit has spoken. We are brothers and long lost friends. A-Ho! A-Ho! A-Ho! And thank you spirit for blessing my friend Greg with everything his heart could ever want for showing me the way as guide and teacher up in the Sedona Vortex Mountains. Kissing the ground and wanting to have hold, hug and have sex with the land was an awesome, awesome experience!! I actually ate dirt up there!! ASA! ASA! ASA!

Many Blessings

David H., NY

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