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Parenting Workshop August 9 & 10

A Better Relationship With Your Children

I am honored to have one of my teachers and well-known author Dr. Jack Pransky come to Sedona and lead a workshop, based on his book, Parenting From The Heart

Dr. Jack Pransky
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Many parents are frustrated in raising their children--and they don't have to be.

Many parents wish they had a better relationship with their children--and they can.

All it takes is gaining an understanding and perspective that exists inside all parents. We have been taught how to deal with children's behavior from the outside-in, when we really need to be looking and acting from the inside-out.

What does this mean?

Parents understandably want their children to behave well. Parents have learned to try to make this happen in various ways: some through use of consequences; some through use of punishment; some through rewards, some through other parenting skills, such as communication. All (with the exception of punishment) are taught in traditional parenting classes and books. All consist of doing something to or with children from the outside in hopes that our children's behavior will change. The flaw in this approach is that all children's behavior is created from the inside before it comes out for the rest of us to see and react to. If we really want to be effective in raising our children and parenting most successfully, it is critically important to understand the internal process that creates and ultimately changes their (and our own, as parents) behavior in the first place.

By looking in this direction, and deeply understanding it, all parents can have far better relationships with their children. They will observe visible improvements in their kids' behavior. All parents have the capability to turn destructive relationships into healthy relationships. Further, parents who already have decent relationships with their children can make those relationships blossom and become even better, the way most parents dream it could be.

Added benefits: Parents will feel reduced stress and less pressure. They will bring out the best in their children and in themselves as parents. Their children will learn to be guided by their own inner wisdom as they grow and develop. We parents will learn to be guided by our own inner wisdom in raising them.   

For this workshop parents are welcome and encouraged to bring with them specific difficulties they are experiencing with their children, so they can have all their questions answered about how to deal with behavior issues.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to bring out the best in your children.

  • How all parents have the wisdom within to know how to raise happy, healthy children and deal with any problem situations that arise--if they know what it is, what obscures it, and how to access it.

  • How to create a spiritually healthy child.

  • How to create the best internal environment for your children.

  • How your state of mind affects the parenting experience.

  • How to listen deeply to children beyond their words to hear what is truly going on with them.

  • What problem behavior really is.

  • What your children are really learning from you

  • The most important thing you can be teaching your child: how to tap into their own innate wisdom to guide them well through life.

  • How to turn what looks on the surface like a situation that requires discipline into one that yields needed learning.
  • Time: August 9 & 10
  • Hours: Saturday and Sunday: 9:30-12:30 & 2:30-5:30
  • Fee: Individual: $495, Couples: $895.
  • There will be a discounted hotel rate for workshop participants at Best Western (it's a nice one--no worries--great views!)
  • All participants will receive a copy of Jack's book, Parenting From The Heart
  • Workshop will have a limit of 20 people.
  • To reserve your space call (928) 274-2427 PT

In addition:

  • I am offering a 15% discount on Sedona Vortex Experiences to all workshop participants. 

  • Jack and I will be available for individual sessions at the usual fee of $120-$150/hr. Jack will be available for appointments on friday, monday and teusday--August, 11, 11,

*A non-refundable deposit of $247/$447 (50%) will be asked to confirm your booking. 


Dr. Jack Pransky

Jack Pransky, Ph.D. is founder/director of the Northeast Health Realization Institute. He authored the books, Somebody Should Have Told Us! (2006); Prevention from the Inside-Out (2003); Prevention: The Critical Need (2001/1991); Parenting from the Heart (2000/1997); Modello: A Story of Hope for the Inner City and Beyond (1998), and co-authored Healthy Thinking/ Feeling/Doing from the Inside-Out prevention curriculum for middle school students (2000).

Pransky has worked in the field of prevention since 1968 in a wide variety of capacities and now provides consultation and training throughout the U.S. and internationally. Jack was instrumental in creating the first state law (Vermont) requiring state agencies to plan for and conduct prevention practices, and he worked on developing national prevention policy. He is also cofounder/director of the nonprofit consulting organization, Prevention Unlimited, which created the Spirituality of Prevention Conference.

He now specializes in Health Realization and prevention from the inside-out. In 2001 his book, Modello received the Martin Luther King Storyteller’s Award for the book best exemplifying King’s vision of “the beloved community,” and in 2004 Jack won the Vermont Prevention Pioneer’s Award.


Please email me or call (928) 274-2427 PT to reserve your space