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Gregory Drambour - Couple Retreats

Gregory Drambour

is a Spiritual Teacher with a fresh, innovative approach to Couples Healing & Relationship Renewal.

About a half-hour into a Couples Retreat or office sessions at Sedona Sacred Journeys you will usually hear one of the partners say, "This just makes sense!"

We are dedicated to teaching couples "common sense" solutions. On retreats or in office sessions, you will immediately find our approach much different than the classic couples counseling. Retreats are more about teaching you principles and tools you can immediately use as opposed to drilling into the details of the past.

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Couples Testimonial - Ric & Nicola F. New Jersey Posted April 18, 2018

We found Greg through an online search for couples retreats in Sedona, Arizona. My husband and I had heard about the healing qualities found in Sedona and seek to combine this with a retreat that focused on the relationship. We have been together for more than 10 years, and despite loving each other, we often felt disconnected. Everyday life had managed to get in the way, along with old and new habits surfacing, and we realized we were drifting further apart. We both felt that much like bringing a car to the mechanic for servicing, our relationship too, appeared to need some servicing as well. Both my husband and I had reservations and were skeptical about doing a retreat that would actually help the relationship. But, to our surprise, we instantly liked Greg and his demeanor. After watching a few YouTube videos, we felt that Greg seemed like a great choice. We were excited to meet Greg and it’s hard to put into words why, but we just knew we would feel comfortable and at ease around him. I also liked the fact that he was a “male” and perhaps, my husband would also feel more comfortable and open up. We both agreed to give it a shot — what did we have to loose?

What we both did not expect was, just how much we would be amazed by Greg’s insight, intuition, and wisdom. He truly is a gifted healer with a greatly amplified intuition. It was an amazing experience, which we will never forget. My husband and I had been going to marriage counseling for more than a year and our progress had plateaued. Greg gave us our hope back, and said the things that needed to be said, so we can start our relationship reboot. My husband and I are truly thankful and feel like we have been given a very special gift. We know we have more to do in our journey ahead, but Greg has given us much wisdom to digest, suggested books that we are reading, and relationship principles that we are already putting to use. More importantly, Greg has given us essential tools to restart our journey — a journey filled with understanding and respect for each other. It is with much affection for Greg as a healer, guide, and teacher, that we write this — Thank you!

Suggested Couples Retreat or Office Session Themes:

  • Reconnecting Retreat - Taking time for one another, listening, respecting and keeping up with what changes life brings to us as individuals and as couples is essential in this busy life—but when do we really find the time to do this? more

  • Approaching Possible Separation Retreat - There are times we feel we have reached the end of our endurance in a relationship that has not been more

  • Pre-Marriage Retreat - Over the years we have had many couples choose to come and raise their level of communication before they get married. What a bright step to more

  • Empty Nest Retreat - The kids are out of the house, now what? After decades of an enormous amount of energy spent in raising a family, when our family matures and you become a couple again, it becomes unfamiliar more

  • Infertility/Adoption Agreement Retreat - One of the most challenging situations to a couple is when conceiving a child, that is very much wanted, is not more

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Couples retreats and office sessions can be for both couples who have a good relationship but just want to go deeper or for couples with problems. Each retreat or session is customized specifically for the couple. They can be from two hours to one day or multiple days. During your retreat or office session, you will learn powerful strategies in the following areas:

Deep Listening & Acknowledgment

You will learn how to deeply listen to your partner and to really see how your partner sees their world and what makes sense to them.

Partner#1: I don't feel like you're acknowledging me.
Partner#2: But I do feel like I'm acknowledging you!
Me: Let me ask you a question (smiling): Do you think you just acknowledged that they don't feel acknowledged?
Partner#2: Oh (Sheepish grin). Wow, I had no idea I was doing that!
Me: Welcome to the retreat!

Couples Retreats And Deep Listening Video

The Heart-to-Heart Place

You will discover the wisdom in waiting for the heart-to-heart moment to communicate to your partner. In that place you naturally communicate with kindness, love and understanding. This choice can instantly change your relationship back to those beautiful feelings for each other.

Low Moods

You will become aware of when you are in a "low mood" and how that mood effects your thinking and feelings and thus how you see your partner in that moment. And not to trust that perception!


You will discover how forgiveness is really natural to you when you quiet down and let go of your negative thoughts.

Separate Realties

You will discover in a deeper and more accepting way how your partner is in a separate reality and that's okay! And also, how this releases you from taking everything so personally.


You will discover how you are each responsible for your own feelings. And how you are one hundred percent responsible for how you experience your partner. With this powerful insight all "blame" is released!

Your Thinking

You will learn how not to take your negative thinking seriously and how when that thinking changes your natural wisdom will flow back up.

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Final Comments From Greg For Couples who have a happy relationship, continuing education in your relationship can be a powerful strategy to deepen or maintain their relationship. Couples are always surprised that they can get reconnected so quickly without the pain of having to bring up the past during these couple retreats. They feel empowered and filled with new knowledge about how to start making it work again and bring back the love and caring in their relationship. This is not to say that sometimes it's not valuable to clear up the past, if your wisdom dictates it and it's done in a kind and loving way. All retreats are kept light--it's my experience in this environment couples can really see each other deeply and in way they haven't seen each other before.


Couple Retreats can be a One Day or a Multiple Day Retreat and can include one or two vortex experiences. They can also be just an hour and half in the office. They are always customized to your needs, wants, mission and of course, budget. Please feel free to give me call or send me an email if you have questions: (928) 274- 2427 PT

Phone Consultations

If you can't make it to Sedona, I am available for Phone Consultations. Call 928 274-2427 or email me for Couples Questionnaire

48-72 Hour Cancellation Policy. We also ask for a non-refundable deposit to book your time which is seperate from the Cancellation Policy.

Sedona Couple Retreat Clients"I went to Sedona to see Greg, believing in my heart there was going to be a major transformation in my life. I had been feeling off my life path! After spending time with Greg in his office and at the Vortex, the transformation that I went through following that was far greater and helpful than I ever imagined. His guidance and wisdom helped me to be awakened to my life's path. Thank you with all my heart .....Laurie"

"I went there to support Laurie in her transformation and during that time, and with Greg's insights, it has helped me deal with issues in my life that I didn't even realize were there. Since then, I have had an awareness of these issues, and it has helped me tremendously with my own transformation.....Thank you Brother."

"We are just beginning our relationship and Greg's insights have helped us build such a solid foundation as a couple in our journey together."

In Gratitude,

Laurie and Rob

Deep Listening!

Hi Greg,

Just a note to thank you from Matt & I for your wisdom! We are grateful for the time you took and your amazing insight to our problems. Now to put all the knowledge to work for us will be a challenge. We both are working on not being so negative and find ourselves stopping those thoughts before they overcome us. It is a hard process, but I know in the long run it will make life more enjoyable. You are the first person to see and feel the emotional dilemma I have felt for a long time. You are a true healer.

We had only one disagreement since we left you. We both are really trying and becoming aware of what we are doing. But, as you know, we have done that for many years so it will be a slow process. But, we are trying. Your words come alive when the negative feelings try to take over. :)

Matt: For the first time in my life have I been able to understand my lifetime and all that happened, good or bad. Wish I had these books you recommended as well as your guidance when I was in my 20's.I would be in a totally different situation and much happier, though I am getting there now!

Looking forward to more of your insight. You have so many amazing stories on your web site.

Thanks again, Greg. It was a pleasure to finally meet you.

Pat & Matt M, Phoenix AZ


Greg, we wanted to thank you for your insight and teaching. Melissa and I came to you 2 years ago when we were dating.Your insights and direction has helped us to establish a lasting relationship. Now Melissa and I have exchanged vows as husband and wife and have celebrated our first year of marriage!"

Todd & Melissa, Phoenix, Az


I just have a moment to thank you for the more than perfect (is that possible?) wedding ceremony you performed for us. It absolutely could NOT have been any better. And, thank GOD for the wind! It added so much to the experience, even Rick the skeptic thought so.

Rick and I will have to sit down and compare mental notes and write down everything we can remember about the experience. Also, the coaching the day before was quite helpful.

In the beginning, it was as if GOD Himself was talking to me, and that has happened to me before, so I take it very seriously. It was like: "Chanin, I've told you time and time again and you just don't listen to me! When are you going to do as I've said?" LOL! I completely understood what you were saying about God being the example of the perfect parent. I have written about that myself to other people! We're still processing the whole thing and will have to review some of the tapes. I am taking seriously what you told me. Rick is too and we'll have to talk it through.

The entire trip was full of life lessons and "coincidences". We have to sit down and list those too! I read your book on the flight home. WOW. I have so many questions though! It has inspired me to learn more because so much of it just SPOKE to me. Of course, it causes more confusion for me due to my Christian beliefs. But, there was a paragraph that addressed that too. It revolved around being obsessed with knowing. That would be me!

I haven't been inspired much the past 7 months to do anything with it, but now I have LOTS of ideas! And, you are one source of my inspirations. I have also developed a new appreciation for nature, thanks to you. We went hiking to the various popular vortexes on Sunday. It was just spectacular. I LOVED all the juniper trees and felt connected to them. And, I was extremely careful about where I stepped. :-)

THANK YOU AGAIN! Have a magnificent day!

Chanin and Rick Z. MN

Couples Testimonials!!

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