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Client Testimonial

Hi Greg,  You took me out last week for a Gatekeeper Vortex experience. I spent the rest of the week there at the Chopra Center workshop. It was a moving experience but the time with you at the Gatekeeper left much more of an impression.
You had me shape-shift into hawk which was so powerful for me. Hawk has been one of my guides for about 2 years now. I found that in the workshop I would be sitting there listening to Deepak and wishing I could be out in the woods learning and becoming one with all around me. Thank you so much. I have a feeling I will be back to Sedona as soon as I can. I could feel the energy and the magic there. It was really hard to leave.

You are a special person and I feel honored to have met you and learned all I did from you. You and I had talked about how I want to honor/acknowledge nature and how this was something I was wanting from people in my life as well. But before this I had been searching outside myself for it in those other people and rarely finding it. Now I see that what I really want is to honor and acknowledge myself--love myself for the divine being that I am. Then I can truly give and receive love freely. This was a huge realization for me, helped in large part from you!! 

It seems that I keep getting gifts from that experience--one that came a few days later was when we whispered: "I know I am God"--that was powerful!!  Anyway, I could write on and on about the gifts I received from you, Sedona, Deepak:)

 A Ho!
Bonnie M. (Colorado)


Sedona Newsletter 32

Gregory's New Years Message
Looking Through the Eyes of Another


This newsletter will highlight the beautiful and humbling moment when you peek through the curtain and let yourself see through the eyes of another. When it comes to relationships with your partner, family or friends this can be truly integral to your closeness with them. These moments can inspire your soul! And that's what you are looking for, brothers and sisters--inspiration--lots of it!

Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself: Can you get curious about how your partner sees their world? Can you get really interested in what makes sense to them? Can you allow someone else's perspective to shift the way you see something?

The Pure Goal: To show your deep acknowledgement of what someone says and sees, especially when you don't personally see it!

The stories below illuminate these powerful moments. I have added a few YouTube links below to amplify the story!

The stunning picture above is called "Charity" by the southwest artist, Miguel Martinez.


Heath Ledger
Kelly Joe Phelps
Bruce Lee



Those of you who might not know who the late Heath Ledger was--he portrayed the "Joker" in the movie, "The Dark Knight," which he won the academy award for. He was also nominated for an oscar for his role in Brokeback Mountain.

When it comes to the life and passing of Heath Ledger I move between sadness and deep gratitude. Like a few of the stories in this newsletter, I promised myself I would write about Heath and his extraordinary work. 

Let me give you a short back story before I write more about Heath:

kellyIf you followed my newsletters for a while you have heard me mention the great blues artist, Kelly Joe Phelps.  I have seen Kelly many times live and have actually gotten to know him a little (he's a fan of  The Lead Guitarist!). Once, I was in NY watching his show and sitting next to two master guitarists. One of them turned to me and said very solemnly, "Greg, what he's doing with the guitar is just not possible".  I knew Kelly was considered one of the great slide guitarists of our generation but I didn't get how great until I saw him through the eyes of another guitarist. In that moment, I appreciated him in a broader and deeper way which surprised me because I am great fan of his. I didn't think I could appreciate him anymore! It just drove home to always listen to other people--really listen.

Kelly Joe Phelps Live Video

This extra link will blow your mind!

So I invite you to see Heath through the eyes of ex-actor (me) and others in the video interview below. What I witnessed Heath do as an actor in "The Dark Knight" I consider on the level of Brando in "On the Waterfront."  Heath was so deep inside that character I sat for two hours shaking my head in awe and disbelief, saying over and over again, "You got to be kidding me! I think it was unexpected and that's what got me. To do something that great with that role, to see the deeper layers and subtlies of the "Joker" character--one would truly have to see through the eyes of another. His portrayal left me feeling deeply grateful that I got to witness it. It inspired me to write, to simply create. 

bruceThe great Bruce Lee described this kind of moment as, "honestly expressing yourself."  I am going to talk more about Bruce in later stories. I saw a famous interview with him lately and suddenly really "heard" him.

Bruce Lee Interviews  Part  Two (Skip ahead to 2:00 minute mark)

Heath, brother, I hope you have found some peace.  Thank you so much for the gifts you left, and most of all, thank you for the pure reflection of "honestly expressing yourself."  A Ho, Brother, Good Journey.


The Martian Child

Very special movie starring John Cusack and an Bobby Coleman, an amazing little boy who believes he's from Mars! John Cusack does everything he can within his Spirit to see how this boy sees his world!

Video Clip!


Credit Help

You might be wondering why there is a Credit Help Column in a spiritual newsletter! I know that "creditable" credit repair people are hard to find and credit repair can be a frustrating experience. I've gotten very lucky in my life and met a lot of angels who really helped me out. One of them is a fellow named Mike Niccum, who is a mortgage broker and credit repair specialist. I promised myself that one day I would write about his special work. Mike is an incredibly kind soul and has really modeled to me generosity.

When I got healed of the cancer, (which went on for four years) of course, my credit was wasted. Like many, I went through a few credit-doctors and self-help and got no where. In fact, I probably made it worse. My low credit scores were certainly getting in the way of moving forward.

I was referred to Mike and was impressed by his conservative and thorough approach to credit repair. Slowly, over a year my credit moved up to an excellent high stable level. I didn't truly get it until I talked to my accountant (another angel!) and she said that Mike's results, as far as she was concerned, were super-hero status! Again, seeing through the eyes of another.

So if you are having problems in this area, I invite you to give Mike a call or email him. He has my highest recommendation! I hope this helps someone out there!

Michael Niccum
Consumer Credit Solutions & Restoration LLC
Address 1921 S. Alma School Rd., Mesa AZ 85210
Office Phone: 480-222-0288
Cell phone: 480-510-8284


New Couples' Page

tigers In the next few years, my goal is to increase my work with couples to maybe 75 percent of my practice.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than being in the office or the vortex with couples! For whatever reason the gift in couples sessions goes deeper. 
So with that intention, I re-wrote the couples section and added a free couples coaching video. And its my hope that soon in the Online Coaching Program there will be a special Couples Coaching Section! Far out! 


Final Thoughts

 Monster Newsletter!  Took about 16 hours over two days--my head is spinning! I am going to continue to offer the newsletter for free, brothers and sisters. But if you got inspired, if you saw something deeper about your world, I'd like to invite you to make a donation to The National Association To Protect Children--even $5 will go a long way! Thank you!

Please click here for their home page for information:
You will find donation page here:

Best wishes for the New Year!

A Ho,





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