Sedona Vortex Experience

Description of Sedona Vortex Experiences & Shamanic Journeys

Description of Sedona Vortex Experiences & Shamanic Journeys

The broader definition of a Sedona Vortex: a spot where a concentrated source of energy is flowing from. Sedona Vortexes are an accelerator for healing and clearing. Or a place to receive an abundance of energy. The Sedona Vortexes you see listed here I consider Sacred places. The more I guide clients to them the stronger they become—“if you honor it, it will honor you.” They are not known to the general public.

I try and keep my intention simple: To guide my clients to a Sacred place in a Sacred way. When one does this, magic happens and Spirit responds. It’s important to know I really don’t do “vortex tours.” I try and make a distinction between the cool folks here in town who do tours and what I do. I am old school shamanic healer, so on these vortex experiences we are focusing on a specific mission the client comes with. That’s why we spend half our time in the office gathering information before we go out into the vortex.

When we get into the vortexes, we enter into a partnership with the energy to create a breakthrough with the client’s mission. I am moving forward in the shamanic tradition in a deep partnership with Mother Earth. I am listening as deeply as I can to what the predilections of Spirit want for you on that special day and the with your permission guiding you through it. We could have a half-dozen healing or clearing or vortex energy experiences or shamanic or animal totem or inner child or spirit guides or even people who have passed coming through the “veil.” It will really shape itself moment to moment and be very unique to you. Spirit always knows what a client needs; It has a way of prioritizing.

In the shamanic tradition, I am reading and listening to Mother Earth and the Grandfather and Grandmother rock, plant, and tree people. For example, a beautiful little plant or majestic tree will pull me towards them and tell me a client should touch its leaves or branches. And the client will feel the energy coming from that plant or receive a message. Or I will sense a client’s spirit guide or animal totem and guide the client in how to contact them. These are just a few examples of the many amazing things that happen on a Sedona Vortex Experience. We are gathering power in the shamanic tradition.

Each time it’s different. These Sacred places are responding to a client’s needs and I am listening and then guiding the client to have the most powerful spiritual experience they can have. I am in a clairvoyant state from beginning to end.

Some clients want to experience a deeper level of healing. And the Vortex will recognize this intention. As an example: people that the client has issues with, will materialize in the middle of the trail–perhaps a client’s father or mother or ex-partner. And then I guide or coach the client to finally say what they have always wanted to say to that person and perhaps bring forgiveness. Amazing breakthroughs happen as result of these moments.

My perspective on Sedona Vortexes might be somewhat different than most in Sedona. My Vortex Experiences start right from when we leave the car, not when we get to the primary vortex. When guides do that, I call it “destination journeys” and I feel it doesn’t truly model a path of spirit, which is always about the journey not the destination.

Do all clients feel the energy? I would say conservatively–90%. But as I tell clients, the energy is working on you whether you feel it or not.

As I said, each Sedona Vortex Experience is different and that is perhaps why it’s challenging for me to explain precisely what happens! But that’s the gift in these Vortex Experiences–their individual uniqueness. Spirit sees the big picture and I have great faith in Spirit. As you will hear me pray, “Grandfather, I turn myself over to you as your instrument on this earth-walk.”

When clients call me, I encourage them to take a look at my testimonials. I think that will give you a good sense of what happens on these Sedona Vortex Experiences. It’s always an adventure!

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