Sedona Couple Retreat Themes

Suggested Couples Retreat Themes:

Reconnecting Retreat

Taking time for one another, listening, respecting and keeping up with what changes life brings to us as individuals and as couples is essential in this busy life—but when do we really find the time to do this? Our reconnecting couple’s retreats are a gesture of honoring your relationship, honoring your partner, taking that time and investing it in yourselves. Although we live each day in each others presence, it is easy to allow life’s many distractions to block our listening and communication skills. This happens so easily with endless distractions of cell phone texts, IM, and emails! Our customized retreat gives a casual relaxed space to quiet down and deeply listen to one another. You will be guided in this reconnection journey in a spirit of exploration and enjoyment. You will learn how to make sure you are being seen and acknowledged; and in turn to deeply listen to your partner and to really see their world and what makes sense to them. You will be given practical tools to cultivate a higher level of understanding and tap into your inner wisdom. In a short time you will discover that place you naturally communicate with kindness, love and understanding. What better gift to give one another!

Approaching Possible Separation Retreat

There are times we feel we have reached the end of our endurance in a relationship that has not been working. It may have taken years to get to this place, and it may very well feel it is the end. In this emotionally charged time it may be a knee-jerk reaction to make hurried decisions. The Approaching Separation Retreat is your opportunity to take a few steps back, to breathe, and to talk about specific areas that will help get a handle on your situation. A space will be created to release the heaviness that you both have been carrying, a time set aside just for you to be heard, to heal and to get connected to your inner wisdom. From this lighter disposition wise decisions can be felt, and your worthiness acknowledged.

Pre-Marriage Retreat

Over the years we have had many couples choose to come and raise their level of communication before they get married. What a bright step to take. How smart! We sometimes confuse loving each other into being able to communicate and live together. This is not necessarily true! This Pre-marriage Retreat was created to teach you both how simple common sense principles can create a beautiful lasting marriage. With all the preparation of a wedding, here is one very important step that should not be missed. The truly ultimate engagement gift!

Empty Nest Retreat

The kids are out of the house, now what? After decades of an enormous amount of energy spent in raising a family, when our family matures and you become a couple again, it becomes unfamiliar territory. After years of attention spent on a family, empty nesters often feel a loss. This is why we created the Empty Nest Retreat to show couples their amazing opportunity for reconnection. You will be given a space just for the both of you and taught tools to get to know each other all over again. What an exciting time for a couple, and a perfect way to celebrate your success in raising a family. Couples are always surprised that they can get reconnected so quickly!

Infertility/Adoption Agreement Retreat

One of the most challenging situations to a couple is when conceiving a child, that is very much wanted, is not happening. Infertility affects about 5.3 million Americans, so you are not alone! We see many couples struggling in this area and have customized this very special retreat to meet your very specific needs. It is at this time when your strength as a couple is needed. We will teach you how to deep listen to each other, and give you tools to handle the inherited stress of infertility and/or adoption brings to a couple. With the countless appointments and decision making that couples struggle with, this is the perfect time to take just for the two of you. Taking this time is the exact rejuvenation that is needed to balance the load of the infertility/adoption regimen.

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