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Gregory Drambour

Making a Difference Right Now!

Making A Difference With 12 Steps

Here are the steps I outlined in the video:

Step One

1. What would be the two feelings you would have if the Earth was well? Not “healing” but “WELL.” I am just using the word “Earth” and “Well” here, you can certainly say “Societies” or “Places around the globe”—whatever resonates with you and that in of itself is very important – use definitions that mean something to you. Let’s say the two feeling are “JOY and GRATITUDE.”

Step Two

2. Go Old School and create a visualization of the Earth being WELL. Really see it! Let that visualization ignite those two feelings in you – as my example: JOY AND GRATITUDE. Hold that image in your mind’s eye.

Step Three

3. Breathe in those two feelings of JOY and GRATITUDE! One gentle breath after another, really feeling those feelings. Letting your cells start to vibrate with those feelings. Remember to keep the visualization in your mind’s eye.

Step Four

4. Now see a volume knob in front of you and turn the feelings up to TEN!

Step Five

5. Now, you can do two things: One take those two feelings and make them into a beautiful blanket and WRAP the visual image with the blanket. This is called “Wrapping a Feeling.” Or making a difference!

Step Six

6. Or you can visualize a beautiful river of feelings of joy and gratitude “flowing” into the visual image of the Earth being WELL. This is called “Flowing a Feeling.”

Step Seven

7. With each growing moment, feel that blanket or river grow stronger. The blanket glowing with feelings or the river charging with rapids of feelings.

Step Eight

8. Make the feelings as big as possible. Remember, FEELING ARE THE COSMIC MAGNET!

Step Nine

9. When you get the feeling really high say these words with great authority and power: ALREADY DONE, ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED, do THIS TWICE! The say these words: ASAA, ASAA!

Step Ten

10. Hold that space for 17 seconds.

Step Eleven

11. “God (Spirit, Universe, Etc.) thank you for blessing me with this outcome! Thank you for allowing to choose this possibility!”

Step Twelve

12. You have just done 2000 year old Praying work or True Laws of Attraction!

For those interested in learning more, please click the link in my profile and check out my,“Advanced Laws of Attraction Tutorials.”  You can make a difference!

Gregory Drambour is the author of three books on real-world, practical shamanism and the medicine path: The Shaman & His Daughter, The Woodstock Bridge and The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf. He is the owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys.