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Gregory Drambour

Inner Peace – Found Then Lost – A Spiritual Journey

Woman Feeling Inner Peace & JoyGreg: It’s been a while. What’s going on with your spiritual journey?
Client: I want to have more consistency with feeling inner-peace?
Greg: Any idea what might be blocking you?
Client: I was hoping you might know! I want to have that deep spiritual awakening, of enlightenment that I read about which will give me that consistency.
Greg: So you’re thinking that when you get enlightened or have an awakening, you’ll have a more consistent connection with your higher power, with inner peace?
Client: Yes, definitely
Greg:  Let me share something that really made a difference in my life — it was a crossroads moment. No matter how enlightened you are or how many deep insights you’ve had, you will always go up and down in mood. It’s inevitable and part of the spiritual journey and being human.
Client: Wow, really? I have never heard that. I thought once you pierced through that veil of deeper insight you wouldn’t go backwards.

How Is Losing My Nice Feelings Inevitable?

Greg: Here is the trick: To accept this inevitability, to be kind and gentle with yourself when go you down in mood. Do that and that spiritual health will bounce right back. As opposed to judging yourself for “losing it.” That will keep the inner-peace further away.
Client: Is everyone’s spiritual journey this hard (laughing)?
Greg: Pretty much! But when you go down and just are okay with it and have faith inner peace will come back, it sharpens your spiritual sword. This is a good thing, my friend.

Innocent Misconceptions About A Spiritual Journey

I encourage folks to question where it’s written that a consistent connection to Spirit is the goal? I would suggest the goal is to be consistent with “how you respond” to what is always true – that life will go up and down, that  a feeling of inner peace will feel present and then sometimes not – these movements are part of life. What you can control is “how you respond” to this shifting.

I call this “embracing the principle of inevitable.” You will go up and down in your connection and the more that you can be kind and accepting of this inevitability the more connection you will feel! If  you flow up kindness and acceptance you are in fact in a connection to your spiritual wisdom — makes sense? This principle is talked about in my Code of the Spiritual Warrior Video Series

Gregory Drambour is the owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys, the premiere spiritual retreat organization in North America. He is the author of three books on practical spirituality