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Gregory Drambour- Spiritual Teacher

Gregory Drambour

Spiritual Teacher & Shamanic Healer on your Sedona Retreat


Groups: Many folks call and ask if two or three or more friends can do the same retreat or family members even though they might be focusing on different things or be in different places spiritually. This is natural scenario on retreats at Sedona Sacred Journeys -- I do it all the time! We can customize it so that in the office I am working with you individually and in the vortex together because in the vortex I can work with you one-on-one even though we are out there together. But it's important to note that because I am really a spiritual teacher and not a counselor usually friends or family all work with me together in the office. Sedona Sacred Journeys puts high-priority on customizing retreats for clients--every group is different!

Sedona Retreats can be scheduled for Half-Day or Multiple Days. They are customized to your mission, budget and schedule.

You can choose a theme from below or after we explore on the phone or through email. Then I can customize a powerful Sedona retreat for the group making sure everyone get what they need.

We are dedicated to helping clients create breakthroughs and moving forward on their spiritual path!

Suggested Sedona Group Retreat Themes:

  • I Want To Forgive Myself and Others.
  • Please Help Me Stop Thinking So Much!
  • I Want My True Self To Come Out!
  • I Want To Know When My Wisdom Is Talking To Me.
  • I'm Stuck & I Can't Figure Out How To Get Unstuck!
  • I Am So Tired Of My Need To Control Everything! How Do I Let Go?
  • I Know There Is Something I Am Suppose To Do, I Just Don't How To Figure It Out!
  • I Get The Laws Of Attraction But It Isn't Working!
  • I Have Gone to Workshops, Counseling But I Still Can't Find The Peace Inside!
  • Identifying and Clearing The Emotional Contributor to Illness!
  • Couples & Relationship Renewal!

Those are all missions we have had great success on retreat helping clients with — whether it’s a half-day retreat or five days.

Please see The Individual Retreat Page for specific description of One Day and Multiple Day Retreats. When it’s Group Retreat with friends and family, the basic format is the same.

Please Email For Retreat Questionnaire or Call For More Information: (928) 274-2427 MT



48-72 Hour Cancellation Policy. We also ask for a non-refundable deposit to book your time which is separate from the Cancellation Policy.


Aesha Z. , PA – Posted October 30, 2016

Thank you so much Greg for your support in my never-ending quest for self improvement, peace, love and awareness. It truly has been a very deepening and an insightful experience for me. My outlook on life has completely changed over the past few months. All for the better!! I still remember the very first time we spoke you mentioned something that at that time sounded very strange to me. It was the concept that our external environment is a reflection of what is going on within inside us and this took me some time to comprehend.. This was such a simple but yet a very powerful understanding. While having a much better understanding now, I am able to catch myself. As life continues with the ups/downs, I recall what you said at one time “stop hanging around in those neighborhoods of negative thinking” Iol. I actually say this at times and it actually works for me. The online programs have been extremely helpful and I really like the ease in navigating through them. Thank you for connecting me to some GREAT resources !! God bless you.

Carol D., SC
Posted January 22, 2010

I found Greg Drambour whilst searching online for a guide to take me to the so much talked about Sedona Vortexes. It was indeed a blessing. I believed it was not a coincidence bumping into Greg’s website out of many others. I left Sedona with very positive, empowering and transformational experiences. All thanks to Greg. All these years, I have approached many clairvoyants and guides, but have not met one like Greg who indeed is truly genuinely gifted. Not only is Greg very intuitive, he listens DEEPLY. Greg could “hear” me more than I could “hear” myself. Greg is deeply and fluently connected with the trees, the plants, the land. Till today, I am still amazed about the wind that came blew on my face and whole being, a few seconds immediately after standing on the Vortex spot that Greg told me to. He could intuitively identify the right spot as well as for the healing I needed. I was taken to two other Vortex spots, and same thing happened! It had been one-of-a-kind soul adventure with Greg. Highly recommended for those looking for Sedona Vortex Experience/Retreat and/or on a quest for spiritual growth to levels of body/mind/spirit spectrum. The journey to the vortex with Greg is not easily explained with words. It must be experienced….with a truly gifted guy. Thank you, Greg !!!

Cathy Solberg, Denmark
Posted October 20, 2016

Hi Greg! Many thanks for the experience in the vortex. You are Amazing! For many years I have been afraid of just about ever thing. Separation anxiety. My husband calls me a cronick worry wort . He said that it is not my job to make sure that everyone and thing is OK . After been with you I have had such a feeling of peace, I have more self confidence, have decided to kick fear in the butt, I have written down all my fears on a piece of paper put them in a shoe box and thrown the shoe box in the garbage. What a Feeling! It is like a ton has been lifted off my shoulders, for that I will always be great full. For alle the thousands of people you have helped I now am one of them. I can’t thank you enough. God put you here for a reason! THANK YOU AHO Cathy

John Galt – Posted 2018

I first met Greg in May, 2015. I had a couple of morning sessions with him out in the desert which can only be described as magical. I have never been so open to the universe. I have been following him and his work since and watch his videos and read his words when he shares them. This month I just finished three of his spiritual tutorial programs, Deep Listening, Invitation to Divinity and Inside Outside. In conjunction with this we did 4 weekly phone sessions. This was another beautiful experience and helped me take another step towards my goals of peace of mind and wisdom. Greg is really good at helping us to look at ourselves and understand what is really happening inside of us. What I discovered by doing the tutorials is that they work together. I highly recommend Greg and his work for everyone that is on their spiritual path. A Ho!

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