Cancer & Illness Healing Stories

Gregory Drambour

The Energy of Your Home

My understanding and knowledge of how important the energy of your home is has deepened in the last three and half years since the cure. You want to get the energy flowing in your home and office environment in a way that’s beneficial for your healing.
There are few steps to accomplishing this:
One, find someone who knows how to read the possible toxins that may be lurking in your home. I am referring to a healer that works on a subtler energy level. For example, the lead may have been removed from the house but the energy still exists at a deeper level. There are individuals who are experts at removing this. And, of course, a conventional toxin evaluation would also be wise.
Two, seek out a Feng Shui consultant; I would strongly recommend a person who is fluent in Form or Compass Feng Shui, which calculates your birth date and the Chinese calendar into the evaluation and recommendations. I find this style much more powerful than westernized Feng Shui or what is called Black Hat Feng Shui. On my property there were three dead trees that were literally in a straight line from one end of the house to the other. They were situated in the Health Section of my property-this was not good! I had them removed right away. I certainly did not want the energy blocked in that area. Whether you believe in this philosophy or not, I would do it anyway-it can’t hurt!
Thirdly, I would smudge or use aromatherapy in the house daily and open the windows. Lemon is what I use in my house and office. Get a state-of-the-art Air Cleaner. Keep the house clean, make it a priority, it will help you keep moving forward, feeling constructive. Remember the powerful words from the great book, Tuesdays With Morrie–“when you’re in bed you’re dead!”
Fourth, there are powerful people who can support you in removing any bad energy in the house. They specialize in extractions of entities or negatives energy forms that don’t serve you. Seek them out-the right one will show up. You’re on the path to wellness. God will provide.
Fifth, make sure the polarity on the north and south sides of the house are positive as well as the ley lines. This is something you can fix yourself and will find instructions among the next few articles. I will include it along with some other helpful tips.
Soon after I got the big news that I was well, I rented a room in house for a few months. The first day there I woke up sick and remained sick literally to the day I moved out two months later. The woman who owned it was a bit lacking on cleaning-the house was very moldy and dusty but the reason I got sick was that place was full of old pine needles from the Xmas tree she had up. My holistic doctor discovered that I was ultra-sensitive to old pine needles! Go figure!
Make your home a sanctuary-it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Go haunt garage sales or Good Will-this is always fun. Surround yourself with things that make you feel good, that inspire you. Don’t overlook the importance of a healthy environment-let your environment reflect how you want to look inside-model to your disease how you want it to look-healed. Heal your home not only inside but also outside

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