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The Wisdom Fairies!

Once again during a session with a client, I said something that made me smile: “What I am really doing is talking to the Wisdom Fairies inside you!”  I thought what a wonderful way of looking at what I do here in the Magic Kingdom called Sedona.
Sometimes if you are sitting across from me in my office, you will see me go quiet for a long moment.  What I am doing is listening very deeply to my wisdom and waiting without thought for my wisdom to speak to me.  When I speak from that place it fans the client’s wisdom. This is magic thing that no one can explain. But that day with one wonderful client, I thought when I speak from my wisdom it’s like I am playing the music of the Wisdom Fairies and they hear the music of wisdom and get excited and start to dance!  I could see them waking up inside my client, saying, “Yea yea, it’s the music, let’s dance, yea yea!!!” And their dancing creates a little spiritual light to suddenly go on inside the client—this is called an insight or a moment when you touch your own wisdom.  Wisdom is a feeling, just like music is!  Remember, nice feelings are the keys that open the door to your wisdom
More and more these days, I am encouraging clients to have faith in their wisdom.  After all these years, I truly see this is answer that many seek.  Therapists, counselors, coaches, healers, all keep telling us—listen to your wisdom but we resist it.  I certainly did.  Perhaps it wasn’t a matter of resisting it but not utilizing my wisdom enough.  It was a “sometimes-thing”.  No more!  We all have it—no one was left off the list.  No one can take it from you.  It can not be destroyed.
Wisdom is there inside you. Quiet your thoughts and have faith in it and explore with it.  Let some of your decisions come from your wisdom.  If I repeated a thousand times—“quieting your thoughts and having faith in your wisdom is the key”—it would not be enough!  I missed it a thousand times when it was told to me!  I don’t want you to wait that long.  Faith, Faith, Faith in your wisdom is the secret!!
How do you play the music of the wisdom fairies?  You are already are, brothers and sisters, you are already are.  If you quiet your thoughts, you will hear that beautiful music and feel the wisdom fairies dancing and smiling inside you—I promise!
A Ho,

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