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Dedicated to L. B.

Who Are You?

Last week during a session with a very courageous client, I asked her this tough question: “Describe yourself to me, tell me who you are.” She really struggled with it and I have found most clients do when posed this question. It’s hard for people to see what is unique about themselves. And we do all have uniqueness but it’s seldom encouraged. So I model for them by telling them how I see myself. Here is an example:
Yesterday, I had aquatic-garden-specialist over at my house to give me an estimate on putting in a goldfish pond and a little waterfall. The waterfall would start at the front of the house, flow into a pond with goldfish and then into a stream, running by the side of the house and into another small goldfish pond at the back of the house.
Sounds cool, doesn’t it!  After he showed me how it would work, I asked him, “Would the little goldfish from one pond get to visit the goldfish from the other pond?” That’s the me deep inside speaking! That’s Greg in one sentence! Knowing that I care about this, makes me smile. I love it when I let this part of me flow out. It took me a long time to own who I am. I want to encourage clients to see who they are and be proud of it.
When you feel yourself deep down, that place feels certain. And also, when you own who you are–you will tend to attract people who get you.
If you’re in relationship and your partner doesn’t get you—then you have a few choices: One, find a way to communicate to them that’s its important they see who you are. Two, consider if you’re with the right person. You deserve to be seen!
I have so many wonderful women who come to my office and tell they don’t feel acknowledged by their mates. And when that happens continually over years, bad things begin to happen. You deserve to be appreciated. Don’t give up.
I want to encourage you right now to take five minutes and write down who you are, what’s unique and special about you. Go for it! Start anywhere. It’s important, brothers and sisters–see your specialness. Let it flow out. I promise you, it will feel wonderful!
A Ho,

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