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The busy season has started in Sedona and despite my best efforts it appears that for a month or so I am going have to submit only one column a week.

Because of the rains we had this past winter the flowers have been incredible this summer. They say there are plants blooming that haven’t been seen in ten years. So, on vortex experiences I am making extra sure I say hello to a lot of the plant people.
In Masaru Emoto’s book, Hidden Messages in Water, he talks about a Japanese family who did an interesting experiment. By the front door to the house they placed three jars filled with water and rice. Each day coming and going, each family member would tell the first jar, “I love you”. The second jar, ” You fool”. And the third jar they ignored.
After a few weeks, the first jar (I love you) was starting to ferment, the second jar (you fool) was turning slowly black and the third jar that they had ignored was completely black–dead! I feel it’s the same way with the plant people. When I acknowledge them, I am paying attention to them, saying they are alive just like you and I are. If you honor them, they will honor you. I truly believe this is why such amazing and magical things happen on vortex experiences.
I am sure you have heard of the experiment they did with two newborn babies. They gave one baby a great deal of affection and the other baby very little. After one year, they took a scan of their brains. The baby’s brain that received more affection was twice the size of the one that received little affection!
Let’s take a look at this principle from another extreme-if you don’t pay attention to taking care of your car-what happens? Problems, eh! Ask yourself some questions: Am I paying enough attention to my partner, to my mother and father, to my kids? If there’s a conflict or stress in those relationships, perhaps that is why. If the car is broke, what do you do? Get it fixed! If a relationship with a loved one is not working well, what do you usually do? I bet a majority of the time-nothing or very little. And what is your criteria for “working well”? I feel that is the harder question. All of us, for whatever reason, sometimes will settle for living in a “gray area” or “drift” with people we love. But there is such a richer more love-filled place to strive for-its there waiting! Joy and love are natural to us-they are the gifts that we were given from the Creator. A good feeling between yourself and others is natural to you-this is a spiritual fact that can’t be debated. When you quiet your mind this place reveals itself.
My continuing guidance to couples and others is to wait and more waiting when there is a conflict between them. Wait for a good feeling to return-it will, you can be assured, then address whatever the problem is. But under no circumstances try to figure it out when one or both of you are in a low mood. If more couples waited, the divorce rate would drop dramatically. That good feeling is the heart-to-heart place between you that all couples know. Be patient, it will re-emerge; it has too-its part of who you are! This goes not only for couples but also for any relationship with anyone!
Next time you go for a little walk, just bend down and say to a flower or plant, “Hi, how are you, you look really pretty!” Next time, you head out the door for the day, turn around and tell your wife or husband or father or mother, that you love them and anything else that will make them feel appreciated. If you honor them, they will honor you. A Ho.

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