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The Race Cars!

Last week I took a very special woman who was at important cross-roads in her life on a vortex experience.  I was blown away by what I saw! This was in a place I call the Vortex Circles, also home to the Mother Earth Vortex and Cactus Vortex, which are both clearing vortexes.
We were walking down a narrow trail and suddenly I saw coming towards us a little race car driven by a little forest creature!  Then another one right behind it!  I trust my clairvoyance but this was really far out!  So I relaxed and looked again—another race car and driver came barreling down the path, the driver whooping and hollering!  These forest creatures looked like a cross between the Ewoks from Star Wars and Mag-wy, the good Gremlin.  Still doubting this, I checked in with my guides and asked if I was seeing what I was seeing.  They nodded, chuckling. 
I turned to my client and asked her to step back out of the trail or out of the way!  The little convertible race cars came swooping by again, the drivers having the time of their lives, bumping and jostling over the off-road race course. 
I am always pretty confident to tell clients what I see but this time to be honest I was little unsure: “Listen, this might not make sense but I am seeing these little convertible race cars flying by us driven by these forest creatures.  And every time they drive by they are laughing and hollering in glee. Does this make any sense to you?”  Her response:  “Yes, perfect sense, when I was growing up I had lots of little convertible race car toys, I loved them. And when I got older I got a MG convertible.  I guess I left that part of my life behind a long time ago.” 
Get it, brothers and sisters!  A Ho, A Ho, Old Ones, Thank you, thank you.

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