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The Pumpkin People
Everything Counts

A few weeks before Halloween, every day I would drive by what they call “The Pumpkin Patch.”  I could see maybe two hundred pumpkins for sale. The patch is actually the parking lot in front of a local church.  Each time I passed by I would get this strong feeling to stop and buy a pumpkin.  Halloween is a big thing in my house. But I usually buy the pumpkins at the grocery store. Well, one day I was in a very high mood and said, “That’s it! I’m stopping!”

I remember time seemed to slow down. There was no one around except two cozy-looking seniors watching over the pumpkins. What’s funny was I was very aware of small things; like pulling into the parking space–I enjoyed the act of parking.  Something inside me was excited in a different way.  Later on I understood why.

I got out and the two senior citizens explained to me the pricing and showed me samples of the sizes. There was something very nice about them–their niceness seemed to penetrate me in a deeper way. I walked around examining each of the pumpkins, looking for one big pumpkin and three medium-sized ones. On the first go around, I really didn’t see any that appealed to me–nothing with that perfect roundness and perfect curved stem at the top.  I made another circuit–still nothing.  I thought this strange.  I considered leaving and heading to the market and seeing if they had any that met my “criteria.” Then something dawned on me!

The Pumpkin People are just like us–not perfect! I would not offend the pumpkin people by leaving without one of them. They are as excited about coming home with me as I am about taking them home. They saw me drive up, get out and probably said, “Yea, someone is here, we get to go on an adventure!”  From this deepening feeling, I made another circuit around the pumpkins and found two that called out to me.  I could “feel” them. Then something else dawned on me. It wasn’t the adult-me that felt them, it was the inner-child inside me.  It was the little boy in me that kept saying, “Stop there, let’s go see the pumpkins!” The little boy didn’t need a “perfect” pumpkin!  That’s the adult talking!

Feeling joyful, I carried the two pumpkins over to the checkout table.  As they were ringing me up, I could sense the little boy in me, noticing the miniature pumpkins on the table.  I knew he wanted one.  So I bought three!  The miniature ones are so cool looking.  I could feel him get excited inside, thinking about the special places he would put them in the house.

The wonderful senior gave me my change and said, “Oh, if you have kids, they might like these little Halloween decals–they’re free.”  I smiled and replied softly, “Yes, I do, I am sure they will really love them.  Thank you.”

Everything counts, brothers and sisters, everything.  Keep listening.

 A Ho,


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