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Sometimes we have subtle patterns in our life that have a way of making our life a little more difficult. This last week I picked up on one of mine. I have yet to find a mechanic in Sedona I feel confidence in—not that I have looked that hard and that lack of effort is part of this story. The belt in my car has been squealing on and off since I bought it. No one has been able to really figure it out. So I lived with it!

A week ago it was getting worse and decided to find a mechanic that would finally fix it. The first person I asked led me to a mechanic in the next town about 20 minutes away. Now here’s the pattern—the fact that the mechanic was that far away made me feel comfortable about that referral. Why? Because there is no way that the thing I need to support me is close to me and easy! But it goes deeper—wait and see!

When I lived in NY, all the people that supported me were always a long drive: doctors, dentists, mechanics, chiropractors, etc… I never seem to get off the road. When I moved to Sedona, I made myself a promise —I would find “support people” locally. And for a while I stuck to this plan. I remember the first time I went to a local dentist. I got there in three minutes and I was disoriented! In NY it used to take me 45 min. That plan didn’t last long and unawares I slowly found myself going out of town for things I needed. I guess I couldn’t get my head around the 3 minutes!
So I traveled 20 min to see the mechanic. The name of his business had the word “Bear” in it—anyone who knows me knows how special bears are too me—so good omen. I walk in the office and introduced myself to the owner and then the phone rings. Right away I could sense there was a special energy about the owner and I hear him mention on the phone that his wife is a cancer survivor and their having some kind of problem. He hangs up and I talk to him about the car. But I am thinking to myself–maybe I need to say something about the phone call. I apologize and say, “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I heard you mention your wife is a cancer survivor. I am too and I work with many survivors.” We got into a talk about what was happening with her and I offered a few tips that I thought might help. So cool, this was meant to be and I took it all as a sign to let the guy do the work on the car and scheduled an appointment.
I wake up early—too early because it’s a long drive! He doesn’t get to my car for close to 2 hrs. No worries—I am in a place of acceptance and going with the flow. A note here: this is a long way from another Greg ten years ago! Finally they look at the car and figure out the belt is just dirty and run a bar of soap on it and the squeal suddenly stops—it was like a miracle! We all laughed at the magic of it! His mechanic says if it doesn’t work I might have to change the belt. Everyone shakes hands and there is no charge!
I head up the road and within ten minutes the off-key birds are at it again! Here is what surprised me—I didn’t get upset. Why? Because I realize that being led to the mechanic was not about the fixing the belt but offering him some advice about his wife. I believe I realized that because my awareness is higher. I followed “the path” or the omens and maybe I helped someone. I thought about turning around or going back the next day but in that moment I said to myself you need to start making your life easier and make more of an effort to find a mechanic locally.
Later that day I bring the car to a local place that I am not totally comfortable with because the owner can be a little surly. They change the belt and I am free of the noise!
That surliness or my perception that he is surly gave me a perfect excuse to give into the “pattern”. And I seem to forget that the few times I did use them—they always did a good job. But what do I remember?—the surliness–so obviously it’s not meant to be and I need to travel 20 min!
Now here is the mind-blower! Out of nowhere, I suddenly remember that this was a pattern of my mother. She was always going far-a-field to see people too. This is not a knock on her in anyway—she was best friend and my book is dedicated to her.
So here are the questions: Are you making decisions—maybe just simple ones that make your life more complicated than it needs to be? Do you feel that if it’s harder it gives it more value? Do you have a commitment to make life harder? Or do you have a promise to not make it easy! Are you following a pattern of your parents but it really doesn’t serve you?
And here is the other part: There’s more to pattern, I can sense it. But I am not going to try and figure it out. I will let go of it and have faith it will come to me via an insight. This is theme with a lot of clients lately—they are trying to manage their personal growth.
This was a tough one to write about—but I think it turned out ok!
The other day I was thinking about when I had cancer and a vision I use to have about what my last words would be if I didn’t make it. I could see myself smiling almost mischievously with a tiny glint on my eye and say, “Man, what a ride!” (even if the belt kept squealing the whole trip!)
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