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Following Inspiration

Out of nowhere I got inspired to buy a fire extinguisher for the house. If doing this just seems obvious and logical to you, forgive my innocence. The idea to buy an extinguisher just suddenly came to me. I hadn’t read anything about how important this decision could be or seen anything on TV about the wisdom of getting a fire extinguisher. I lived my whole life without one in the house. In retrospect, probably not the smartest thing! But the fact that the idea just occurred to me, I took as something to pay attention too. So, I drove to Home Depot on a mission to get one. I felt good on the way. I always feel good deep inside when I follow these messages or as a friend describes–“Divinity expressing itself”. In fact, she joked and added, “Divinity never shuts up!” 
At Home Depot, after much wandering around and wanting to buy everything (know what I mean!) I found them. Then without any hesitation I picked the one that was a little bigger and $15 more.  The smaller one was for kitchen fires. I think at another time in my life I would have felt that was enough and thought of saving the $15.  But on this day, the $15 didn’t seem important as compared to not having enough fire extinguisher to put out a bigger fire. I could feel my wisdom talking to me–meaning there was no debate.  I paid for my new friend and headed home. I felt excited, like I was doing something nice for my house and all the precious things in it.  I was honoring them. 
When I got home, I unpacked the extinguisher and read the directions which were pretty straight forward–pull this ring and shoot away! Not sure why I felt it would be more complicated!  I hung it in an accessible place and just stood back and looked at it.  I don’t think I have ever liked the color red so much!  It looked cool!  
I went about my evening and forgot about the Extinguisher. A few hours later I walked by where it was hanging and stopped short noticing it–a deep beautiful feeling of responsibility surged through me. We all want to be responsible but in some way this felt different. I was not only responsible to the house and personal safety but I was responsible to listening to my inner voice and acting on it. I don’t think anything could be important, brothers and sisters. Follow inspiration! 
A Ho,

PS. Looked up fire extinguisher online and see there is periodic maintenance to do–cool!

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