Sedona Vortex Stories

A weekly column about the adventures and insights that come from Sedona Vortex Experiences

The Fairy People!

My favorite Vortex Experience was with two friends who returned for a second experience. She is an amazing singer from Australia and he’s her manger—they are a powerful team. They were here for the music festival and I was really happy and honored to hear from them again. She is a “seer” and the first time, they had very powerful vortex experience, so I was excited to see what would happen this time.
The moment that stood out was when she discovered the “Fairy People” who live close to the Healing Tree. The dozens of fairy people were so excited by her wonderful spirit—they began to dance and sing around her. She felt them and started to dance and sing along with them! Her friend and I just stood back, smiling deep inside, as we watched them play and make friends. It was truly beautiful. Another day where I was so grateful to do this work I do.

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